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Submission + - How would an Email Me don't Snail Mail Me list work for you? (

high_rolla writes: "Whenever there's an election on, or some other good enough reason, I'm inundated with political advertising literature. I imagine everyone is. What a waste of paper. What if we could instigate a list and if you were on it politicians were not allowed to post you advertising literature but had to send it by email? We could save a lot of paper being wasted and do our bit for the environment. If you didn't want to receive the messages it would also be trivial for you to create a filter for it as well. So what do you think? Politicians would no doubt hate it but if enough people got behind it could we get it going?"

Submission + - How much energy could killing spam save? (

high_rolla writes: There are an estimated 247 billion emails sent every day. Of that they believe about 97% are spam. Have you ever thought about the energy involved in sending and processing this vast amount of spam? Spam is leading to increasing energy requirements (though spammers would have you believe it leads to a huge increase in something else but we won't go there). Could it be that putting an end to spam is one of the best things we can do for the environment? If we were to take this challenge seriously, how would you achieve it?

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