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Submission + - The dictionary is wrong – science can be a religion too ( 1

hessian writes: "Scientific and religious explanations come together in an odd way at Stonehenge and similar monuments. They can be interpreted as megalithic calendars, or devices for astronomical prediction, as well as ritual burying grounds – and the reason we can reconstruct them as gigantic observatories is precisely that we can calculate today exactly what would have emerged from calculations done 4,000 years ago.

Yet to call Stonehenge a purely scientific enterprise is clearly wrong. When you consider the immense labour and complex social organisation required to put all those stones in place, you could be inspired to ask "where would the sun have risen at midsummer 3235 BC". But surely the much more interesting question is why this question should have been thought so important in that culture."


Submission + - Dimebag Darrell (Pantera) Reincarnated as Breakfast Taco (

hessian writes: "Armitage argues that the so-called manifestation of Jesus Christ is not an appearance of the image of a dead person, or transsubstantiation, but a reincarnation, or formerly dead person beginning a new life.

"Look closely at the image. It reveals none of the occult geometries customarily found with transsubstantiation," said Armitage. "On the contrary, this ghostly image shows signs of animation past the point of death, which makes it a reincarnation."

He continued, "This is clearly not a mere image. This is Dimebag Darrell reincarnated as a breakfast taco. We are not holding a message from the beyond, but the man himself, in the form that he will live out his newest life-cycle.""

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