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Comment Re:TBP and DHT (Score 1) 347

But it does lots of good PR for TPB to keep getting brought down, then popping up a couple hours later. Makes the authorities pursuing them look utterly incompetent.

The main benefit seems to be millions of people seeing that free circulation of information is inevitable, as well as safe and healthy, despite some confusing obsolete laws yammering on about some old dead concepts.

Comment Re:Personally Identifiable Information (Score 1) 175

Well, unless you are one of the (fairly rare) people who have multiple internet-facing IPs in the location that they do their personal surfing from, rather than just a NAT box, your multiple computers won't do all that much. Even if you don't shell out for a static IP, most home broadband IPs are, de facto, stable for a few days at a time, if not rather longer. Multiple distinct signatures aren't a huge mystery if they come from the same IP.

Unless you are quite careful, multiple browsers is trivially defeated by Flash cookies, which are persistent per flash instance, not per browser(maybe Chrome's upcoming integration will change this, I don't know). The other plugin and font fingerprinting stuff should be reasonably robust cross-browser as well.

Then there are the time-of-day based inferences. IP geolocation should, barring specific attempts at obfuscation, or the occasional fuckup, at least get you within the right time zone. You can then start testing inferences based on the fact that, for instance, schoolchildren tend to browse at home earlier than office workers do, night-shift workers have a different schedule altogether, stay-at-home-moms keep roughly the same hours as work-from-home consultant types; but have different browsing habits, and so forth.

I'm not saying that privacy is completely impossible, just that it is harder than it looks.

Comment Other websites knowing your facebook account (Score 1) 154

I've noticed recently that many non-facebook accounts ( for example) know about my facebook account. Usually I see a link/graphic at the bottom of the page that says "click to 'like' this" or something similar.

Anybody know how to keep these third party sites from knowing about your facebook account?


Submission + - NASA Shuttle Atlantis sparks SpaceStation lab work (

coondoggie writes: One of the knocks against the International space Station was that for all of is cost, particularly to NASA; it wasn’t being used enough as a laboratory for advanced science work. But with the delivery of a new lab segment by NASA’s space shuttle Atlantis this week, in combination with a bunch of new and forthcoming experiments and the fact that the ISS is now largely, finally, complete, its use as a lab is expected to pick up.
Data Storage

Submission + - SandForce SSD controller put to the test (

EconolineCrush writes: A solid-state drive's controller chip largely determines its destiny, and now there's a new one on the market in SandForce's SF-1200. The chip uses a secret blend of compression, deduplication, encryption, and RAID-like redundancy that promises to enable cheaper flash technologies and extend drive lifespans. And it's no slouch in the performance department, offering phenomenal random-write throughput. The only problems? A relatively high cost per gigabyte due to aggressive overprovisioning and an apparent issue with transfers that don't take advantage of command queuing. The controller looks promising overall, and its SF-1500 twin has some interesting potential for enterprise applications.

Submission + - Tighter regulations to follow Gulf oil spill (

An anonymous reader writes: The Senate Homeland Security committee kicked off a series of hearings examining the government's role in the cleanup of the massive oil leak threatening the U.S. Gulf Coast on Monday with testimony from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.As part of the shift, the Obama administration has asked for an additional $29 million to pay for more inspections of offshore platforms and a review of procedures.

The overhaul is expected to lead to stricter regulations of offshore drilling. With the agency coming under heavy fire for allowing BP to bypass some environmental studies, there will likely be more stringent environmental analysis and oil spill response plans.That mood, which pollsters say is the strongest in decades, threatens to sweep away many well-known incumbents and put Democratic control of Congress at risk in November's election when all 435 House of Representatives seats, 36 of 100 Senate seats and 37 of 50 state governorships are at stake.

"If you're an incumbent, it doesn't matter what party you are in — you better take this seriously. People are angry," said Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling and Research.


Submission + - MIT instructs machines to learn better (

An anonymous reader writes: From the news source:
"In the last 20 years or so, many of the key advances in artificial-intelligence research have come courtesy of machine learning, in which computers learn how to make predictions by looking for patterns in large collections of training data. A new approach called probabilistic programming makes it much easier to build machine-learning systems, but it’s useful for a relatively narrow set of problems. Now, MIT researchers have discovered how to extend the approach to a much larger class of problems, with implications for subjects as diverse as cognitive science, financial analysis and epidemiology."

Submission + - World's 'biggest' plane cemetery up Close (

gollum123 writes: Dubbed The Boneyard, but officially known as the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) facility, this sprawling US airbase is reputed to be the world's largest military aircraft cemetery. Now, for the first time, a series of high resolution satellite images of the four square mile-site have been released by Google Earth. They show in incredible detail the full range of aircraft found at the site. Spread across the huge 2,600 acre site, equivalent in size to 1,430 football pitches, is a collection of over 4,000 retired aircraft including nearly every plane the US armed forces have flown since World War II.

Submission + - Entergy Admits 2005 Tritium Leak Today (

mdsolar writes: The leaking Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant was hit last week by a whistleblower allegation that a previous tritium leak had occurred. Now the parent company Entergy has admitted the occurrence of at least one prior leak to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This is particularly significant because the leak occurred in pipes that company officials later testified under oath did not exist, because the Vermont Senate will likely soon vote to deny Entergy a needed approval to extend the power plant's license for another 20 year and because President Obama just put tax payers on the hook for new nuclear power plants in Georgia

Comment 08:58:33 (Score 3, Interesting) 309

2001-09-11 08:58:33 Skytel [002399634] A ALPHA Initial reports indictate that AAL11, B767, after initial hijacking on flight from BOS-LAX, has crashed into the side of the World Trade Center in NY. ATCSCC/bl

That was an insane amount of detail at a point when everyone else was going: "It's possible something may have happened somewhere."

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