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Comment Re:This isn't a bad thing (Score 1) 360

but in this thread the person says the dealer is charging them $100 just to read the codes. Wow, expensive.

When I worked in a shop, we did the same thing...we would charge people $85 to read the code. However, if the person decided to have their car fixed according to what had caused the code to trip in the first place, we would take that $85 off the cost of their final bill, effectively giving them the code scan for free. If they didn't want to get the work done because they were a tight-ass, you bet we charged them to do it (we would sometimes waive the fee if it was obvious the person just didn't have the money...wanting us to pull the code for your and not being able to afford the fix are two very different situations.)

Shops charge obscene amounts of money to scan your car because it causes them to step away from cars that they are actually making money on. You know that phrase time is money? No where is it more true than with a car shop. If you want your code read for free, go to an Autozone...we're there to identify what is wrong with your vehicle and fix it.

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