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Comment Re:not gonna happen (Score 2) 630

Assuming you are not intentionally trying to spread misinformation, please do the world a favor and stop sharing your opinion about tax policy on the internet.

In California, a single person making $61,320 a year (The median household income in California in 2013) with no deductions pays the following:

$11,123.75 in Federal income tax for an effective federal tax rate of 18.14%
$4,690.98 in FICA (Social Security and Medicare) for an effective rate of 7.65%
$3,177 in state income taxes, for an effective tax rate of 5.18%
Sales tax in California is 7.5% As Americans only spend about 32% of their income on taxable goods (that's the number I could find), the effective rate would be %2.39

As for property tax, per Prop 13, it is limited to 1% of assessed value at the time of sale with limits on growth of 2% per year. Your theoretical 10K tax bill would be mean the property is assessed at $1,000,000; hardly realistic for someone in the middle class. A more typical home for someone in that range would be $100K-$200K. To help your argument I'll go with the high-end, $200K. That would mean a $2,000 property tax bill, or 3.2% effective rate

Adding all of those up, you get a 36.63% effective tax rate. And that's literally the *worst* tax situation possible.

Throw in things like the child tax credit and mortgage interest deductions and those federal and state effective rates start dropping like a rock.

Comment Doubt it (Score 3, Insightful) 191

Apple has done fine on the OSX side with less than 10% share for more than a decade now. Yes, there are many more apps for Windows than OSX, yet their share has been remarkably consistent.

Apple devices are marketed towards a niche segment that is outside of the commodity (Windows/Android) markets. They enjoy *much* higher profit margins than any Android phone maker. Apple users, being more affluent group, are also more likely to pay for apps in the market, which keeps developers attracted to the platform.

To paraphrase Voltaire, If Apple did not exist, it would necessary for the market to create one.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

Yes. The Volt is technically a "hybrid", but unlike every other plugin hybrid, it runs as a 100% electric car with no assist needed from the engine while the battery is charged. It's a good bridge to the future until the obvious problem of charging time and access are solved.

Comment Re:By Hack it, they mean work for 2 bucks an hour. (Score 5, Insightful) 472

Please stop shilling for billionaires.

The United States has a higher GDP per-capita than it did during the time the boomers came up. There is *plenty* of wealth to go around. What has changed is the distribution of that wealth.

Comment Re:Meanwhile..... (Score 3, Informative) 177

The batteries lose very little capacity as long as they are thermally managed and never fully charged or discharged. GM's Gen-1 Volt has a "charge window" of 20% to 85%. They increased a bit with the Gen2 Volt after getting real-world data from Gen-1 Volts in the wild.

There are 2011/2012 Chevy Volts in the wild with around 100K EV miles and no apparent battery degradation.

Here is all-time the leader, "Sparkie",a GM employee from Michigan:

And mine... ;) (Yes, I'm totally biased)

You can browse the leaderboard, sort by "EV miles" and browse others.

As for Tesla, I don't think their batteries are quite up to the level of GM's, but they do employ active battery cooling and a charge window.

The one model that doesn't have active liquid cooling, the Nissan Leaf, is notorious for suffering significant range degradation after only a few years.

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