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Comment Re:TMobile.... (Score 1) 145

T-Mobile is fine in urban areas, but in rural areas like mine it's garbage. I was a T-mobile subscriber for ten years. I then switched to Sprint because they had "3G" service, but the towers in my area ended up being 3G radios fed by what must have been 56k ISDN lines. I also noticed that my phone would frequently roam on Verizon towers.

T-Mobile has 4G around here now, but it's still confined to inside towns. Venture out into the 30 mile patches of nowhere in between towns and you're back to 20th century "EDGE" speeds.

I finally got tired of putting up with shitty service, all to save $20 a month. I get 50 Mb/s in the middle of nowhere with Verizon. With T-Mobile I couldn't even make a call for short stretches on my commute home.

Comment Re:Just amazing (Score 1) 198

It is pretty trivial to escalate from standard user to sensitive administrator accounts as long as the intrusion is not detected immediately.

Please elaborate. We're talking about Windows right?

You need admin rights to monitor keystrokes in Windows and you can't set programs to automatically run for other users without admin rights.

In 16 years in IT, I've seen a piece of malware successfully escalate privileges once an this was a long time ago when privilege escalation exploits in Windows were much more common.

I'm not saying it's not possible, but I think we have different definitions of "trivial."

Comment Re:Not as bad as I'd assumed. I feel LESS guilty n (Score 1) 323

Taxation is, by definition, a wealth redistribution scheme.

How best to set up that scheme is the debate to have.

And, yes, given that our tax system is heavily influenced by corporations, perhaps me saying there was no corporate agenda behind it is not accurate. It's certainly not Uber's specific corporate agenda.

Comment Re:Not as bad as I'd assumed. I feel LESS guilty n (Score 1) 323

I actually had a lower estimate on what could be made doing this, and would have bet that many drivers don't earn enough to cover the wear and tear on their vehicles. Clearly this isn't the case.

Don't be so quick to sell yourself short. Your lower estimate may be correct.

The IRS rate for vehicle depreciation is around $0.50 per mile. Uber is calculating $0.06 a mile in value depreciation and 0.07 per mile in fuel costs and adding in $3000.00 a year in "other" costs. In my opinion, that kind of calculation is clearly designed to muddy the waters in regards to what the actual costs of their drivers are over the long term. If they just used the $0.50 number, which for the entire fleet, is probably closer to the truth, the numbers would look much worse for Uber drivers.

That IRS rate may not be perfect, but there is no corporate agenda driving it's calculation.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 238

The trucks are okay. My 1994 Ranger lasted 20 years. Nothing major ever went wrong with it and it ran perfectly when I sold it in 2014. My coworker has a 97 Ranger with 375,000 miles on it. He's only had to replace the transmission ($750).

My 2004 Sonata was rock solid though. I still see it driving around town. I ended up buying a Volt to replace it. It's an awesome car so far, but it is a GM, so...pray for me.

Comment Re:Typical Republican Bull (Score 1) 357

Their news (not opinion shows) is actually the most "balanced" of any of the cable news networks.

Based on what metric? Got a link to some kind of analysis with some data?

. Their bias is calculated solely to maximize revenue, and since there's no major channel to the right of them, they make the most money by keeping their news somewhat close to center.

Close to the center for the demographic that watches them. The average age for all cable news channel viewers is 65-70, with Fox viewers being the oldest. This demographic in no way reflects the views of the American public at large.

Comment Re:This will sound harsh, at first... (Score 1) 243

But isn't this the same argument people make against illegal immigration?

It is the same argument and there is nothing inherently wrong with it. On both ends, employers intentionally use immigrants status as leverage to drive wages down.

An American citizen with more options would demand at least $20 an hour to pick grapes in the 105 degree heat in August.

You will find that similarly tough jobs (oil field service comes to mind) that are worked exclusively by citizens pay significantly more than Ag jobs do.

Comment Re: "other people" (Score 1) 508

In the case of pertussis ("whooping cough"), infants cannot be vaccinated until they are four months old and the disease is most dangerous to infants.

We had an outbreak in my home town of pertussis at a private Christian school. Thankfully no infants died in that case.

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