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Submission + - Happy Tenth Birthday, XP. Now Please Die (

Julie188 writes: "Windows XP – the XP stood for "Experience" — was released October 25, 2001. With Windows XP, Microsoft hoped to have one codebase that would span everything from consumers to corporate desktops. Microsoft was fairly ambitious with XP. There was an embedded version that went everywhere, from phones to information kiosks. Banks in particular embraced it as a way to migrate off IBM's dead-end-but-once-great OS/2. Consumers have been quicker to ditch XP for Windows 7 while businesses hem and haw and slowly test a decade's-worth of custom apps on Windows 7. Some estimates show that XP still has a hold on 48% of the Windows market."

Submission + - Perl sucks: we have proof (

locust writes: Hot off the presses from oopsla:

Researchers at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville have proven what a lot of us have already suspected: using perl is no better than using a language where the syntax and semantics are picked at random. The full paper is here

Let the flame wars begin.


Submission + - Apple Claims Samsung and Motorola Patent Monopoly (

esocid writes: Apple lawyers are crying foul about Samsung, and the recent Google's acquisition of Motorola's allegedly "anticompetitive," use of patents. Apparently Apple is irate about these companies' countersuits, which rely largely on patents covering wireless communications, many of which are governed by the "fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory" (F/RAND) principle, as they were developed as part of industry standards. Apple takes issue with the fact that Motorola in its countersuit declines to differentiate the 7 F/RAND patents in its 18 patent collection. Regardless of what Florian Mueller says, it's hard to dispute that the "rules" of F/RAND are largely community dictated and ambiguous.
Florian Meuller also states that Motorola's patents won't help Android, and thinks Samsung is still a copycat.


Submission + - Soylent Green One Step Closer to Reality ( 1

_archangel writes: Resomation Ltd., a Glasgow-based company, has installed its first Resomator in a Florida funeral home. The machine dissolves a body in a high temperature, high pressure, alkaline solution and is being touted as a green alternative to crematoriums.

Submission + - No power LCD writing tablet. (

An anonymous reader writes: I stumbled across this company that has developed and released a LCD writing tablet that apparently requires no power to produce the image, only using power to erase it. very unique i thought, just figured i would share it with you guys and see what you all think.

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