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Submission + - DSLR Cinematography (

An anonymous reader writes: Zacuto just released a lot of "DSLR cinematography" gear, links, and video for the Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D90. With full mounting kits in the $5,000 price range (camera not included), it appears that Canon and Nikon (with the help of Zacuto, among others) may have created a new niche with this large-sensor "video" cameras and Zacuto has taken a stab at fulfilling the demand, whatever it may be at the moment, by enabling film makers to take a relatively inexpensive capture device and turn it into something so much more.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Batman (City) Sues Batman (Hero) Over Name (

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "The mayor of Batman, a city in southeastern Turkey, is suing Warner Brothers over the name of the superhero Batman. They believe that WB is using the name without permission, and they want a cut of the royalties from 'The Dark Knight', which collected over a billion dollars in royalties. They have not given any explanation of why they've waited this long to complain given that Batman has been around since 1939, but they have managed to blame the success of the Batman movies for a number of unsolved murders and a high suicide rate among women. It's not clear how they justify that, unless they think Ras al Guhl is somehow involved. They should have taken a cue from that city in Fukui prefecture that's much smarter about how it profits from its name, rather than filing silly lawsuits."

Submission + - Jacking into the brain (

Gat0r30y writes: Sci-am has a sweet article looking at the present state, and the future of brain / machine interfaces. Their analysis indicates that we aren't going to see Kurzweil's singularity any time soon, but advances are being made in the field. Gary Stix acknowledges that at present, there is no method for putting information into the brain from a machine, but we have gotten pretty good at using signals already in the brain to control machines. On monkeys controlling prosthetic arms Duke University's Miguel A. L. Nicoleli had this to say: "There's some physiological evidence that during the experiment they feel more connected to the robots than to their own bodies". Stix seems to believe that the problem of sending information back the other way is intractable. I don't know if I buy this analysis though — there is no mention of how plastic the human brain can be. Even if it is an extremely complicated problem, and I'm sure it will be, I would posit that if a proper interface to the brain could be developed the brain would figure out what to do with the incoming information in the most appropriate way — sending .pngs to the visual cortex, and letting me download the instruction manual for my new jetpack straight to my brain.... I hope anyway. In any case, it is an entertaining article — so RTFA.

Submission + - DSLR Movie Mode (

An anonymous reader writes:

A japanese inventor has filed a patent application with the USPTO that appears to defeat many of the obstacles that have previously stood in the way of making a "movie mode" in DSLRs a reality. Some of the innovations include a mirror that simultaneously transmits and reflects light, two AF functions (fast for still images and slow for movie mode), and a crop function to steady the field of view.


Submission + - Canon DSLR Iris Registration - Biological Metadata (

An anonymous reader writes: Canon is using iris (as in the iris of your eye) watermarking to take photographer's copyright protection to the next level. You set up the camera to capture an image of your eye through the viewfinder. Once captured, this biological reference is embedded into every photo you take as metadata. Canon claims this will help with copyright infringement of photos online.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Police arrest teen for "virtual furniture" (

ekes writes: "According to the German Press Agency (DPA) Dutch police have arrested a teenager and are questioning four more about the "theft" of "virtual furniture" from the online Habbo Hotel
A police spokesman said the suspects will be charged on two accounts: hacking and burglary.

English report on Expatica"


Submission + - Obese Air Passengers Could Face Higher Prices (

s31523 writes: "It has happened to all of us. You walk down the narrow airplane to your seat only to find someone sitting next to you that is extremely overweight. An Australian nutritionist is urging airlines to charge obese people more for their tickets. Even here in the states, Southwest Airlines already has a similar policy, which states "Many Americans are "overweight" or "clinically obese." . . . If a Customer cannot lower the armrest (and is unable to comfortably travel with it in the down position), he/she is required to pay for the additional seat occupied""
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Halo evolution (

Jynx writes: "Gamespot is running a great feature with comparisons between all 3 Halo games. Weapon, environment and vehicles models are all compared side by side and it really highlights how far the franchise has come since its original release on the Xbox. FTA — "The original Halo map designs made for confusing gameplay because many of the levels had rooms that looked, for all practical purposes, identical. Halo 2 helped alleviate the endless corridor problem by adding more room variation. But Halo 3 has solved the problem altogether by making every room, hallway, and outdoor area unique. You'll rarely get confused as to which way you're supposed to go. Indoor areas have better lighting and textures, while outdoor environments have much more foliage. Water, whether in a river or an ocean, looks vastly better.""

Submission + - Company selling IP rights to P2P spoofing on eBay (

tuomasr writes: "A Finnish software company Viralg is selling their IP rights to their software that provides "the necessary key technology for the only possible effective protection against illegal P2P sharing" on eBay. The company claims that the software can create fake files for P2P-networks with hashes identical to the real files, hence feeding garbage to the download."
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Dualshock controller with Rumble feature released (

xbox360cooldown writes: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) announced that it would release DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller, a new controller for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3®) incorporating a rumble feature.

In Japan in November as a separately sold accessory. It inherits the basic design and functionality of the popular PlayStation® controller, while keeping the high-precision, high response motion sensitive six-axis sensing system. Introduction to North American and European markets is expected in spring 2008.

The added rumble feature, combined with the highly realistic motion sensitive six-axis sensing system, takes gamers deeper into the world of interactivity, delivering a more intuitive, realistic and immersive game play experience. The new controller will also benefit PS3 content creators, by giving them the ability to further expand their creative imagination. PS3 titles that are already in the market may become compatible with the rumble feature through software update.

The Media

Submission + - NBC drops the other shoe ( 2

stekylsha writes: NBC has managed to figure out this internut thing after all. In a brilliant move, reminicent of Napoleon and his attack on Russia, NBC has decided to sell their award winning shows themselves which "NBC executives say they expect to become a viable competitor to iTunes." From the article:

"The NBC service, called NBC Direct, will begin a testing period in October with plans to be operational in November. The service will allow customers to download full episodes of NBC shows for seven days on Windows-based PCs. The file will expire after the seven days."

One must wonder why this business model hasn't been tried before.

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