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Submission + - Packing More Passengers onto Airplanes

Hugh Pickens writes: "Scott Aaronson has an amusing piece proposing that airlines consider packing passengers into personal cubbyholes stacked on top of each other like bunk beds the same way trains used to have sleeping cars. "You could sleep in your cubbyhole—much more easily than in a seat, of course—but you could also read, watch a movie, work on your laptop, or eat (all activities that I don’t mind doing while lying down, and the first two of which I prefer to do lying down)." Aaronson adds that "depending on the exact size of the cubbyholes, you could very likely fit more passengers this way, thereby lowering ticket costs" and that you "could put little doors on them, thereby giving passengers far more privacy than in a conventional airline." One final advantage would be providing "amorous couples with a far more comfortable alternative than the bathroom." Some will note that the Onion thought of it first: "Research shows that we lose millions of dollars each month by having them all sit upright in individual seats for the duration of the flight," said CEO Glenn F. Tilton, speaking to reporters at United Airlines' corporate headquarters. "However, if we were to remove these seats, we could just sort of stack them all in there, one by one, as they file into the plane.""

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