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Submission + - Valve Steam for Linux Beta Survey (

hawkeyeMI writes: "Valve has moved one step closer to releasing Steam for Linux, and they want beta testers that have a lot of experience with Linux. Knowing Slashdot, many of you probably fit the bill. So, if you'd like to try to get into the beta, go fill out the survey! You will need a Steam account to do so."

Submission + - Ubuntu - Redesigned logo and new theme (

kai_hiwatari writes: In what may be the biggest visual change since it started in 2004, Ubuntu has finally ditched its brown theme and has come up with a purple-ish theme, which reminds me of Mac OS X. According to the Ubuntu Brand Wiki, the new style of Ubuntu is driven by the theme “Light”. The boot screen has also received a major overhaul in the looks department.
The Ubuntu logo has also got a new designed.
The new design is to be shipped with the upcoming Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx due in April this year.

Submission + - Intel to fast track Atom 2.0 introduction (

tugfoigel writes: Expect a raft of new netbooks early next year — you may want to hold off buying one until after Christmas — as Intel plans to make a "fast transition" from the current generation of Atom processor to the next.

The chip giant will formally launch the successor to the N270 and N280 on 21 December, website Xbit Labs says after having seen what it claims are confidential company communications.

“Intel is planning for a fast transition to Pine Trail. To generate excitement for the platform ahead of launch, Intel is planning a press release in late December publicly disclosing the details of the platform,” the missive states.

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