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Comment Re:A bad hard drive isn't MS's fault (Score 1) 342

You're just being argumentative. I have had a situation where I found a corrupted file (an extremely large video file), and subsequently backed up all but 5 files on my PC successfully. Blue screens are more obvious signs of a potential filesystem problem,

Making a larger point, most regulars on this site have very little love for Microsoft. Yet on this story, there are dozens of comments about how the updates aren't that bad, that they can't possibly harm data, etc etc. It's disgusting to see so many shills trying to muddy the waters of this discussion, including you. Perhaps you should spend your time programming a non-shitty OS instead of astroturfing here.

Yes, I'm arguing with your contention that you can safely wait for signs that your hard drive is failing before you make a back up -- I've had this same argument many times with friends and family that wanted me to magically retrieve some important file from their dead hard drive... yet none of them wanted to pay the $500+ that a data recovery service wanted to attempt a (non-guaranteed) recovery. The time to make a backup is now, not when you think your hard drive is failing.

It's disgusting to see so many shills trying to muddy the waters of this discussion, including you.

No need to make this into a partisan "You're either with us or against us" issue -- I never argued that the forced (or deceptive) upgrade was a good thing, I was just pointing out that if your hard drive fails during an operating system upgrade, it was due to fail soon anyway.

Perhaps you should spend your time programming a non-shitty OS instead of astroturfing here.

This is one of the worst things to come out of the current political environment - it's becoming nearly impossible to have any sort of polite discourse with anyone that disagrees with you because the conversation soon degrades into namecalling, proclamations of "This is fake news!", or partisan "If you don't agree with me, then you're my enemy".

Comment Terrorists don't know about connecting flights? (Score 5, Insightful) 278

It's a good thing Terrorists don't know about connecting flights, otherwise instead of taking a flight direct from a banned city to the USA, they'd take their iPad on a flight that connects through a non-banned city, perhaps even transferring from a Middle Eastern airline to a Western airline so they punish even more westerners.

Which is the same problem the USA has with domestic flights -- an attacker doesn't have to breach security at a large airport, they just need to bribe some random TSA worker in any of thousands of small airports to smuggle a box full of "drugs" that's really the explosive or weapon he wants. The person doing the smuggling doesn't even need to be in on it, they can think they are a well paid drug mule while they deliver a box of explosives to someone at JFK.

Comment Re:A bad hard drive isn't MS's fault (Score 1) 342

When I say "throw errors", I include such things as random bluescreens and corrupted files, which would prompt me to immediately back up whatever I can. You're not going to notice those early warning signs when a full-blown OS install is in progress, especially if the install keeps crashing and rebooting until the HD is destroyed.

If you wait until you see corrupted files to make your backup, how do you have any confidence in your backup? How do you know you haven't just saved corrupted copies of all of your files?

Comment Re:Good laws should be technology neutral (Score 1) 357

What kind of bank do you use that would allow unauthorized withdrawals just for knowing an account number? Have you thought of switching to a real bank?

Every bank. At least every USA bank -- thanks to "eChecks", the fraudster doesn't even need to use a laser printer and create a paper check like they used to. All they need is the account information that's printed on every check.

And note that depending on your bank and local laws, you may have only 30 days to report a fraudulent check drawn against your account or you may have no recourse at all.

Comment Re:A bad hard drive isn't MS's fault (Score 1) 342

Strange logic. If you aren't in the middle of an OS install, your sick HD will throw errors and give you a chance to back up your data.

That hasn't been my experience -- typically when the hard drive starts throwing errors, you're lucky to get anything off it at all, let alone a good backup of your data. Though that's why we have backups... and for those that don't think they need backups, that's why we have data recovery firms.

Comment Re:suure (Score 1) 342

Yes pumpkinhead.. because Microsoft never voided good programming practice.. and was never deceitful about presenting an upgrade to Windows 10 to their users. Get back under your rock you useless troll. Obviously you are uniformed as to the lengths that MS went to increase the percentage of Windows 10 users.

Peace out you uniformed pisshead.

Nothing in that article refutes my assertion that the people that are tricked into upgrading are the same kind of people that can't replace a hard drive on their own.

Comment Re:suure (Score 1, Insightful) 342

hard drives breaks; needs to buy whole new computer...

The kind of people that don't recognize (or stop) an operating system upgrade are the same kind of people that need to pay Geek Squad to replace their hard drive and reinstall the OS and applications -- at a price that's likely close to the price of buying a new low-end computer.

Comment A bad hard drive isn't MS's fault (Score 3, Insightful) 342

"does not check the condition of the PC and whether or not the hard drive can withstand the stress of the Windows 10 installation," according to Courthouse News, which adds that the lead plaintiff "says her hard drive failed after Windows 10 installed without her express approval,

If your hard drive dies during an OS install, it was on its way out and would have soon died anyway.

Comment Re:Good laws should be technology neutral (Score 1) 357

No, they already do that. Send a 100 dollar bill in an envelope without insurance and see if your letter makes it.

I've done that before when I was out of checks and wanted to send someone a graduation present. It made it unscathed. To be honest, I'd rather have someone steal my cash than a check since the account number on the check literally gives them a blank check to steal money from my account.

Comment Re:Since when (Score 4, Insightful) 357

I believe Khalid was a British citizen. That's why he's allowed "in the UK". The bigger question is why aren't the British (and the Americans for that matter) insisting that new citizens (including their children) become CITIZENS of that country in heart and soul, not just a piece of paper with allegiance back to terrorist orgs/states, islamic or otherwise. But if we attempt to even say that, the snowflakes start yelling RAYCYST!!@#!

How would you do that? Is there some scanner that can look into one's heart and soul?

Comment They are still ads (Score 5, Insightful) 49

"We don't want to start putting in commercial opportunities that we think users don't want to interact with,"

You know what people call "commercial opportunities that users do want to interact with"? They call them ads.

And I have no problem with ads like this in the proper context "Alexa, I need toilet paper." "Ok, you can buy the same brand you bought the last time, but Charmin is on sale today and is $2.37 less expensive"

That's the kind of ad I'm happy to have, but I don't want to hear "Today's weather is sunny and 63 degrees. Today is clean-your-butt day and we have Charmin on sale!"

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