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Comment Re:What a stunning surprise (Score 0, Flamebait) 261

First of all, I'm at a public terminal, hence my reluctance to sign in.

Any excuse will do when you're caught out, huh? Sorry, but you're full of shit.

Second, do you mean to tell me that posting under the name "hassanchop" makes you any less anonymous?

Yes. Are you really that stupid? MY statement are attributable to ME. They color my future posts, and the responses to said posts. It's not hard, but you seems to be having difficulty.

And third, your threats to eat a burger and chop some trees assume that anyone who disagrees with you on one thing disagrees with everything

No, it assumes those things will piss you off. They will, and your "doth protest too much" moment just then makes it clear I was right and they will. You'll claim otherwise, but it will be just as believable as a "public terminal".

And very angry

Yeah, activists who try to force their agenda on me and in so doing restrict my legal right to engage in an activity DO anger me.

So, I can't wait to hear the new excuses, I expect they'll be just as emty and worthless as everything else you've said.

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