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Comment Unenforceable Non-competition in California (Score 5, Insightful) 226

Why does California have all the tech job? It is because non-compete clause are difficult to impose which allows talented individuals to roam around the industry. NAFTA took away the manufacturing jobs, but the high tech jobs are all still here, and they are concentrated in California mainly because of one piece of legislation: Edwards v. Arthur Andersen.

Comment Hi-res Displays Look Better with Flatter Designs! (Score 2) 178

Holy crap, doesn't any one realize that the high resolution displays don't need shading and dithering to make objects look nicer. That was a necessary evil for low resolution displays to make things look nice and pretty. Tiles and objects on UI's are still the same size, but the resolution has double/tripled/quadrupled in some cases. So we don't need rounded, shaded objects any more. Flat designs look like crap on low resolution displays because we see the jagged edges, so shading was used to soften edges.

Comment When I was at the USPTO..... (Score 1) 327

As an examiner it was the managers who were screwing over the examiners. The would wait till the last minute to review applications and then force examiners to scramble at the end of the quarter to catch up on work that managers weren't approving. Hell, after I left my manager took credit for my work that he wouldn't approve. That honest work would have netted me 2 promotions and a nice bonus. Using software to monitor examiner work is pure bullshit.

Comment No Ebook Reader Innovations (Score 1) 323

Once we get 8" ebook readers with flexible capacitive touchscreens and very light weight, we won't see any growth. These ebook reader innovation is stagnant so the ebook market is stagnant. Too much focus on Android tablets and Ipad development vs. eink tech.

Comment Too much lag (Score 1) 98

This is very cool and rather unique solution, but there is considerable lag between the input and the registration of the input. I don't see it being much useful beyond pause/play video or music or to wake up a computer from sleep. That being said, I love the spelling mistake in the powerpoint in the youtube video.

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