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Submission + - D-Wave releases quantum computing tool as open source (

haruchai writes: Canadian company D-Wave has released their Qbsolv tool on GitHub to help bolster interest and familiarity with quantum computing

"qbsolv is a metaheuristic or partitioning solver that solves a potentially large quadratic unconstrained binary optimization (QUBO) problem by splitting it into pieces that are solved either on a D-Wave system or via a classical tabu solver"

This joins the Qmasm macro assembler for D-Wave systems, a tool written in Python by Scott Pakin of Los Alamos National Labs

D-Wave president Bo Ewald says "D-Wave is driving the hardware forward but we need more smart people thinking about applications, and another set thinking about software tools.”

Submission + - Watership Down author Richard Adams died on Xmas Eve, aged 96 (

haruchai writes: In addition to his much-beloved story about anthropomorphic rabbits, he penned 2 fantasy books set in the fictional Beklan Empire, first Shardik (1974) about a hunter pursuing a giant bear he believes to be imbued with divine power, and Maia (1984) , a peasant girl sold into slavery who becomes entangled in a war between neighboring countries

Submission + - Black veteran has meal at Chili's taken away because of Trump supporters ( 2

haruchai writes: Week 1 in Donald Trump's America:
Ernest Walker, an African-American veteran accompanied by his service dog, was enjoying a free Veteran's Day meal at a Chili's in Cedar Hill, Texas when challenged by the manager whether he was truly a veteran and if his service dog was legit.
Despite being shown ID & discharge papers, the manager took away Walker's food,
Walker claims the incident was prompted by an elderly Trump supporter who said that blacks weren't allowed to serve in Germany and a real soldier wouldn't keep his cap on indoors.

Submission + - GOP headquarters in North Carolina destroyed by firebomb (

haruchai writes: The Republican Party offices in North Carolina's Orange County was hit by a firebomb last night and warnings for the "Nazi GOPers" to leave town were painted on a nearby building. Clinton supporters on Facebook were quick to blame it on radical rightwingers, comparing it to the Reichstag fire of 1933 that allowed the Nazis to become the dominant party and has long been suspected of being a "false flag".
As some Dems have claimed, "why would we do this? We're winning"

Submission + - Tesla reveals slew of Autopilot improvements in upcoming 8.0 firmware (

haruchai writes: Less than 2 months after parting ways with optical driver assistance systems maker Mobileye, Elon Musk and Tesla have revealed the soon-to-be released feature upgrades for Autopilot — and it's all about radar, baby!!

Musk claims a dramatic reduction in false braking events, stating that most drivers may never experience another for the lifetime of the car and that v8.0 will give access to 6 times as many radar objects with far more detail and no new hardware required.
More at Electrek —

Submission + - High-Energy Rechargeable Molten-Air batteries developed at George Washington U

haruchai writes: Researchers have demonstrated what's considered a new class of battery, using either iron, carbon or vanadium-boride as the anode.
Energy densities are from 10%-70% that of gasoline by weight, or 100%-250% by volume and the batteries have an operating temp of ~700 C story: paper:

Submission + - Hans Reiser sued by own kids for $15 million ( 1

haruchai writes: The Reiser kids, now aged 12 and 11 have had a lawsuit filed against the former Linux developer, inventor of ReiserFS and convicted murderer of the mother of his children, to the tune of $15 million.
It's believed he may have hidden assets and a judgment is sought so a search for these can be conducted.

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