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Comment Re: Stop randomly searching minorities. (Score 1) 46

But when the community includes a large number of people statistically likely to be drug dealers, the police are dealing with criminals on average. Move all the blacks to New Jersey for a couple of weeks and watch how quickly NYPD behavior improves.

Drug usage is statistically much different between white & black people but arrest rates and prosecution have been dramatically different for decades.
Heroin, opiates, fentanyl, meth, painkillers are cutting a broad swath through white America and nary a fucking word about them having lower IQs, inferior genetics or their deplorable family values.

Comment Re:Stop randomly searching minorities. (Score 1) 46

"Talking to former military, I've been told that combat soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have stricter Rules Of Engagement than US police officers"

I believe that's correct. Also some PDs don't like former military as they will not readily shoot civilians dead as the police would like.

Compared to most Euro countries, American cops are woefully undereducated & undertrained unless you consider a frag-them-all videogame mentality as acceptable.

Comment Re:Here's a start to regain trust (Score 3, Informative) 46

Not to mention the law is already slanted heavily in their favor. All a cop has to do to literally get away with murder is say, "I feared for my life", case closed, all charges dropped. Evidence? it's easy enough to produce with the blue wall of silence and fraternal order of police.

Saying "he grabbed my Taser" is enough. A mistrial was declared for the public execution of Walter Scott by killer cop Michael Slager *despite* video evidence that Scott was running away, quite slowly, when Slager shot him 8 times in the back AND PLANTED HIS TASER next to Scott's body

Comment Re:Malicious Hypervisor (Score 3) 48

"We would like to emphasize that we did not break AMD
SEV itself but rather evaluated the design issues present
in the documentation in respect to their usefulness for a
malicious or compromised hypervisor"

I'd say there's a very slim chance of this happening.
Intel's SGX certainly *sounds* more secure but require changes to source code which could get very, very expensive so unlikely to be implemented in most cases for existing setups.

Comment Re:Profit (Score 1) 37

Make $196m illegally. Pay $88m fine. That's $88m profit. What's the incentive to stop doing these things again?

About 25 years ago, I moved from one city to another in search of work and continued to collect unemployment insurance for about 3 months longer than I was entitled while I got my feet under me - my first and only ever violation and I've never been on unemployment or welfare since.
About 2 years later, the gubmint caught up with me. First was full repayment, then a fine assessed at FIVE times the gross amount I "stole" AND a stipulation that any unemployment payments I were to receive in the next 3 years would be reduced by 25%.

Comment Re:And the extent is not the whole story (Score 1) 3

The total mass includes the land-based ice and that appears to be declining by gigatons per year and speeding up.
That still means it'll be a long time before it melts significantly but it does appear that certain vulnerable areas can't be saved by anything short of a dramatic, prolonged drop in regional temperature.

As glaciologist Eric Rignot said is his deadpan, understated, nonchalant way "Look we've gathered enough when talking about this area (West Antarctica) to say that it's already sort of doomed. But the fuse is already blown"

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