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Comment Re:It's tainted (Score 2) 141

Um, since Microsoft doesn't release it's code, there is no way you determine that is was copied. Also, since Microsoft doesn't release it's code, there is no way to copy it. If the APIs are the same, of course. They are trying to create software that runs Windows programs that call Windows APIs. They would have to be the same. The law suit would fall into the same category as SCO vs IBM over Unix code in Linux. == Have a look; they may not be as vulnerable as you believe

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 232

"Unfortunately, tesla can't defy physics, and that means teslas have pretty poor handling. However, it is incredibly impressive for what it is -- a high tech 4 seater EV sedan."

And those sell in much higher numbers than cars like Stingrays. BMW, Audis and Mercedes have quite a few performance sedan models where Teslas are similar in weight and cost. I guess you don't have much to worry about for the next few years - until their next-gen Roadster debuts - if they survive that long.

Comment Re:Young engineers ... (Score 2) 232

I have been assigned a lot more responsibility since then. Maybe that's what it takes to be in management- boldness on the edge of recklessness.

You're halfway there. Add a lack of knowledge of the scope of the problems but the willingness to throw out the latest buzzwords and you're a shoo-in for the C-suite.

Comment Re:rough landing (Score 1) 171

The Hindenburg isn't an aircraft. Well, not any more anyway. I know Slashdot is a bit slow reporting news but it caught fire and crashed 80 years ago.

Every damn "biggest" ship, plane, tower or building that we've constructed in the past 50 years has been bigger, usually MUCH bigger than anything built 80 or more years ago, so what exactly is your point?
The legendary structures of yesteryear are ordinary or unremarkable compared to what we're capable of building now.
The Titanic *might* land somewhere in the bottom half of 100 biggest ever cruise ships; the storied (sorry) Empire State Bldg is 30th tallest

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 4, Insightful) 682

"pollution has gotten lower than it has ever been in my life time"

It hasn't "gotten lower" - laws were passed that FORCED individuals & industry to clean up or not a a horrible mess in the 1st place.
If those laws aren't enforced or if they are repealed as more than a few politicians have been trying to do, you'll be living in your grandparent's mess.

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