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Comment Re:Tesla is gonna take over - believe me folks... (Score 1) 65

I wonder just how different the RoadsterNG will be.
I don't think too many will be impressed if it's AWD-only where you can't put it in RWD-only mode and it'll have to be considerably longer than the previous gen Roadster if the intent is to use the same flat-pack floor.
Or they can go with a split pack to keep the car short.
But the original Roadsters were tiny ; if I had a burger & a hardon, I doubt I could fit.

Comment Re:Westinghouse a unit of Toshiba Bankru (Score 4, Insightful) 123

The Japanese own our Nuclear Power Plant Construction Companies
The Russians own our Uranium.... such a great job Obama and Hillary did

Those sales should have been stopped

Toshiba acquired Westinghouse in 2006.

Bush was president and Republicans controlled Congress.

Obama is responsible for every bad thing that's happened to an American from the day he engineered his own birth; Hillary shares responsibility starting from the day she first had sex with Bill Clinton

Comment Re:front-end GUI is crap (Score 1) 34

It could be better but there are 2 filters you can use to cut down on the number of squares shown.
There's the Filter Languages so you can show only the projects written in, for example, Go and the arrow to the right of the Search field to pick a category.
So if you filter on Rust and choose Utilities for the category, it shows only Bazel and the Hat Backup System, whatever the hell those are.

Comment Re:Tesla is gonna take over - believe me folks... (Score 3, Insightful) 65

"Once they release that model 3 for under 30,000"
That's going to take a while. They'll be fortunate to get it released at the promised $35k - although they were promising $30k some years ago and then quietly upped it.
There are more than a few Tesla-bashers who complain extensive auto experience that have been saying that selling the base model at even $45k would be barely profitable, if at all.

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