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Submission + - AM Radio transmission of music from an unmodified laptop (

anfractuosus writes: I developed a simple program to enable the transmission of music from a .wav file
as RF AM emissions from an unmodified laptop, by making use of RF leakage from the computer, by
twiddling with data on the system bus. I made use of Pulse Density Modulation to emit the .wav file.

You can see the code at

And a video of the audio received by a radio at

This is based on the awesome work at

Comment Re:As a fellow European (Score 0, Troll) 1545

Im Irish and from what I've seen, there has been an enormous smear campaign against him especially from CNN and all the way back to Jeb Bush who tried to destroy him and fell flat on his face. There's nothing wrong with putting your country first and America's prosperity is good for Europe. My only concern is that he has establishment enemies, liberal extremelist enemies, and radical islamic fundamentalist enemies. The secret service need to be up to the task. I believe he is a good man for the most part.

Nice to know the Irish have their own deluded nutballs too.

Comment Re:Since they determined autopilot wasn't to blame (Score 1) 187

Barring the advent of some kind of benign dictatorship, a transition to all-public-transit won't happen anytime soon

That would depend on the definition of soon but I'm not alone in noting that younger people aren't as keen about cars as my generation were in our teens & 20s.

Passenger vehicle sales in the USA have essentially flatlined since the 70s and if you adjust for the driving age population, they've fallen off a cliff.

Comment Re:Start the clock (Score 1) 266

I didn't make the graph and couldn't find one that was complete but here are 2 that you can combine if you think it'll be helpful - or change the trend - Global Land Ocean Temp Index since 1880, annual & 5 yr running means - El Nino Southern Oscillation Index 1876-2012

Comment Re:Since they determined autopilot wasn't to blame (Score 1) 187

Surely, then, the autopilot did nothing anyway.

Whatever Tesla might claim, autopilot is a dumb idea.

In this instance, it literally did NOTHING to prevent a collision that should have been obvious to a driver for over 7 seconds.

Sure, it's the driver's fault for relying on it, same as if you drive "relying" on your ABS to operate instead of leaving a sensible distance.

But surely it just proves that autopilot is a load of shit and this just says that you can't even blame the manufacturer if it does nothing whatsoever.

CTFD. Autopilot is a work in progress and the newer version will, in time, be far more capable. In this particular case, the Autopilot didn't react because it couldn't distinguish the side of the truck from what could also have been a large overhead sign. It's important to note the driver also didn't react, despite having ample time.
On average, Autopilot is far better than not having it but I think Musk's plans for autonomy will take longer than he thinks and the corner cases will prove to be intractable and more & better hardware will be needed for true autonomous driving.
But what will be achieved with the new AP HW2.0 will be very impressive - and the competition from other automakers will be fierce

Comment Re:Since they determined autopilot wasn't to blame (Score 1) 187

The fact that cars are something that people can own and use provides way more benefit to humans and the risk is worth it obviously, because otherwise people wouldn't drive

For a small fraction of what is spent on personal vehicle ownership, we could have pretty amazing public transportation that would satisfy the needs of nearly every city & suburb dweller. And that would naturally lead to fewer serious accidents.

Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 1) 467

Unless they become cheap enough that it can be a second or even third household vehicle

Even without the rebates, there are a few that are. Your 2nd or 3rd vehicle isn't going to be driven long range but will be perfectly fine for the little errands, dropping off the kids and getting to & from work if you're less than 40 miles away.
If you're stopped in traffic, you're not wasting much energy compared to having an ICE turning over, if there are lots of EV locally, the air quality is better and with so much low-end torque, they can be a lot of fun to drive without breaking the speed limit.

Comment Re:Back to the future (Score 0) 467

I'm not worried...because I know that no matter what Trump does or doesn't of you will be along to say something snarky about it.

There isn't enough time left in the life of the Universe for everyone who opposed Trump to write comments to make up for all the shite that conservatards and rightwingnuts have spewed about Obama

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