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Comment Re:rock or a UAV (Score 1) 252

And yet despite all the years of claims that some non-western country that supposedly has no taboos about using nukes, not a single of them have actually used them.

A more troubling NBC usage (since it's more recent) is Iran vs Iraq, where chem weapons were a standard weapon.

Even more troubling since it was the US that supplied both sides with those chemical weapons.

Comment Re:They let anyone on these days... (Score 1) 178

So your definition of carebear are people who PvP against people with a similar level that has specific objectives?

No, my definition of a carebear is someone who goes on to a PvP server (where they have chances to be killed all the time) and then whine about it as if someone broke the rules.

Ahh, you fit the stereotype Eve player. A jerk that thinks that they are intellectually and skillfully superior to other because they are able to put up with the worst user interface to an MMO ever.

Nope, I hated EVE. Played it for about a month and got bored.

Anti-social little pricks that will ask for your stuff if you criticize anything about the game.

I don't. I criticize people who go onto PvP servers or games and then whine about the fact that *gasp* they actually got killed by other people. If you don't want to be in constant danger of being killed roll on a PvE server or play a game that isn't PvP-oriented and stop trying to gimp the rules of the PvP server or game.

Comment Re:They let anyone on these days... (Score 1) 178

Most of the WoW population plays on PVE servers and enjoys instanced PVP on a regular basis.

That's great. I've played on the PvE servers as well.

I fail to see the problem with someone enjoying the game the way they see fit.

I don't have a problem with someone enjoying the game as they see fit. I do have a problem with the people who go onto PvP servers and then whine about the rules of the server and try to get things gimped so it's more like a PvE server. If you want to play on the PvE play on the PvE server and leave those of us on the PvP servers alone instead of trying to gimp the gameplay on our server.

Comment Re:Why another filesystem?! (Score 1) 341

having to spread out resources to commit to maintaining multiple file systems.

So what? If someone wants to spend their time maintaining a filesystem or something like that why does it matter? It's not your time being spent.

I'm not saying I'm an advocate for anything specific here, and I'm not saying Windows is better,

It's not. There have been at least a dozen filesystems created for Windows.

i'm just trying to answer your question on why it *can* be a bad idea to just keep pushing out file systems.

But none of your answers are compelling in the least bit. They amount to you basically caring way too much about what someone else decides to do with their own free time and effort.

Of course, Linux might need this direly, and then this fs might be a good idea.

And even if Linux didn't need it direly that's not a valid reason to say that the filesystem isn't a good idea.

Comment Re:They let anyone on these days... (Score 1) 178

It's sad that we live in a MMO gaming world where everyone who isn't a rude, ruthless prick of a griefer is derided as a "carebear."

No, a carebear is someone who willingly goes on a server where everyone is free to kill you at any time and then complains about it.

Some of us play games to actually have fun, you know. Not all of us are anti-social outcasts looking to take our anger out on the world.

Then play on the PvE server. That's what they are there for.

Comment Re:They let anyone on these days... (Score 1) 178

"You're on a PvP server. Expect PvP all day, every day. Oh and by the way PvP means that as you're out questing you'll encounter random groups of PvP equipped max level players who will kill you and camp your corpse."

Yes that is exactly how it is. If you didn't want to play where you were always in constant danger of being killed you shouldn't play on the server that is set up with exactly those dynamics.

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