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Comment Re:And I'm the feminist deity (Score 1) 446

I have four daughters. I've pushed and pushed and prodded and supported their every Engineering and Computer Science interest, and it has led to nothing. It's been very frustrating. I had two daughters attempt to join the Robotics club at the local high school. They get straight A's, and have excelled in other sciences, but computer science has been a real turn off. The school wins a lot. They're probably the top in the state, and there is a fair smattering of girls in the class. What we found was that the teams were already full of "experts" and there was very little teamwork and at the time no adults were really considering lower level interests because it's all centered around competition. It just wasn't going to be fun unless you'd already been playing with legos since you were six, or had shoe-horned your way into the team by some kind of assertiveness that wasn't within my girl's level of interest. There was no one to encourage people who had NO experience at all, or who just wanted to have fun with it. Ironically, I find this same issue in the Computer Science based work-force--so often the team revolves around the star programmer(s) (sometimes called developers) and everyone else plays support to them. The developers are so busy and focused on the competition and rewards that they don't train or support general expertise. I still hold out hope that my girls will at least take a few CS classes and see if they can stomach the egos and the know-it-alls, and the folks who tell you "Oh this is SO EASY!" and hand you a 5 million line open source project with no documentation and tell you to make it better...

Comment Re:"The Ego" (Score 5, Informative) 553

I worked for HP during the Carly experience. I've also always voted for the conservative candidate for President. If Carly gets the nomination I WILL change my vote to a different candidate. (Not a huge fan of Hillary either so maybe I'll just throw away my vote on 3rd party candidate... who knows).

I never felt she dealt honestly with the employees of the company. During those times she orchestrated the destruction of the HP Way, never understanding or trusting it in the least. She had little to no understanding of the technological expertise in the company. She adored IBM's consulting firm which is why she pushed for the acquisition of such companies, and the touting of HP's "e-speak" technology. She simply didn't lead, she spouted buzzwords and followed popular trends, trying to glom onto anything that might be construed as cool/buzzworthy. Though no one in the company had ANY IDEA what it was or how to deploy it in any way. It was ridiculous, I once took a good week trying to figure that out and NO ONE understood what e-speak meant. She spouted the buzzwords ceaselessly. She got rid of company profit sharing and tried to push HP to follow a policy she admired from CISCO at the time of mandatory firing of the bottom 10% of employees in HP regardless of the group. The summer before the Compaq acquisition, she convinced HP employees to donate their bonuses and vacation days back to the company on a voluntary basis so that there wouldn't need to be a lay off, then right prior to 9/11 (She sometimes liked to hide behind the market crashes of 9/11 but that's not the case, the crash occurred before that) she orchestrated the first lay off in HP history EVER. At the time we were told it would be for the welfare of the company and hit areas of the company that would need to be let go, then she promptly acquired Compaq and butchered both companies.

I see her as fundamentally disingenuous. A macchievellian at heart who will do and say anything to appease her shareholders while disregarding all human cost. So in a way she's ideal for politics, but not my kind anymore. SO no thanks... I'll be voting for the other guy.

Likewise, I know few employees who didn't feel betrayed by her. Hence they removed her from the board with her millions of bonuses and such to get her to go...

Comment Re:Not Censorship (Score 4, Insightful) 285

You bet it's censorship. So what? Most people want some forms of censorship, if only for the simple matter of organizing your content. In this case, those with explicit materials will not be deleted, they will be made private, and those who wish to view it, will need to be invited to the sites. I personally would like to see more changes like this because not everyone on the internet can discern between what they click on... (like kids, which are increasingly getting wifi smartphones, and such which have little to no protections...)

Comment Re:So, what else is there to watch? (Score 1) 148

I would have voted for Marvel Agents of Shield, but there aren't enough actual Marvel Characters in the show. I want to see superheroes, and Marvel has a whole bunch of awesome ones, but Agents of Shield is still too reluctant to add superhumans.

Of course, I understand that's because Marvel sold its right to have mutants to one company, and Spiderman to another, and the rest of the universe to Disney... so who knows what you're gonna get!?

Comment Re:C is primordial (Score 1) 641

Algorithms are now more efficient at keeping a processor occupied than hand tweaking, with the complexity of processors being what they are, w/ multiple instruction pipelines and vector processing, multiprocessors and such. C is the equivalent of what ASM used to be. It is the least complicated abstraction language that a processor manufacturer can provide low level developers. Many processors are built with the language in mind. As a result if you want to extract the most performance from your hardware, C is the solution. Many higher level languages are written in C, or the core components that HAVE TO BE fast are written in low-level C.

C is also "almost" portable. Which generally speaking means it can be used across families of processors with greater efficiency, while maintaining performance.

Also there's still a hellalotta stuff, core libraries, drivers, embedded software, and software frameworks written in it... so yeah, it's not going away... I use it daily.

Comment Re:meanwhile overnight... (Score 4, Insightful) 503

A reporter on location reported on NPR this morning that they had a couple witnesses that saw a flash prior to the downing of the launch. Apparently due to the pro-russian population of the village where it was downed, this is a very unpopular confession to make. This is a HUGE snafu for Russia, who has been arming the rebels, so they can continue to humiliate Ukrainian air power. I also think it is ridiculous that Obama is only speaking out of concern for possible US Citizens missing. The Netherlands are a solid ally, this is a terrible attrocity...

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