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Comment Re:Gut reaction? (Score 1) 261

The problem is that changes happen in the base libraries, and it's up to the maintainers of the base libraries to fix up their clients. This means people from outside the Python project have to fix up your code. For code written in Python, without type annotations and without a compile step, this generates much more overhead for the maintainer.

Comment Re:Gut reaction? (Score 2) 261

AFAIK, nobody ousted Guido from the company, and he was just looking for something new.

At Google, Python is popular for all kinds "operations" scripts, eg. scripts that help start up production jobs, or interact with version control systems. For production systems (ie. user-facing systems), it is not popular, since its performance sucks, and python programs are fragile. More complex programs have tons of dependencies, and other teams change dependencies from under you all the time. With a dynamic language like python it is hard to verify that such changes do not break things.

Comment Re:Rube Googleberg Machines? (Score 4, Interesting) 186

I write both Go and C++ at google. Sadly, Rob Pike's joke has a definite core of truth: writing C++ code at google is extremely time-consuming and difficult to get right because it has to be multi-threaded and asynchronous.

Long compile times is more of a build system problem than a compiler problem, IME. Of course, lots of people have broken build systems, and compile the same things over and over again ...

Well, our in-house developed build system is the best I've ever seen, and probably the best in the industry. Read more about it here. Even with all the niftyness of a thoroughly correct build system and a data-center sized ccache, it still sucks.

Go is definitely awesome, and I recommend everyone to set aside the gripes with the syntax and learn it. I guarantee you that you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Comment Re:Here's how it works: (Score 2) 156

I just read the entire verdict, and it seems that BREIN had a solid case and the judge understands what is going on: the law says intermediaries to infringement can be ordered to stop services that are used to infringe. BREIN showed convincingly that TPB is overwhelmingly used to share copyrighted content illegally, and that its include large numbers of Ziggo and XS4ALL customers, and conversely that TPB has little use beyond sharing content illegally.

As a small ray of light: BREIN tried to get reimbursed for EUR 150,000 of lawyer fees, but the court decided that the ISPs themselves did not break the law, so the sum was reduced to a standard one of EUR 2000.

The real question is what will happen if many other sites like TPB spring up, or if the distribution moves to a model that also decentralizes the indexing of torrents. Then, at some point, having a rights society issue URL and IP blockades will become plain censorship, and it would be unclear how judges would rule.

Comment Re:And what happens is this (Score 1) 235

Hi there,

You say Google is data driven? Then why not use the available data about a candidate's past?

I work for google, and interview on a regular basis. I am a huge fan of using data of a candidate's past: for open-source projects, I clone the repository and browse through patches, for example. I like this, because real work covers a depth that a 45 minute interview cannot.

Unfortunately, besides open-source work, the only source of data usually is hearsay from the candidate himself, a source which often is somewhat biased.


Jailbreaking iPhone Now Legal 423

whisper_jeff writes "The US government on Monday announced new rules making it officially legal for iPhone owners to 'jailbreak' their device and run unauthorized third-party applications, as well as the ability to unlock any cell phone for use on multiple carriers." The EFF has further details on this and some of the other legal protections granted in the new rules.

Comment Re:is waterboarding next to get the info? (Score 1) 486

I just find it hard to believe that after the government tortures you that they are going to let you invoke any laws on your side. I think that the CIA has taught them different.

You are assuming that The Governments is an organ to work in a coordinated fashion: tens of thousands of people all working in perfect harmony to execute vile plans against the people; a borg of sorts.

The reality is that there are hundreds of different sub-organs each with their own agendas, that together form The Government. The law allows for many layers of appeal, and the judges in Brazil are independent to apply that law as they see fit. If a lawyer can show procedural faults, the suspect will be acquitted or at least can evade incarceration in freedom until the crime 'expires'.

(not brazilian, but living there)

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