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Comment Stored ever, stored forever (Score 0) 238

I am think that if Google am store my search history at one point in time, they are have forever. I am delete it now, but if Google go back to different point in time to when they are still have history on me, they can retrieve it. Is naive to thinking that organization so big as Google are not have ability to move back and forth on four dimensional axis; surely if anybody have this ability it are them.

Comment Re:4th Dimension Attack Vector (Score 0) 273

You are suggest one possible way for this to be working yes, but one must know that card will arrive on sidewalk and exactly where. Better to put card reader device near point of sale machine and then alter it position along fourth dimension axis I am think. But I believe you are getting the idea my friend, haha!

Comment Re:Arrested for knowledge? WTF? (Score 0) 741

Is only smart to arrest him. Maybe he not blow anything up yet, but in future he will or in different probability configuration he already have done this. Fact that he is interesting in bomb building material suggest that he is at least close to some permutation of him self that would be bombing. Best to be safe I think so haha.

Comment America's future is same as it present (Score 1) 630

America future have already happen. Article like this ignore the fact that we are all trapped in space and time. Reality is that the World future is many different future that already exist at different positions on probability axis. Future is hardware, future is software, future is both, future is nothing haha.

I dedicate this post to my mama and to God.

Comment Re:Universal Relational Database of Probability (Score -1) 148

I am think it not happen with that sort of attitude, my friend! Haha. We need positive thinker if ever we are going to make real progress for the good of mankind, not negative poo-poo people.

I have start writting script in pythong that am going to start populating large database with all possible informations. I will need to keep adding hard drive as I go haha, but eventually it will get there. Please send me your donation if you believe in this project!

Comment Universal Relational Database of Probability (Score -1) 148

I am think what we need are large database that essentially like table of all possible information stored in infinite configuration space. That way all possible information for any purpose is stored in one place that we all can share. We can pick and choose what sets of information we want to be 'real' in our place on probability axis, and find it instantly. Cure for aids-cancer already in there for sure! This is for the good of humanity and make IT guy job so much more easy haha.

I am hope somebody should work on this one soon. I really would like to see it haha.

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