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Submission + - A Buyable Paintball Sentry Gun - The Mercenary (

Colin writes: "Inspired by countless movies and video games, we decided to put our engineering skills to the test, and attempt build the most advanced and consumer friendly sentry gun. After 10 months of hardcore soldering, programming, machining, and painful testing, we're ready to release 'The Mercenary', the worlds first commercially available autonomous paintball sentry gun. It'll track and automatically fire upon targets entirely on its own- by help of a camera and an onboard computer.

There are a few features that put ours a head above the rest- A highly durable platform will withstand paintballs fired at over 300 feet per second, even direct hits to the camera. It can be powered by a wall socket, or a battery, and needs no external computer, or programming knowledge to run. Best of all- it runs linux. This time the penguin can shoot back.
The Mercenary — Portable Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun "


Journal Journal: Nintendo Wii Targeted in Patent Lawsuit

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a Maryland start-up company has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Nintendo, alleging four patent violations - three in the Wiimote alone. "The start-up, Hillcrest Laboratories Inc. of Rockville, Md., filed a complaint Wednesday against Nintendo with the U.S. International Trade Commission, alleging that the Wii's motion-sensing controller and software infringes on Hillcrest p
The Military

Submission + - Airborne Invisible Laser Beam

totallydude writes: reports on a 100kw invisible laser beam with "plausable deniability".

The Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) is to be mounted on a Hercules military transport plane. Boeing announced the first test firing of the laser, from a plane on the ground, earlier this summer.

Now if we can only manage reduce them in size enough to strap them to sharks.

Submission + - Sexual Harassment Essential for Human Race (

An anonymous reader writes: A Russian advertising executive who sued her boss for sexual harassment lost her case after a judge ruled that employers were obliged to make passes at female staff to ensure the survival of the human race.

"If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children," the judge ruled.


Submission + - Electronic Progress to Lower Your Car Insurance

head_dunce writes: "Progressive Insurance has come out with a new gizmo that plugs into your car and wirelessly reports back to them about your driving habits. The idea is to adjust your auto insurance rates based on how, when, and where you drive your car. The impact on the rate could be anywhere from a 60 percent discount to a 9 percent surcharge. — I can't wait to lower my rates by plugging this thing into a 12V supply at my desk."

Comment Re:Be smart (Score 2, Insightful) 485

Microsoft once hired top-tier programmers, and their reputation for skill in interviewing dates from that time. They now have average programmers and ask the usual stupid questions.

For a C/C++ programmer, basic linked list and string problems are needed to ensure the candidate actually knows how to use pointers, but I don't think Microsoft does any C/C++ programming outside the kernel team any more, which makes such questions even more ridiculous.

Feed The Register: Google plays Hide and Seek with Android SDK (

How to lose friends and alienate developers

Google's strict code of secrecy may work fine for protecting its internal operations. But the company isn't ingratiating itself to software developers by keeping major updates to its Android mobile software platform locked away in a Mountain View dungeon. Now, even those developers once very committed to pushing Google's technology forward are thinking about abandoning Android – the most closed open platform to not yet exist.

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