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Comment Dont be fooled (Score 1) 123

Dont be fooled, the corporations and governments will craft legislation to give them all the power they want to collect all the data they want, think: national security.

What Privacy Acts really do, In countries like Canada, is protect the governments and protect the corporations.
its so simple
"sorry we cant release that information because it would violate the persons privacy"

Executives, Politicians, Middle Managers, Bureaucrats, they are all people too, they all have a right to privacy, right?
customer complaints, federal suits, "sorry, we cant release those, privacy"
This happens all the time to Canadian media.

Comment If you market it, some guy with credit will buy it (Score 1) 535

It should come to no surprise to any one that there are 3.2 Million people in North America that will be buying these TV's
Think about all those douchebags, jersey shore fans, non tech people, and guys that just want to show off to the Jones's next door. I do not think any one is worried about these tv's not selling this holiday season.

Comment Re:Programming job bad reputation (Score 1) 742

I'll attest to this, I had a bright CS future ahead of me, working at Compaq, moved on to IBM and Microsoft in the big city, but I kept loosing jobs to India.
Then I realized that if wanted to stay in the CS game it meant more time more money to getting more skills, certs, pieces of paper.

A "A continuously changing professional knowledge baggage is not attractive"
well.. it is for some people, thats what separates the people that LOVE CS, and those that like it or are good at it. I packed up my bags 4 years and went off to University to learn about history and poli-sci, (i want a government job) thats what I am passionate about, computers for me were just a hobby that paid the bills.

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