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Comment Re:Using the cloud is so safe and secure... (Score 4, Informative) 154

How do you back up data that was never stored? Or logs for transactions that never completed? And how, even if you had those transactions, would you meaningfully restore them when the restoration process itself would simply repeat the result of overflowing the available indexes?

This isn't a typical disaster recovery scenario. The architecture itself is at fault, and the data is lost.

Comment Re:Origin PC? (Score 1) 94

Origin Systems was a game studio EA purchased. They produced Ultima, Wing Commander, and System Shock. They were absolutely awesome and I loved everything they did prior to EA buying them. Then they ruined both Ultima (with Ultima IX) and Wing Commander (with Privateer 2), and shuttered the studio. It's one of the many corpses of once-great game studios EA as left in its wake.

Comment Re:That's all fine but (Score 2) 667

And how exactly are you going to be assured if they were real or fake? Ask Russia if the information they already denied stealing is accurate?

No, you ask the people who wrote the emails. There were no denials. Even so much as a "I didn't really write that" would have put the whole story in its grave.

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