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Comment ganeti (Score 3, Interesting) 86

Check out ganeti as well:

Ganeti provides the following features for managed instances:

Support for Xen virtualization:
Support for PVM and HVM instances
Live migration support
Virtual console (on PVM) or VNC (on HVM) to control instances
Support for virtio or emulated devices

Support for KVM virtualization: (from Ganeti 2.0)
Live migration support
Support for fully virtualized instances
Support for semi-virtualized instances (kernel residing on the host)
Support for VNC or serial access
Support for virtio or emulated devices

Recommended cluster size 1-40 physical nodes

Disk management:
Plain LVM volumes
Files (from Ganeti 2.0)
across-the-network raid1 (using DRBD) for quick recovery in case of physical system failure

Instance disk partitioning supported from Ganeti 2.0

Export/import mechanism for backup purposes or migration between clusters, or

Automated instance migration across clusters (since Ganeti 2.2)

Comment Relevant study (Score 1) 547

I vaguely recall reading a study about the optimum work week for thoughtworkers. I've often cursed myself for not keeping a link or reference around. Maybe someone else might help me find it? I think it was a german study. The conclusion was that 25h per week produced optimal results. The number might be a bit off but the idea is about right.

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