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Submission + - TheDailyWTF Radio Presents A Radio Drama

halcyon1234 writes: Break out your decoder rings, mix up a glass of Ovaltine, and don't touch that dial! It's time for another episode of Radio WTF Presents! Aiming to do something "cool" on this day of April, the team at The Daily WTF put together a 1/2 hour radio drama.

Submission + - Poll: Preferred method to be alive in 1000 years?

halcyon1234 writes: "1) Medical longevity (drugs, organ replacement, cloning)
2) Full or partial mechanical replacement
3) Machine/Artificial Intelligence
4) Time dilation
5) Cryonics / Suspended Animation
6) Undead
7) I'm going down and taking you all with me!"

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Security Digests for the Home Network Admin?

halcyon1234 writes: "I'm currently cutting the webhost cord, and setting up a simple webserver at home to host a couple hobby websites and a blog. The usual LAMP stuff. I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous; I know how to get everything set up and get it up to date, but not enough to be sure I'm not overlooking common, simple security configurations. And then there's the issue of new vulnerabilities being found that I'm not even aware of. The last thing I want is to contribute to someone's botnet or spam relay.
What readings/subscriptions would you recommend for security discussions/heads up? Obviously I already read (too much) Slashdot daily, which I credit for hearing about some major security issues. Are there any RSS feeds or mailing lists you rely on for keeping up to date on security issues?"

Submission + - Flashforward cancelled (

halcyon1234 writes: "Entertainment Weekly reports that FlashForward will not return for a second season. The cancellation is attributed to low ratings since the show's post-Olympic hiatus. Confirmed by Robert J. Sawyer on his Facebook page, the author said "It was an amazing ride. My thanks to everyone who worked on the show; I loved being part of the process.""

Submission + - Facebook Kills Popular "Lite" Version ( 1

halcyon1234 writes: "Without ceremony, warning, or any sort of given reason, Facebook has shut down Facebook Lite. Facebook lite was a trimmed down and less cluttered version of the main site. Facebook says they have "learned a lot from the test of a slimmed-down site", but has not given any indication what that knowledge will be used for."

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