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Submission + - TheDailyWTF Radio Presents A Radio Drama

halcyon1234 writes: Break out your decoder rings, mix up a glass of Ovaltine, and don't touch that dial! It's time for another episode of Radio WTF Presents! Aiming to do something "cool" on this day of April, the team at The Daily WTF put together a 1/2 hour radio drama.

Comment Fight with numbers (Score 3, Insightful) 253

Every single scientist should fight it. Make them execute every single scummy plan they have on the books. If hundreds of thousands of scientists fight back, you'll see just how "unlimited" corp's pockets actually are. When the majority revolts, the corporate overlords quickly discover pushing their agenda gets costly and isn't worth it anymore...

Comment Re:Re (Score 1) 100

oh that page made my heart a flutter

No shit:

Banner Ads on Your Cell Phone
Technology Posted by emmett on Saturday March 04, [2000] @11:25AM
from the just-what-you-need dept.
James Ensor writes, "I'm sure you'll all be just thrilled to hear that Ericsson has developed and is implementing a way to do targeted ads on Internet enabled cellphones. They envision TV-like FMV commercials in the future.

In conclusion: Fuck Beta.

Comment Re:There's an Ask /. for that (Score 1) 237

Arg... friggin Slashdot is shortening the innerHTML of a tags. This must stop.

// ==UserScript==
// @name Slashdot expand URLs
// @namespace halcyon1234
// @include*
// @version 1
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==

var elms = document.getElementsByTagName("a");
for(i=0; i < elms.length; i++)
elm = elms[i];
if (elm.innerHTML.endsWith("..."))
elm.innerHTML = elm.href;


Comment Re:Devil's avocado (Score 1) 187

BTW how many of you are planning to split when they force us onto that shitstain that is /. beta? I don't know about you but if I wanting another tweeting twits for shits I'd be on Reddit. The thing is a mess, it looks like shit, hard to follow flow, comments even more broken, obviously designed for pads (which I bet my last buck is less than 3% of the daily readership of this site) it is the windows 8 of the web!


  1. The majority of Slashdot's useful content comes from its users, in comments. Thus, they are the majority user.
  2. There have been THOUSANDS of "fuck beta" posts across every single article, made by those same "majority users"
  3. I have not seen a single "Well, actually, I like beta and it's great" post.
  4. Thus the majority of the majority fucking hate the change and do not want it and will leave if it comes
  5. Dice doesn't care and is just trying to "prove" that Slashdot should be mothballed.

Comment Re:I'm trying to reply from the beta (Score 3, Informative) 463

have you left any constructive comments in the Slashdot "blog" threads?

Yes, and they've all been ignored. Just like every "feedback" thread that's ever been run by a corporation. I also filled out the survey. Ignored.

The change will happen. Readingship will nosedive. Someone at Dice will say "See, told you Slashdot was dying, this proves me right". The site will be mothballed, and Dice News (tm) will be opened as a "leader in a newspace with no competition".

Comment Re:DANE (Score 1) 167

Slightly OT.. but is it just me, or has Slashdot started cropping the text inside an A tag? Your link shows up as "", which is less than useful. Sure I can hover over it to find out the target, but that's more mouse interaction that I really want with a Slashdot page.

Anyone know if there's an option to NOT crop useful information like URLS???

Comment That'll get the data back! (Score 1) 187

Great, the FCC told them not to do it. Let's just say that actually gets them to stop harvesting the data (hahahaha)... what about the data that's already been harvested? They've already stolen a valuable resource which they can continue to sell to 3rd parties.

For that matter, what about the data already in the hands of the 3rd parties? They can do whatever they want with it with impunity.

Maybe we need to hold 3rd party marketers liable, too. Pawn shops are on the hook if they buy stolen items. Let's make marketers pay the same way. Did you buy marketing data from a skeevy company, and that company just got fined? You get fined too, for at least the same amount. Or double. Just watch how quickly the industry starts policing itself, overnight.

Comment Unplug, and let the minimum wage attempt to care (Score 2) 212

Made the mistake of going into a Bed Bath & Beyond recently. They have LCD screens with speakers playing ads set up everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. There's dozens in an aisle. Stand in the middle of an aisle, and you're assaulted on all sides by loud, tinny, high pitched ads. You cannot go anywhere in the store without being in range of at lest five of them.

While I (almost) understand selling premium aisle space to one or two companies to plug an adbox-- this was beyond ridiculous. A pure example of company greed mixed with advertiser childish need to be heard.

So while my wife hunted for the items we needed (not either of our choice, wedding gifts), I amused myself by walking up and down the aisles, unplugging the things. They were all just these cheapass LCD screens you would buy from Walmart. Cheap shit consumer crap, lowest possible cost (with horrifically shitty sound, further driving up the annoyance factor). Shows just how much the advertisers care about quality. Anyways, they're all powered by standard AC adapters plugged in to the side by those little round plugs. So walk around, take a quick look, and yank. One down. I think I got about dozen of them, and the aisles were so much quieter.

Try it out next time you're stuck in this situation. It's great fun. And really, what's the minimum wage stockperson going to do even if they see you? Do you think they get any of that sweet money the store gets from sucking the advertiser's cock? They're probably just as annoyed at being exposed to this noise NON STOP for their entire shift. And even if they aren't-- the store ain't paying them nearly enough to care.

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