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Submission + - New Via quad previewed (hardocp.com)

hairyfeet writes: "HardOCP has a preview of the new Via Technologies quad core APU which purports to outscore the AMD Brazos in graphics performance while having just a 27w TDP. Most interestingly for possible server roles is it continues Via's support for hardware based AES encryption while being pin compatible going all the way back to the C7. So could this be the chip that gets via a place in your server room?"

Submission + - Tea Party cheers for letting uninsured die (thedailybeast.com)

hairyfeet writes: "At the republican debates Rep. Ron Paul was asked about whether an uninsured twenty something should be allowed to die and the audience cheered at the thought. As someone who considers himself pretty conservative I found that horrifying. Is this how greedy we have become? That it is better to let a young man die than pay any taxes? Is this REALLY what we want in America?"

Submission + - Google attempts buyout of Motorola (yahoo.com)

hairyfeet writes: "After claims that competitors of Android are abusing patents including Motorola who is attempting to collect patent royalties from Android manufacturers it looks like Google is deciding to fight back by offering 12.5 billion for Motorola and all the patents owned by the cell phone maker. Will Google be able to pull this off? Will this start a bidding war for Motorola? And will this combined with the Nortel patents give Google too much power in the mobile arena in the eyes of the DoJ and EU Commission?"

Submission + - Microsoft extends downgrade rights

hairyfeet writes: "For those worried about losing the ability to run XP, it appears your worries are over. Brandon LeBlanc has just blogged that Microsoft will be extending the Windows OEM downgrade rights saying "Enabling such rights throughout the Windows 7 lifecycle will make it easier for customers as they plan deployments to Windows 7." For those that still rely on WinXP apps, I'm sure this is welcome news."

Submission + - Linux package repos vulnerable

hairyfeet writes: "The paper submitted here along with the original PDF says these researchers have found a way to take over a repository without needing the private key. Is this a serious risk, or just more FUD?"

Submission + - More strangeness in the Windows "memory hog" case (zdnet.com)

hairyfeet writes: "After Windows 7 was declared a "memory hog" by Craig Barth of Devil Mountain software, who later turned out not to exist the story, which was quickly dismissed as scaremongering By Ars Technica has today taken yet another turn. ZDNet has analyized the Devil mountain software XPNet and written an article "Why We Don't Trust Devil Mountain software (and neither should you) which uncovers serious privacy issues, lies involving a supposed high profile customer that doesn't actually use their software, and the convoluted relationship between Randall Kennedy, his alter ego Craig Barth, and IDG. This story just keeps getting stranger."

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