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Submission + - False evidence in EU Apple vs Samsung case (

An anonymous reader writes: The Dutch has found incorrect evidence submitted by Apple in the EU design-right case against Samsung. In the ex-parte case, a German judge has issued a temporary injunction against the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the whole EU except the Netherlands.

The faulty evidence is a side-by-side picture of an iPad2 and the Galaxy Tab. The Tab is scaled to fit the iPad2, and the aspect ratio is changed from 1.46 to 1.36, closer matching the iPad2 aspect ratio of 1.3, according to

On a side note: in the article, Florian Mueller is brought up to explain that this is probably an honest mistake by Apple.


Submission + - Music Copyright War Looming (

quarterbuck writes: When copyright law was revised in the mid-1970s, musicians, like creators of other works of art, were granted “termination rights,” which allow them to regain control of their work after 35 years, so long as they apply at least two years in advance. Recordings from 1978 are the first to fall under the purview of the law, but in a matter of months, hits from 1979, like “The Long Run” by the Eagles and “Bad Girls” by Donna Summer, will be in the same situation

Submission + - Android holes allow secret installation of apps

CheerfulMacFanboy writes: According to The H Security researchers have demonstrated two vulnerabilities that allow attackers to install apps on Android and its vendor-specific implementations without a user's permission. During normal installation, users are at least asked to confirm whether an application is to have certain access rights. Bypassing this confirmation request reportedly allows spyware or even diallers to be installed on a smartphone.

One vulnerability was identified when a security specialist analysed HTC devices and found that the integrated web browser has the right to install further packages (used to automatically update its Flash Lite plug-in). Attackers can exploit this if they have found another browser hole.

Android specialist Jon Oberheide demonstrated another hole which involved misusing the Account Manager to generate an authentication token for the Android Market and obtaining permission to install further apps from there. However, this initially requires a specially crafted app to be installed on the smartphone. Nothing could be easier: Oberheide released the allegedly harmless "Angry Birds Bonus Levels" app intothe Android Market and, upon installation, this app downloaded and installed three further apps ("Fake Toll Fraud", "Fake Contact Stealer" and "Fake Location Tracker") without requesting the user's permission.

Submission + - Tips new for the newbie tech support pro (

An anonymous reader writes: Over on PC World, Keir Thomas outlines 5 Tips of the Newbie Tech Support Pro. The tips range from getting rid of fussy and annoying clients by suggesting they get a cup of coffee, to reminding yourself that you're there only to fix critical problems (so their chaotic desktop packed full of files will have to stay that way). What are your essential tips for somebody starting out in tech support?

Submission + - NVIDIA Announces New Line Fermi-Based Mobile Chips (

MojoKid writes: NVIDIA has announced an entire line-up of Fermi-based GeForce GT and GTX 400M mobile GPUs, seven in total and revealed a number of notebook design wins from major OEMs. Like their desktop-targeted counterparts, the mobile GeForce GT and GTX 400M series GPUs leverage technology from NVIDIA's desktop architecture, which debuted in the GF100 GPU at the heart of the company’s flagship GeForce GTX 480. GeForce GT and GTX 400M series GPUs are DirectX 11 compatible and support all of NVIDIA’s “Graphics Plus” features, including PhysX, 3D Vision, CUDA, Verde drivers, 3DTV Play and Optimus dynamic switching technology. The GeForce GTX 470M and GTX 460M are the most powerful of the group and target enthusiasts and gamers, while the GeForce GT 445M, GT 435M, GT 425M, GT 420M and GT 415M target performance conscious, but more mainstream consumers.

Submission + - Maryland Attorney General Upholds Right to Video (

tombeard writes: Making a recording of a police traffic stop is not a crime in the opinion of Maryland's attorney general. In a ruling issued last month from the state's top law enforcement office, Chief Counsel Robert N. McDonald found the legal grounds weak for felony wiretapping charges of the type brought against a motorcyclist who posted a video of himself being arrested on YouTube. Maryland State Police had taken advantage of ambiguity in the law to prosecute Anthony Graber, 25 for the April 13 recording.

Submission + - Brazilian banker's cryptographic files baffles FBI (

Tootech writes: Cryptographic locks guarding the secret files of a Brazilian banker suspected of financial crimes have defeated law enforcement officials.

Brazilian police seized five hard drives when they raided the Rio apartment of banker Daniel Dantas as part of Operation Satyagraha in July 2008. But subsequent efforts to decrypt files held on the hardware using a variety of dictionary-based attacks failed even after the South Americans called in the assistance of the FBI.

The files were encrypted using Truecrypt and an unnamed algorithm, reportedly based on the 256-bit AES standard. In the UK, Dantas would be compelled to reveal his passphrase under threat of imprisonment, but no such law exists in Brazil.

The Brazilian National Institute of Criminology (INC) tried for five months to obtain access to the encrypted data without success before turning over the job to code-breakers at the FBI in early 2009. US computer specialists also drew a blank even after 12 months of efforts to crack the code

Submission + - Windows Vulnerable to 'Token Kidnapping' Attacks

cuppa+tea writes: More than a year after Microsoft issue a patch to cover privilege escalation issues that could lead to complete system takeover, a security researcher plans to use the Black Hat conference spotlight to expose new design mistakes and security issues that can be exploited to elevate privileges on all Windows versions including the brand new Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7.

Comment Re:My thoughts (Score 1) 1051

I stand corrected.

But I have to wonder, how does that method generate any money? It doesn't really matter if I see the ad or not, I will still not buy the product, click the ad or ever talk about it. I block ads because they are irrelevant and annoying. Same as I don't watch ads on TV and focus on other things while those annoying, (muted) internet video ads play.

Why would you ask your users to intentionally worsen their viewing experience of your website, to put it bluntly they don't care about you, if the ads aren't gaining enough suckers and you think your content is an unrivalled, top quality jewel of the internet then make it subscription based.

Comment Re:Mixing up advice (Score 1) 651

It's a quadruple the price and give the insurance company 75% off scam

I thought one of the things that came out in the debate was that there was a federal law prohibiting discounts to cash customers, so the poorest, uninsured *has* to pay the full price. The doctor cannot discount unless it's an insurance company.


Submission + - Microsoft, Amazon Ink Kindle and Linux Patent Deal

theodp writes: Microsoft says it has reached a wide-ranging IP agreement with Amazon in which each company has granted the other a license to its patent portfolio. Microsoft says the agreement covers technologies in products including Amazon's Kindle — including open-source and proprietary technologies used in the e-reader — in addition to the use of Linux-based servers. Microsoft issued a news release celebrating the accord, while Amazon declined to comment. 'We are pleased to have entered into this patent license agreement with,' said Microsoft's deputy general counsel.. 'Microsoft's patent portfolio is the largest and strongest in the software industry, and this agreement demonstrates our mutual respect for intellectual property as well as our ability to reach pragmatic solutions to IP issues regardless of whether proprietary or open source software is involved.' A Microsoft representative declined to say which of its products are covered by the deal.

Submission + - NGO networks in Haiti cause problems for ISPs (

angry tapir writes: "While the communications networks that aid groups set up quickly following the earthquake in Haiti were surely critical to rescue efforts, the new networks have had some negative effects on the local ISP community. More than a month after the earthquake devastated the island nation, local ISPs are starting to grumble about being left out of business opportunities and about how some of the temporary equipment — using spectrum without proper authorization — is interfering with their own expensive networks, causing a degradation of their services."

Submission + - Google Android: A Universe of Incompatible Devices (

snydeq writes: "Galen Gruman writes about the dark side of the recent flood of Android smartphones: versions run amok. 'That flood of options should be a good thing — but it's not. In fact, it's a self-destruction derby in action, as phones come out with different versions of the Android OS, with no clear upgrade strategy for either the operating system or the applications users have installed, and with inconsistent deployment of core features. In short, the Android platform is turning out not to be a platform at all, but merely a starting point for a universe of incompatible devices,' Gruman writes. 'This mess leaves developers and users in an unstable position, as each new Android device adds another variation and compatibility question.' In the end, Google's naive approach to open sourcing Android may in fact be precipitating this free-for-all — one that might ultimately turn off both end-users and developers alike."

Comment Re:When stealing code... (Score 1) 684

When stealing code, you should at least be able to discern whether it's good code or not. Seriously.

Oh, for a mod point. I haven't taught for a little while, but I was astonished that all of the people who cheated seemed to pick the worst person in the class to copy from. The code didn't even compile, let alone work. If you're going to copy, at least copy from someone competent.

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