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Comment Re:Double-dipping Nintendo (Score 1) 165

Wow so now they are fucking them in the ass for PATCHES, patches? Really?

With the Internet full of "Have a killer gaming PC for just $350!" videos there really is no point in putting up with their sheeeit anymore, and its obvious they have zero respect and no fucks to give about their customers. Man what dicks!

Comment Re:Users: Win10 fails at common sw compat (Score 1) 500

Actually they've broken DX12 as well, all the latest benches show that at best you gain 5% while the majority of games LOSE performance on DX12 over using DX11. meanwhile Vulkan has been giving some crazy performance gains, currently between 12% and as high as 30%.

Lets face it since Nutella took over they haven't been worth a piss, he is just going "cloud cloud cloud, data data data" the way the sweaty monkey used to try to ape Apple, but the big difference is while it was easy enough to just rip out the bad Apple rip off bling bling from Windows OSes released under the sweaty one Nuutella has baked in his cloud spying data mining bullshit right into the kernel, making the OS unsuitable for purpose for many of us. Here is hoping nutty Nutella gets the boot faster than the monkey did and that they finally get a CEO that accepts MSFT is a mature company and goes back to releasing OSes people actually want to buy.

Comment Re:What a bunch of whining ninnies! (Score 1) 500

And that is absolutely no different than with FOSS, where you are subject to the whims of a myriad of corporate dev teams and corporate interests so sit down and STFU. You cannot even be sure there is no malware or backdoors baked in because not once has a modern Linux desktop had a top to bottom security audit (which just FYI would be frankly impossible because before you were even halfway through with the audit the packages you had already audited would be 2 to 3 versions behind and no longer relevant) and it has been shown more than 85% of the source code for the guts of your average Linux desktop have never been checked out by anybody but the ones maintaining it.

I would argue the entire Linux "you have the source code" philosophy is nothing but a giant is ought fallacy in that it assumes because there IS source code available it OUGHT to have been audited by someone who 1.- Has the years of experience in programming to understand what they are looking at and 2.- Has enough deep level knowledge of the Linux internals to understand by looking at that source how it is gonna interact with other packages (so as to tell if it has a hidden payload for another package) and whether those interactions will be safe or insecure....and there is absolutely zero evidence to back this up, in fact recent announcements like 20 year old Bash bugs being exploited give us ample evidence that the opposite is true.

So I'm sorry but it doesn't matter whether your corporate master is MSFT or Red Hat you ARE at the mercy of the whims of a large corporation who doesn't give a flying flipping fuck what you want and unless you have the skills to write your own OS from scratch? Your choice is no different than with Windows, take it or move to a product from another vendor and be subject to their whims instead..

Comment Re:Expected /. response (Score 1) 500

You can run the browser and applications in a sandbox in Windows 7 and not have the baked in malware of Windows 10. I'm sorry but there is nothing you can say that can mitigate the fact that Windows 10 takes control away from the user and is sending encrypted data to a party out of your control.

Now where have I seen that before, software that is out of control of the user, hides itself,sends encrypted or obfuscated data, and constantly changes to keep from being disabled or removed? Oh yeah...MALWARE.

Comment Re:Double-dipping Nintendo (Score 1) 165

Sorry but to steal a line from Mel Brooks "bullshit bullshit aaaannnnndddd bullshit!"

Lets go down the list, shall we? 1.- No players...if you have friends that like the game? You got players. And if a game is even slightly popular, with so many PC gamers in the world? There is gonna be players. If you'd like an example Gotham City Impostors has been abandoned by WB since 2012 and left to rot...you can still jump into a match as there is around 10k people worldwide still playing. 2.- Gamespy...nope, sorry. I guess you missed it but a good 90% of the Gamespy games got patches to switch to Steam, in fact was just playing some Borderlands I MP and that game was Gamespy, the few that weren't patched by the company? Gameranger added support so you can just use that.

Then when you figure in the backwards compatibility, how GoG has launched Galaxy to give MP support to all the great old games they have, complete with MMing and chat, and how you can play anybody on the planet, no publisher choosing what region is allowed to play? I'm sorry but there is no comparison and console gamers really need to tell the big 3 they aren't gonna put up with this nickel and diming horseshit. Sadly console gamers have been getting fucked by the big three so long they won't even think about it. Mark my words the next thing will be required updates needing their services so you won't be able to play a game at all if you don't patch and you can't patch if you don't pay for the service...and sadly console gamers will take it.

Comment Re:Double-dipping Nintendo (Score 4, Interesting) 165

It just amazes me console players will put up with this shit. Hell I can fire up MP on games I bought a decade ago on my PC and play all I want and it don't cost a cent, why in the world would I want to pay money to some third party which we've seen will happily pull the plug the second they can't nickel and dime enough shekels to make them happy?

Comment Re:Similarly (Score 1) 389

So he can make copies of your vids and tunes? I had a buddy that worked at GS for 6 months to earn a little extra money on the side and he said it made him sick, damned near every one of the GS had those mini portadrives and would run a scan on every system they got their grubby hands on for vids and tunes they didn't have, he said they even had a seriously pervy one that went out of his way to look for nude pics and home made porn which he would copy.

And IDK if its the same in other places but when I worked in a shop that was down the street from a Worst Buy I had to tell folks they got robbed by the GS so many times I lost count. They'd bring in their PC after getting it back from GS because it was running worse than before and it would be one of those HPs or Compaqs where the parts was listed on the side and you'd open it up and RAM would be missing (one even ripped the plastic retainers out the board snatching RAM),their expensive GPU card would be swapped for a cheap shitty one, any really expensive desktop parts that went through that GS was at real risk of getting magically downgraded.

But I can honestly say if a cop showed up at the shop I have no clue if a PC I'm working on has CP on it or not because unless they tell me to back up their personal folders? I'm not going in there. I've always looked at it like being a plumber, you hire me to fix your sink NOT go through your underwear drawer and that is all I'm gonna do, I don't need to access your personal folders to get to the system files I need to fix the thing.

As for TFA? Sorry but MSFT shouldn't be making anybody look at that shit and I can see them needing serious therapy. I have an old friend that works in the state crime lab that tries to get me to work for the state but there is no way I could take seeing little kids raped every day and not have that seriously fuck me up. He has to see a therapist 3 times a month, provided for by the state, just to get that shit off his chest but you can't unsee that kinda sick shit. For the other posters education we aren't talking tub girl and 2 girls one cup gross, we are talking evil twisted sick shit like a mother taking turns with her BF raping her 8 year old. Can you imagine having to see that kinda shit 5 days a week?

Comment Why am I not surprised.. (Score 0, Flamebait) 397

that it looks like the GNU has serious issues with bullying and harassment and RMS claiming credit and taking control of projects against the wishes of the ones who actually wrote the thing.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the RMS fanboys can mod me down all they want but while RMS was integral to the early days today he hurts free software more than he helps and the older he gets the more out of touch and radicalized he gets and the more of an embarrassment he becomes. If free software has to have a figurehead? Make it Torvalds or ESR, Stallman has sadly become the maladjusted stereotype that makes free software look like some Mickey Mouse idea run by nutters.

Comment Re:Wikileaks (Score 1, Interesting) 211

Perhaps they are trying to show that those that Twitter deems "verified" follow a particular political narrative? After all we've seen Twitter yank verification as well as outright banning those on the right while ignoring blatant violation of their TOS like racist bile and death threats (BLM organizers) as well as celebs telling their followers to attack someone while spewing racist epitaphs (Leslie Jones) and sockpuppeting attacks on users to drum up publicity (Paul Fieg).

So while I'm not sure if handing out personal info is the way to go I've seen enough of Twitter's "Verification" to see its bad and being used for political purposes and if that wasn't bad enough its trivial to get fake accounts verified making the entire thing really pointless.

Comment Re:Run, Android, Run!!! (Score 3, Interesting) 34

Hell its been the same with Windows for years, if you have a decent AV and let the OS and programs auto-update? You really don't have anything to worry about. Now all the infections I see at the shop are all social engineering, stuff like "You want teh hot sluts for free? Just run "Iz_Not_Viruz_Iz_Chatroom.exe" and talk to hot skanks now!" or the ever classic Facebook chat bug, where someone they know pops up a "Hey you have got to see this, just open "Iz_Not_Page_Of_Malware_Iz_Pupies.html" this is soooo adorable!"....sigh.

The sad part is unless you do like Chromebooks and just take away the rights of the user? There is really nothing an OS can do against the dancing bunny problem because you have the user actively working against the security because they want to see the bunny. I have got to see this firsthand, the only person I have ever thrown out of my shop was a customer that wanted to buy a desktop and install Limewire on it. I told him "Look Limewire doesn't exist, it was shut down by the FBI years ago, if you want a P2P program I can install one but there is no more Limewire" and told him that any copies he found of Limewire online would be malware....so what does he do? Takes his brand new PC home, uninstalls the AV when it tries to stop him and promptly installs malware that has a Limewire icon and then expects me to clean it for free! When I threw him out of the shop he was screaming "It says right there its Limewire, you make it work!"....nothing any OS can do if the user is working for the bad guys.

Comment Re:Well (Score 2) 732

All they require in CA is an ID or driver's license and in CA they automatically register anyone who gets a driver's license and they allow illegals to get driver's licenses...put two and two together and its not hard to see why HRC won CA by over 3 million votes in a state with millions of illegals.

Of course all the left singing the praises of illegals with sanctuary cities and calls for amnesty ignores the fact that it costs CA taxpayers 25 billion every single year in public services and benefits to illegals which comes to nearly $2400 out of the pocket of every tax payer in CA every year.

Comment Re:Meanhile Gog still has unencrypted games (Score 1) 70

Citation please? Because from every in depth review I've seen Batman Arkham Knightrider wasn't suffering from encryption issues but from a publisher with a severe case of not giving a fuck. They made sure it ran on the Xbone, only half ass made sure it ran on PS4 and then didn't even bother with that much for PC but let a fourth string dev house do the porting with almost no money and an extreme deadline.

Not saying buying from GOG is a bad idea, in fact I personally will buy to GOG over anyplace else if they have a game I want, but trying to blame Arkham Knightrider on bad crypto ignores the shitty practices which are frankly par for the course when it comes to Warner Bros.

Comment Re:Bigoted much? (Score 2) 404

How about a former British Ambassado saying Russia Not the WikiLeaks Source that it was someone in the DNC disgusted by how corrupt they were? BTW anybody want to bet it was the guy that got a bullet in the back of the head in that fake robbery where they execute the victim without actually bothering to carry out the robbery part of the robbery?

As for Pizzagate? Dude don't know WTF he is talking about but Podesta is OBVIOUSLY talking in code because frankly most of the sentences make absolutely ZERO SENSE in English. Maps to Pizza? Wanting to know which is a Domino, a Pizza or a Pasta? You read the actual emails and they make zero fucking sense and the few that aren't in code, like the one with the hot tub and the 7 and 9 and 11 year old? Yeah there is something fucking going on there, because why would a grown man be getting into a hot tub with a bunch of strange kids,...something is seriously whack there and the fact that the MSM has all, almost from the nanosecond that it hit, started reading from the same "fake news" script, just like they did when they lied their asses off about Hillary's health AND again with her enjoying DNC rigging against Bernie? Yeah the whole fucking thing stinks and to anybody who says it couldn't be true? Two words....Dennis Hastert

Comment Re:Helps, but New York won't run LA's cars and tru (Score 1) 103

Why not use molten salt for power storage? I remember that was being seriously looked into for storing wind and wave energy, you heat it with some of your excess when you are cranking out the power and then use the salt to power a generator at night or during cloudy conditions.

Its cheap, no risk of it going ka boom, you can store it underground which should keep the NIMBYs happy and its not like you are gonna "wear out" the salt no matter how you use it. There are even solar power towers already up and running using molten salt so we know that it works, sounds like a winner to me.

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