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Comment Re:EU Governments need to ban Windows 10. (Score -1) 161

Well I don't think MSFT or any corp is gonna have to worry about the EU for much longer as it looks like France along with several other countries are getting ready to bail and leave Mama Merkel and her Syrian migrants to it. Can't say as I blame 'em, ever since Merkel opened the floodgates its been a disaster, rape has risen several thousand percent, countries like Sweden having to tell their women not to go out alone at night in their own country for fear of rape gangs, and a bill of 50 billion and counting just for Germany to keep all these uneducated men on the dole.

So MSFT frankly ought to just ignore them, the EU will be nothing but a memory soon enough.

Comment Re:And, I might start buying more from them again. (Score 1) 183

That is the same reason the wife and I have been using Walmart for our online shopping, as it often has prices the same or less than Amazon, cheaper shipping and as a nice bonus a full 2/3rds of the items we purchased last holiday had a "free ship to store" option with many having same day or next day pickup.

Maybe now that Amazon have lowered the shipping we might do more shopping there...then again Walmart recently lowered their free shipping minimum to $25 and most small items we can get free shipping to our local Walmart so I don't have to come up with a bunch of stuff to put in the cart when I just need a flash stick or MicroSD card.

Comment Can you say "move the goalposts" boys and girls? (Score 5, Insightful) 224

Because if Google's proprietary OSes that are more locked down than Windows ever was (say what you want about Windows but I can grab a windows laptop and inside of 10 minutes be booting into anything from BSD to Zorin OS, just try that on a Chromebook) now counts as "Linux" because it uses the kernel, which even the community acknowledges that "the kernel is not Linux"? Well sheeit, by that metric you could claim Linux "won" half a decade ago since all those cheapo locked down routers used by millions are using the Linux kernel as part of the embedded OS.

It certainly doesn't come anywhere close to being open or supporting the four freedoms so if this is what it takes to "win" I'd say "well what exactly did you "win" other than replacing one corporate master for another?

Comment Re: As opposed to a great American . . . (Score 0) 56

Because Obama was such a great peace loving man...oh wait a tick, he bombed the countries that Trump banned, killing thousands in the process, but of course the press didn't say shit about that. I guess murdering them is okay, its only banning them that is racist...maybe Trump should follow Obama's example then and start letting loose the drones?

Hey maybe if he racks up as big a body count as Obama he can get a peace prize too!

Comment Re:Too bad Mozilla needs to be forked again (Score 0) 47

Except they are getting rid of the only reason anybody uses their product so tell me again how its all about security? If you are arguing the web will be more secure when Mozilla is gone? Alright then argue that, but this move is completely pants on head retarded and considering how many users they've lost since the Australis debacle this could not have come at a worst time.

To use a /. car analogy it would be like the only car your company has enough sales of to keep you afloat is the convertible line so the CEO goes "Ya know what? Convertibles are unsafe, we're getting rid of them! The customers will love our attention to keeping them...hey where did everybody go?"

Meanwhile I'd love to see the figures from the Pale Moon guys about how many downloads they've been getting the past few months as I bet its through the roof, I know every article with another Mozilla stupid move in it has a comment section with users advising to bail on FF and go for Pale Moon instead. Ya know what? Can't say as I blame 'em, I switched to PM myself when I finally got tired of FF screwing with the UI and its actually a really nice browser, all my extensions work (and for the few that don't they have a handy list with links to the previous version of said extension that works with the latest PM), my theme worked, and for the couple of websites that put up a fit? One quick change of the UA string and it was all golden. Its like FF used to be before they went down the road to suckage, which just FYI I'm betting by Xmas they will be just another rebranded Chrome like Opera and a year or so after that they'll close up shop. After all what is the point of using FF now if it looks and acts like chrome and only uses chrome extensions? If I wanted chrome I'd bloody well use chrome!

Comment Re:Pale Moon is very nice (Score 2) 225

Most of the FF extensions work OOTB but they have a list of known incompatible extensions and in nearly every case they have a link to a previous version that works with Pale Moon.

I've been using it for a couple of years now, since it was obvious Mozilla was gonna commit suicide by turning FF into a badly support Chrome-Lite, and I have to say Pale Moon is a really solid browser. All of my extensions work, my theme works, and the few sites that didn't like Pale Moon were placated easy enough by changing the UserAgent. All in all I think its a great browser and hope my fellow /. readers do as I do and ask your favorite extension devs that are being left in the cold by Moz to switch to Pale Moon, which with extension dev support could be the solid replacement to FF we've been wanting since Moz shit the bed with Australis

Comment Re:You aren't training your feed properly. (Score 2) 363

That button? Yeah it doesn't do anything. I have pressed that damned button a billion fricking times trying to keep those retarded YouTube "comedians" off my suggestions but I keep seeing his ass and several of his buds day after day after day. Its the same as I have clicked "not interested" (I would pick "more likely to desire an STD" if I could) on the YouTube Red channel, wanna guess what is there the very next time I go to YouTube? The YouTube Red channel.

Comment Re:Okay - that was quick. (Score 1) 895

Which is what I think is so fucking hilarious about the regressives. Those of us that supported Bernie told them this was going to happen because HRC was not only a corporate stooge but her entire platform was built on calling anyone who had a differing opinion an "ist" (remember the "basket of deplorables"? Yeah you are sure gonna win votes by calling all those that disagree with you a bunch of "ists") but instead we were just called names, ridiculed with titles like "Bernie bros" ya know what? I'm gonna kick back, pop some popcorn, and LMAO as all the virtue signaling east coast/west coast SJWs royally get their asses handed to them for at least the next decade if not more.

And I may not have voted for Trump (just for the record I wrote in Bernie as a protest vote) I'll give credit where credit is due and at least he ran on a platform of what he was gonna do and by God he's doing it, what did Hillary run on? What was her platform? Oh yeah she has a vagina so "its her turn" and...yeah that was pretty much it, other than a bunch of hamfisted attempts at sucking up to various special interests with obvious vote begging promises everyone could tell she didn't give 2 shits about. the regressives can have a shit and mark me troll but facts are facts and Trump HAD A PLATFORM, Bernie HAD A PLATFORM, Hillary had identity politics and a mainstream media tripping over themselves to ignore every dirty underhand play she did and kiss her ring.

So I wish those on the right nothing but luck and I hope that after the DNC gets curbstomped for the better part of the next decade either we'll get the cleaning of the corrupt cabal that is the DNC or even better the rise of a true third party in this country like The Green Party, because as it is now? those of us on the left that are actually for everyone being treated equal and are against corruption, we don't have a party, just as the fiscal conservatives got ran out of the Republican tent in the 80s by the neocons and their dreams of empire and had to form the Libertarians maybe its time all of us that don't go for racism and identity politics formed our own party and let the corrupt DNC rot.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 3, Insightful) 88

Go to YouTube and look up Banacles Nerdgasm's "I was fired" video if you want to know why MSFT's OS division has turned to shit, but the short of it is they fired the QA and tester teams in their entirety in one giant culling. Now YOU are the beta tester for the actual customers which Nutella has made clear is the ENTERPRISE users, not the Windows Home or Pro buyers. Basically Windows Home is now the alpha, Windows Pro the beta, and Enterprise is the finished product.

Why do you think you can't turn off updates or all that telemetry shit even on Windows Pro, which as the name implied in the past was for professionals? Its because they need to see how badly the patches fuck your system up so they can fix or remove them before it gets to their actual customers, all those corps paying juicy endless rent to have Windows Enterprise licenses. So congrats all of you that took the windows 10 "free" upgrade or worse actually bought Win 10 Home or Pro, you gave your precious time and hardware to be a testbench for a product you don't even get in return.

Comment Re:Okay - that was quick. (Score 0, Troll) 895

Riiight. The guy hasn't even been in office 90 days and the left has done absolutely NOTHING but wet themselves, have riots, and act like screaming babies. And I remind you that the same bunch doing these "polls" were the exact same pollsters that said "Oh everybody loves HRC, best candidate of the year every year" and were swearing to the last she was gonna win....until more than 75% of the country went bright red.

The only ones giving a shit about this are the media, the same media whose viewership is dropping like a stone because everyone has figured out that they are nothing but fake news and are less trustworthy than a used car salesman trying to sell you an 02 Taurus. Meanwhile the so called "alternative news" get more views from a single video than the likes of CNN (and a hell of a lot more than MSNBC) and the people in all those flyover states, ya know, the ones you actually need to win elections? Yeah they have done tuned out the MSM because Trump has actually been doing what he said he would do during the campaign, something more than you can say for the last four or five presidents.

So please, keep believing the MSM narrative, its gonna make the absolute ROFLStomp of the left in 2018 and Trump's landslide all the more hilarious, because in case you haven't heard rather than learn that the identity politics and oppression olympics bullshit is about as appealing as ass cancer the DNC are doubling down on the racist shit, so much so that if you were to replace the word white with Jew or Black? It would probably qualify for hate speech in many countries. Because that is what is gonna get those millions in the flyover states to vote for ya, tell them they need to STFU and bow down before those these racist fucks deem to be their betters, yeah that is soooo gonna work.

And all of us who pointed out the DNC was rigging the primary (which wikileaks later proved) only to be called "ists" will laugh and laugh, because the corp stooges in the media shat all over their bed when they helped the DNC fuck Bernie out of the primary (which actual real polls showed beating both HRC and DJT by a huge margin) and rather than admit running just another corporate pet and trying to say "But its different this time, she has a vag!" didn't work and the DNC should actually listen to the voters? Will rub that shit all over their faces and claim its chocolate and wonder why nobody listens to their constant "But Trump is actually Hitler!" bleating.

Comment Re: Basic ettiquette pays I guess (Score 1) 113

Where I'm at (deep south) you get a lot of "no problem" which frankly I don't have a...well "problem" with, as its more polite than them not saying anything and for some reason "you're welcome" just seems to be passe' because it has been ages since I heard it.

What I DO find nice is that a lot of businesses have stopped pussyfooting around greetings or acknowledgements that might have a religious connotation, I heard a lot more "Merry Xmas!" this last holiday season and there is even several stores whose employees say "have a blessed day" which I think is just a nice sounding send off and I'm an agnostic.

I'm so glad we are seeing political correctness die in this country, let the thought police got sit in their safe spaces and rot I say, if you are such a weak willed beta individual that someone simply saying "Merry Xmas" or "Have a blessed day" traumatizes you? Pull your panties out of your ass, grow the fuck up, and be an adult instead of an over-sized infant.

Comment Re:Theoretically (Score 4, Insightful) 172

Nope sorry bullshit. If you had an actual free market (instead of the crony capitalism that passes for it in the USSA) then the people in those areas could form a co-op and pay for their area to have fiber and towers...but they will be crushed by lobbyists for the scumbag telecos that won't run out there but don't want any competition, no matter how small.

As long as you have corps big enough to buy their own laws you will have corruption and unfettered capitalism has been tried here before, it was called the age of the robber barons and ended up with corps having their own private armies and beating (and even killing) those that tried to unionize and blowing up rivals businesses...yeah lets go back to that, how about NO.

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