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Comment Re: Those intel mobile modems must be geting good (Score 1) 55

> CDMA networks are by far and away the most universal and ubiquitous mode of wireless communication.

Uh... What are you taking about? There's nothing remotely universal about Verizon and Sprint. AT&T and T-Mobile are at best just as big, if not larger. Not to mention the fact that GSM is compatible with the entire rest of the world.

Also, Verizon is (finally) shutting their network down at the end of 2019. Global standards are more important than coverage out in the middle of nowhere, USA.

Comment Drive them into the sea! (Score 3, Insightful) 55

I despise Apple, but I hate Qualcomm even more. They should have stuck to email clients. Their "royalties" are complete bullshit. I wish that Apple, Samsung, and others would get together to push an open standard manufacturers could use without these ridiculous royalty payments that always get passed on to the consumer.

Comment Re:America's Banking System Sucks (Score 1) 48

I'm not aware of any such national standard. I know some individual banks have their own money sharing services, but they aren't at all standardized—they've basically just contracted with any of these other 3rd party services. My credit union only recently added the ability to add an external account to do ACH transfers to/from, but it has to be an account you own, or at least verified by small deposits into the account. (A ridiculously bad security measure in the first place.)

The U.S. banking system is indeed a joke. We can't even get chip and pin right.

Comment Is learning COBOL really that difficult? (Score 1) 362

As a software developer, the language I use is largely irrelevant. Sure, each language offers its own advantages and quirks, and it might take from a few months to a year to get completely comfortable in it...but honestly, that's nothing. If COBOL developers really are in such ridiculously high demand as this and countless other articles claim, why aren't more developers flocking to the language? What is preventing this? I don't understand. I would certainly consider it myself if I found myself in need of work, and supposedly there are a lot of IT folks getting laid off left and right. This "problem" just seems odd to me.

Comment Re:Inherent contradictions within leftist ideals. (Score 1) 292

These are not "leftist" issues. The people making such contradictory, apocryphal claims are just regressive idiots. Plenty of deplorables have done the exact same thing, particularly when it comes to idiot coal miners who think their jobs shouldn't be replaced with more advanced technology and automation, or manufacturing workers when their jobs are outsourced. These people are overwhelmingly ignorant rightists. You're grasping at straws and demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of the reality that is the ignorant, idiotic U.S. American public.

Comment Re:Let me see if I understand this... (Score 1) 292

It only has merit if the university stipulated that the Indian firm only use employees of a particular age. Coincidences do not count as "discrimination." That is ridiculous. 40 years ago, Indians didn't have the means to go into IT. That's just reality. It's not age discrimination by any stretch of the imagination.

Comment How do you spell b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t? (Score 1) 292

People whining about losing their jobs is downright pathetic. They know perfectly well that the other employees were cheaper, and that is all it comes down to. I'm sure if they all agreed to work for the same wages the Indian firm was charging (accounting for things like employment taxes, benefits, and all that), the university would be happy to hire them back.

These people somehow think they're better than the millions of U.S. Americans who have lost their jobs to overseas manufacturing and other industries, but they're not. They are entitled, little shits and I hope the court shuts them down.

Comment BitTorrent has Live TV Streaming? (Score 1) 16

News to me. Can't say I'm surprised it's getting shut down!

I honestly don't understand how anything live could be transmitted via BitTorrent in the first place. Unless it's some kind of deviation from the standard protocol that forces all the parts to be in order? Seems like it would still be substantially delayed from "live."

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