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Comment Where's Bernie? (Score 1) 467

It seems really odd that Bernie Sanders was left off of this list, only because so many people have declared that they are still intending to vote for him. I'm not doing so myself, and I do think it's rather stupid now that he has completely dropped out of the race, but enough people are passionate about it that it should have been included in this poll!

Comment Glad to hear it (Score 1) 231

There's no excuse for not using suspects fingerprints in this way, so long as they have legally obtained a search warrant. It's certainly no different than breaking a lock to enter someone's home. I believe this is mostly going to affect poorly educated criminals like drug dealers, petty thieves, and such. Anyone with half a brain would not rely on a simple phone lock to encrypt their data in the first place. It's so trivial to do, those who don't really must be the worst, most obnoxious criminals out there.

Comment It's easy to explain what Twitter is. (Score 2) 106

I don't know why there is any confusion. Twitter is a platform that allows users of early 2000-era mobile phones to submit brief, 140-character messages via SMS and for others to subscribe to and see those messages.

Twitter was already way behind technologically when it launched, and now is just a joke. SMS is dead. The notion of these arbitrary character limitations make no sense in 2016. I hope more than anything to see Twitter go bankrupt very soon. The fact that so-called "journalists" treat Twitter as an actual source of news is downright shameful. Our technology has advanced so far beyond this that there is absolutely no excuse for it in this day and age.

Good bye Twitter, and good riddance!

Comment Re:Indians, huh ? (Score 1) 360

This, exactly this! Yes, as others have pointed out, there's a lot of shitty code produced by Western programmers, but the amount produced by Indian programmers is a much higher percentage. Perhaps it's because of the extreme pressure they're under to work quickly. Oh, and forget about testing... Unit testing, functional testing...nope. Just get it out the door!

Comment Re:I just stole your job and I am proud of it! (Score 1) 360

The dollar sign comes *before* the number. That is the difference you get with a native English-speaking developer. That's not always required, but you have *no* idea the extent to which people complain about you guys and your incompetence when it comes to language. You're definitely good for fulfilling certain specific tasks...busywork, mostly. You just have to be explicitly directed like a little puppy, told every specific thing to do and how to do it. No ability to think on your own. If that's the kind of life you want to lead, then congratulations!

Comment Wait, what? Algebra in HIGH SCHOOL (Score 1, Informative) 490

Don't most people take Algebra II in Junior High? I skipped it entirely myself... What level of maths do most U.S. high schools require? If it's not even Algebra II then I would say that's yet another sign of how pathetic the U.S. education system has become. Personally, I found Calculus to be one of the most beneficial, eye-opening maths classes I had in high school and think every student should be required to complete it. It can be used in so many different scenarios and yet still most people graduate from high school thinking all but basic math is useless!

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