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Comment It's the market (Score 1) 325

People on slow connections like satellite make up such a ridiculously small percentage of the market that it makes no sense to optimize or create functionality for them. Most people's mobile connections are faster than their home broadband these days. There are plenty of extensions out there to help you on a slow connection, click-to-load images, etc. but ultimately it's just the nature of the beast. We aren't downloading web pages, we are downloading entire applications that we are running through our browser virtual machines. Slow-connection functionality shouldn't be added to mainline browsers--they should be focused entirely on speed and efficiency. Browser extensions are the best solution.

Comment Huh? (Score 1) 359

> despite this usually resulting in longer route

> the total distance covered by its 96,000 trucks was reduced by 747,000km

What? How does this make any sense? I could definitely believe it caused a fuel savings, but not a *distance* savings. Surely an ideal algorithm wouldn't be as simple as merely "no left turns," and take traffic as well as distance, fuel consumption, etc. into account.

Comment How do you do it? (Score 1) 268

Maybe I'm just bad at multi-tasking, but as a software engineer, I simply can't listen to podcasts and get any work done at the same time. Typically this means I just stop listening to the podcast entirely and it's over before I even realise I've stopped listening. If the podcast is particularly good, then I don't get any work done. I still feel antsy while listening if I'm not doing anything else at the same time, though. How do you all manage to listen and work at the same time?

Comment I don't. Not anymore. (Score 1) 197

Every tech conference I've gone to has been worthless. I'm not one of these extroverted assholes that talks to strangers and enjoys "networking." I want to go for the talks, but rarely have these talks ever been at or beyond my level, meaning they are boring and redundant for me. I don't claim to be a tech genius or anything, but I find the talks are typically aimed at an extremely novice level.

Honestly, I feel like the whole thing is a racket, designed to get a free trip out of employers, from the presenters, exhibitors, and employees themselves. Not to mention the companies that put these up typically make quite a lot of money from them. And of course I can appreciate the chance to travel and see some place new, but that's really not a good return on an employer's investment at all.

Comment More important than ever (Score 1) 215

Because our beloved Xposed framework is still not compatible with Android 7.0+ (Currently at version 7.1.1), so-called "custom ROMs" are our only saving grace. Google has taken the absolutely backward approach of trying to discourage this practice through things like image-based updates, huge warnings when a bootloader is unlocked, etc. It's ridiculous. A phone is no different from a laptop, and should have no more restrictions.

Comment Extremely misleading headline (Score 1) 147

msmash, you should be ashamed of yourself. This headline comes across as an actual vulnerability, but it's not. At all. Of course if you have line of sight to your target, you can do things like this, just as you can for a numeric pin or password. I'm not even quite sure what the point of this "research" was... Perhaps that with patterns, there is a slightly larger array of observation angles from which an attack can reliably succeed? That's the only thing that I can think of, and if so it's not very convincing.

Comment Visas (Score 1) 278

Does Snowden actually have permission to work in Russia? How is he getting by these days? Is the Russian government supporting him in any way, providing housing, etc.? I'm really glad he's at least getting by, even if he has to live in exile. I'm sure he just wants to find a way to get on with his life after doing such an incredible service to his country.

Comment This has been going on for decades... (Score 1) 159

Wait, what? This has been standard practise in every retail industry for decades. Why is Amazon getting dumped with this fine? It's certainly a deceptive practise and needs to come to an end, but how can they single out one seller when their competitors have been doing it for so long? This is just absurd. They should have passed a new law outlawing the practise first. I would love to see something like it in the States as well. You can't just spontaneously decide that something is illegal that so many people have been doing for so many years.

While they're at it, can they make selling things for x.99 and such illegal, too? This frustrates me to no end, and is very clearly a deceptive marketing practise.

Comment But why? (Score 4, Interesting) 78

What advantage is there to having a browser manage its own windows instead of the desktop window manager? It's not like this is new—almost every Windows program used to have a multiple-document interface that let you arrange multiple document windows inside of a primary application window. We moved away from this UI for a reason. It makes no sense. It's duplicating the functionality of the primary GUI and window manager. You can easily achieve the same result using existing tiling window managers and other tools. Is there some actual advantage here that I'm missing?

Comment Very Good (Score 1, Insightful) 205

This will continue to push people toward using technologies that protect their privacy and are not vulnerable to this kind of surveillance. If people want privacy, then they must demand it, and utilise software that ensures it. No one should have any expectation of privacy making e.g. an unencrypted call over the public phone network. It's just crazy anyone would ever think that was private in the first place. At least this will help in capturing the more inept criminals and terrorists.

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