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Comment Re:automated tool for locating cells? (Score 2, Informative) 315

Yeah but triangulation is difficult and time-consuming, plus far from exact. It also requires knowing where somebody is at, else you'll be triangulating Baltimore when the suspect is over in Philly. In contrast GPS is like a big sign that says, "Here he is" as it moves across the cop's map. It's precise, instant, and easy

Well, to be clear, triangulation is easy if you are the cell company or software running on the device. Google maps has (and still does) used triangulation to get pretty accurate location for years - before GPS was as common or when GPS signals are unavaliable. That still requires hacking either sprint's network or the device itself, but it's just good to be clear that not having GPS on a device doesn't save us much.

Comment Re:Another loser from the entitlement generation (Score 1) 738

If I'm not being paid for my work, I'm free to find another line of work that's more profitable. So are game publishers. The fact that the industry has been around for over 30 years, is larger than the movie industry and is still growing indicates that it's a pretty profitable industry despite piracy. People are going to share software. It's always happened, and it's part of what helped make Microsoft successful. If they don't like it, they're free to stop. Someone else will find a way to fill that demonstrated demand, and make a profit doing so.

In summary: quit bitching, you're making a profit. If you're not making a profit, you're doing it wrong.

Comment Re:Anyone else have a bad feeling about this? (Score 4, Insightful) 57

Yeah, it seems like it has to be a fine line. Like what gets defined as "malware"? Anything that uses more bandwidth than the carrier likes?

It reminds me slightly of broadband providers blocking port 25 in order to prevent spam. I don't mind that as a concept, but if so they should be willing to open it on request without too much of a hassle. Charging an extra $15 a month to open it seems like they're not really trying to cut down on spam, but rather trying to milk their customers by charging for things that really should come free with access.

Comment Re:Start complaining, "free" software people (Score 1) 610

"Switch your Debian laptop to 640x480 mode. Done? Now change it back to your previous resolution without using some secret keyboard combo."

Done. I changed it using xrandr at the command line and changed it back the same way.

Oh, you meant "in a way my grandmother would be able to do it!". Well, let me know when you've finished explaining resolution to grandma, then we can talk to her about that. In the mean time I'll carry on with my system, that just works and works perfectly for my needs.

not everyone considers the same things user friendly. Frankly if I can't script something I consider it a pain.

Comment NOT anonymous! (Score 1) 404

If he would actually be anonymous, you would not be able to "unmask" (what in unprofessional term) him!

That's the freakin' definition of the term!!

He was perhaps "masked". But his real identity was still known to the site. Which means the commenter was pretty stupid in the first place.

Also this explains, why they can know who his mom is, when he's supposed to be "anonymous". (Try finding the mom of the Anonymous Coward. :P)

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