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Submission + - Wrinkles in nanoscale-sized films

Roland Piquepaille writes: "An international team of scientists from Chile, the Netherlands and the U.S. has found a very simple way to measure the material properties of thin films having a thickness of only a dozen nanometers. The researchers just dropped water on thin film floating in a Petri dish. This causes wrinkles to appear on the ultrathin polymer films they've tested. And they found that the number and length of the wrinkles are determined by the elasticity and thickness of the film. In other words, they've found an easy way to discover the mechanical properties of films which might be used for applications such as cosmetics, coatings, and nanoelectronics. Read more for additional references and pictures of wrinkles in nanotechnology-based films."

Submission + - Mozilla IronMonkey and ScreamingMonkey

mritunjai writes: "Mozilla foundation has started work on IronMonkey and ScreamingMonkey projects this summer. According to an interview given to Artima, this would be beginning of The Browser Scripting Revolution. IronMonkey is an effort to integrate Microsoft .NET CLR into Tamarin Javascript VM donated by Adobe to Mozilla. This would enable Mozilla browsers to eventually be able to run web applications written in Python (IronPython) and Ruby (IronRuby) and presumably other .NET languages like C# apart from Javascript. ScreamingMonkey is an effort to integrate the (.NET enabled) Tamarin VM into other browsers starting with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Java was not considered as it was not open source when the decision was taken."

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