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Submission + - Hayabusa capsule was retrieved Tuesday (wordpress.com)

h.ross.perot writes: Hayabusa capsule was retrieved Tuesday from vast Woomera Protected area. FTA; According to JAXA the capsule is deemed intact at the moment.
I'm headed home to watch "Andromeda Strain" just for fun.

Congrats to JAXA for an amazing feat of adaptive "fly by the seat of the wire" in returning the probe to Earth!

Submission + - Aussie's Concerned about radioactive dust off from (bbc.co.uk)

h.ross.perot writes: "Retreat to mom's basement with a case stubbies. Like a scene out of "Thunderdome", radio-dust might be a reality. "What's a little radioactivity"!
FTA: It is argued that sediment whipped up from Australia's centre may be laced with material from a uranium mine. Mining companies have stressed that dust levels are carefully monitored, while the health concerns have been dismissed by a senior environmental toxicologist.
Barry Noller from the University of Queensland says that many of the particles from mines in the outback are simply too heavy to be carried by the wind over long distances."

Submission + - Dell to Acquire Perot Systems (yahoo.com)

h.ross.perot writes: "-Dell and Perot Systems have entered a definitive agreement for Dell to acquire Perot Systems in a transaction valued at approximately $3.9 billion. Terms of the agreement were approved yesterday by the boards of directors of both companies.

FTA. Perot Systems provides world-class services, including in applications, technology, infrastructure, business processes and consulting. The company is a leading provider to clients in health-care, government and other commercial segments, from SMEs to the largest global institutions. Perot Systems has a large and growing base of customers and service-delivery capabilities in North America; Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and Asia.

Over the past four quarters Dell and Perot Systems had a combined $16 billion in enterprise-hardware and IT-services revenue, with about $8 billion from enhanced services and support.

Both based in Texas; so when is the big party?"

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