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Comment Re:Uber & Lift left Austin (Score 1) 258

Most people knew both would probably keep to their promise to leave, but not on the very next day! Drunks (and Uber drivers, evidently) are not known for making long range plans. It was the suddenness that caught them all without a plan.

My wording could have been improved. My comments mostly result in TLDR. I'm working on that (except at this moment).

Comment Uber & Lift left Austin (Score 3, Interesting) 258

Believe me, Uber & Lyft made a statement by leaving months before the deadline for compliance. They were well aware that they would disrupt many of their employees (one of whom I know) and, as pointed out in the article, left drunks without a plan.

Uber & Lyft have been roundly criticized for this "I taking my marbles and going home!" tactic.

Comment Re:Overheard at the googleplex (Score 1) 190

In the TLDR world I was pushing my luck, eh?

My wife is going through cancer treatment, has 3 sets of glasses and neuropathy (and so a cane). She is also still testing the limits of how close she can come to her vision of herself before all this happened. She going to be OK. She is allergic to some enzyme in milk (goat milk, ok, cows' head stopped up, face swells. Takes about 2 hours to show. About 2 tablespoons will provoke the reaction). She, our son, her sister and one of her 2 sons have skin conditions (and other reactions) to wheat and we all assume its the gluten. I, on the other hand can eat anything.

Does this provide better evidence?

Comment Re:Overheard at the googleplex (Score 2) 190

I partially get the "funny score 3", if you include the [...].
My wife & I have had it with ink-jet printers when we print so little, so are experimenting with doing what your "Why...?" suggests.

I successfully sent our xmas card list to Office Max which is open until 9pm and is about 1 mile away. Cost us under 2$ (since I walked over there !Exercise!).

Last night my wife wanted to make gluten free oatmeal cookies from an internet recipe. We took the laptop to the kitchen, propped it on the counter. *I* was sure worried about getting it plastered with liquid and powders. My wife had to lean way over to get close enough to read the font. If we made that bigger, then she was scrolling up and down all the time... You get the picture. BUT... we did succeed (this time).

There is the problem of printing our password list. Its hard to trust the data path to printing. We haven't printed it. I can get a dot-matix printer for $200 after all fees. Just to print "sensitive" stuff? (We keep a dup on 2 computers so it won't likely get lost)

Well, also, maybe for emergency printouts? I dunno. So far we no emergencies, so no $200 gone ;^)

We'll see if we can get through 2015 with this "no paper" through our (some adjective) action...(Trying to distance myself from the unwanted junk mail that DOES come to "Current resident". Ugh.

Submission + - Twitter Capitulates to Governments and Censors Users

An anonymous reader writes: Twitter made a public stance in 2011 to remain a platform for free speech, having helped fuel movements such as the Arab Spring. This past week, however, Twitter is shown to have complied with Russian government demands to block a pro-Ukrainian Twitter feed from reaching Russian citizens, with Turkish government demands that it remove content that the Turkish government wants removed, and with a Pakistani bureaucrat's request that content he considers blasphemous and unethical be censored in Pakistan. Given Twitter's role in the democratic uprisings of the past few years, what do these capitulations bode for future movements? Will other platforms take Twitter's place? Or is the importance to democracy of platforms such as Twitter overblown?

Submission + - Evolution is a million line computer program falling into place by accident.

pubwvj writes: "Evolution is a million line computer program falling into place by accident."

Wrong. That demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of how evolution works.
Change a bit.
Test code.
Does it run better?
If so then make many copies.
Loop back to beginning.

It's a little more complicated but that is why evolution works. It is not an accident. It is a test bed.

Submission + - Cinavia defeated (

Hamsterdan writes: Cinavia's anti-piracy technology has been a thorn in the side of many file-sharers, who are unable to pay pirated files on their DVD-players without being interrupted by a warning message. In a breakthrough development, software vendor DVD-Ranger has cracked the protection, including for popular movies downloaded from pirate sites.

Cinavia’s anti-piracy technology relies on a unique type of watermarking that allows it to remain present in pirated movies despite re-recording, transcoding, compression, or other type of transfer.

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