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Submission + - Copyright violation network in Brazilian senate

gustgr writes: "Although very concerned about issues such as child pornography on the Internet and wider use of free software throughout the country, it appears that Brazilian senators and representatives don't care too much about copyright violation matters. It was found that several computers in the Brazilian National Senate's network had access to a pool of illegal downloaded music, movies and games (Google translation to English). With just a few clicks anyone inside the internal network was able to reach a large collection of copyrighted material, varying from music by local Brazilian performers to various Hollywood blockbusters. Once this news gained force amongst Brazilian political and technological blogs, the senate's Secretary of Information removed the files (translation) and announced that an investigation is to be started in order to reveal the culprits."

Submission + - Moore's Law, Deep Thought and 42 3

Stephen Gwyn writes: "So in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" it took the supercomputer "Deep Thought" 7.5 million years to come up with the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything right? The answer was 42 as we now know. But supposing the computational philosophers had been just a bit more clever. Suppose they actually wanted a run-time of 1 year instead of 7.5e6 years. Since, according to Moore's law, computational speed doubles every 18 months they should have just waited until computers were 7.5e6 times faster. 7.5e6 is roughly 2**23 (or 2^23,depending on your notation) so we have 23 times 18 months which is about 35 years. Add one year for the actual run time, and you have 36 years in all, which is much less than 7.5 million. Wait a little bit longer, and you can run it on your laptop as "iLife, the iUniverse and iEverything" application. Probably as a screen saver.

There is a paper written by some astronomers ("The Effects of Moore's Law and Slacking on Large Computations") which tells you exactly how long to wait to buy your computer when faced with a long runtime."

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