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Comment Re: True, but you won't like the solution (Score 3, Interesting) 232

Those are not the issues inner city kids face. The problem they have is an environment that rejects education as a virtue and emphasises getting resources for their own community, primarily through criminal activity and overt racism.

Ever given books to those kids? A significant percentage go home and have their books destroyed by adults because education is by and for white people.
Ever hears about a kid expressing interest in higher education? Neil deGrasse Tyson has talked about it aso have many other scientists. It is actively discouraged as a white man's errand which could be much better spent helping their community.

I live and work in the inner city and my kids go to a school. The schools aren't bad, they are extremely well funded compared to European city schools and plenty of kids succeed, the results are bad because even at kindergarten level, I'd say about 25% of parents actively prevent their kids from succeeding, school is just a day care for them.

Comment Re:Is it still relevant? (Score 1) 367

It depends on what you're trying to do, it sure isn't going to help you much programming a multi-core GPU, that's much more high level than these books go, the first books just go over 'basic' algorithms but a lot of it (most of it) is still very relevant in my opinion IF you're working close to the core, the code that ends up executing on a single processor on that GPU.

Comment Re:It's highly overrated (Score 2) 367

CPU and memory are still very expensive, especially on the mobile market and efficient programming and memory management is still very relevant especially as large swathes of memory is becoming scarcer. But there are still plenty of people using microprocessors that have no more than a few MHz and several kilobytes of memory.

Even the Arduino libraries themselves are rife with examples of such 'bad' programming, some operations unnecessarily take many more cycles than necessary while using a simple example in Knuth's books shows how to do it in one (such as bit shifts).

Comment Read the first volume (Score 5, Interesting) 367

It's really great reading if you do stuff like program low-level (think C, Assembler), efficient programming or do stuff close to the hardware level (such as microprocessors). It describes the very low level of a program and a computer.

If you're into a higher level of programming (Java, C#, Python etc), unless you're building libraries for it, it is probably going to confuse you, most of the 'hard stuff' is (double precision, floating point, sorting and searching through lists ...) abstracted away. Obviously 'someone' has to know how it works in the end, someone has to write the compilers, I haven't started on the rest of the volumes because that's not "me".

You should understand how computers work before you start reading these, I've been in the 'business' for 20 years, I've read it 3 times just to get a basic grasp on the first volume.

Comment Re:PropOrNot (Score 1) 320

Black people aren't the only ones with camera's you racist shithead.

The problem is indeed that the mainstream does very little to no original journalism, all the stuff about police abuses in the last few years have not been "reported" on by journalists but rather grew on social media into the news articles.

Same goes for this election, neither side had any 'investigative journalists', just a lot of digging up dirt on both aisles but very little substance as far as policies that either candidate had. Pretty much all news sites were just copy-pasting the political promises from their respective web sites which were proclaimed to be an unbiased source of information.

Comment Re:Examples? (Score 1) 320

How is that propaganda?
A) A 13yo disappeared for a full day and got raped
B) The police considers it consensual so it won't investigate
C) Parents and neighbors are outraged and protest

Unless you want to believe this:
A) An adult having sex with a 13yo is rape, unless they're immigrants.
B) The police is right in not investigating this and only considering this as an instance of child abuse
C) If white people are protesting, they're neo-nazis.

Comment Re: No More Muslims (Score 1) 586

That's not how voting works. The US is divided into "electoral votes" which basically is divided up among states (and in some cases, counties). Trump got ~57% of the "country's" vote, you don't vote directly which is what many Dems are missing in these cases, popular votes don't matter, have never mattered.

Comment Re: No More Muslims (Score 0) 586

FDR was a leftist and didn't want to go to war until his hand was practically forced, partially by The New Deal. The New Deal was very much leftist, tripled taxes mainly affecting the poor and causing the 1938's depression with unemployment at 19% in 1939, it wasn't until the US spent billions on the "war effort" that the mismanagement of The New Deal was undone even though FDR doubled the national debt.

Comment Re: No More Muslims (Score 0) 586

Nice try but the 40s were barely the hallmark of social justice and the left did not want to go to war. It wasn't until the US was threatened by Japanese and German forces near the US that some sensible decisions were made.

These alt-left stories do nothing but galvanize the other 60% of the country that voted for Trump. IBM, Twitter, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have already helped the US government and part of the US government has already built and maintained a Muslim registry from Clinton to Obama and none of them cleaned it up, only expanded it.

Comment Re:It's OVH (Score 3, Informative) 103

How many other people are on those servers. I've tried plenty of instances but once you start using your actually assigned quota's (1 CPU and 512MB RAM) you will notice an intense slowdown. Or you're sitting on a server with some other people that are heavy users, same problem.

I've tried a bunch of them, for home/dev use, perhaps, but for real work, not suitable. And whenever you ask how many other customers they have, they either don't tell or it's astronomically high.

DigitalOcean: doesn't tell anything about their infrastructure and if you use too much resources they cut you off with a "TOS violation". From what I can measure, I estimate 50-100 hosts per 'real' server but don't use more than 20% of your CPU for a period of time because you'll be out.
DreamHost: the oversell must be close to 200 hosts per server. Continuously 100-200ms ping rates, their 'shared MySQL' would take 500ms to even complete a simple query. The host got cut off several times per month for various technical reasons.
1and1: Another over-seller, absolutely awful support, after a while they just tried to up-sell me packages that would have no impact on the performance - I'm not running out of storage dimwits.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with weapons or Trump (Score 1) 184

The thing is, server farms and bonnets can be rented by the hour these days and are much larger than what any government agency feasibly can have under their control. Mirai is an example of this, they can take out 100Gbps+, it's still not a weapon, it doesn't do any permanent structural damage to the Internet or kill anyone.

Sure there are state sponsored hackers but there are corporate (both criminal and regular types) hackers that are much bigger and better than what I've seen any government agency wield.

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