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Comment Re:wifi mesh network (Score 1) 132

Additionally, the Library District plans to upgrade to Windows version 10 in late 2017 at an estimated cost of $20,000 and also upgrade Microsoft Office to version 10 at a cost of $48,500.

They spend about $1M/y on computer technology (~$1500/computer/year) not accounting for staff or digital databases/collections and their computers are 5 years old so they need replacement which is a separate line item. With those sorts of budgets, you'd think they have this figured out.

In comparison, I work in research, our systems last for 7-10 years, cost us an average of ~$1000/year including IT staff costs, licensing and purchasing the computer (or $3-400/year without staffing costs).

Comment Re:Surely an inadvertent target (Score 1) 132

You must be joking, public libraries in the US have some of the largest IT budgets except perhaps public schools. On average libraries spend about 10% of revenue on IT systems vs 2-6% for comparable commercial companies, even small sites like my local libraries will spend $100k/year on a dozen computers.

They do not want 40 different people messing with their system, they'll rather spend $300k/y of a $1M budget to a local IT consulting company sending out the 18yo Cisco Certified Senior Network Systems Engineer Analyst Associate Microsoft Technicians and buy some security thing from the Gartner Magic Security App Store.

Comment Pure headline bait (Score 1) 114

Cervical cancer didn't get more deadly, statistics have nothing to do with whether or not a certain cancer is more lethal or less susceptible to treatment.

The statistics also no longer apply to 'just' women, they only apply to women who haven't (yet) had their cervix removed, it's a different subset of people. 1/3 of women get hysterectomies (2/3 of those are deemed to be unnecessary).

It's not necessarily true that you can't get cervical cancer after a hysterectomy, even with the cervix removed (not necessarily completely removed in all cases), plenty of people have cervical cancer already spread to nearby organs.

So 'at best' these statistics just identified that you're more susceptible to cervical cancer before treatment/prevention of cervical cancer.

Submission + - Trump Withdraws from TPP (

LeftCoastThinker writes: Making good on a campaign promise, moments ago, Trump signed an order to withdraw from TPP. After years of Obama support and Hillarys reference to TPP as the "Gold Standard" Trump is killing US support for TPP.

Submission + - Trump withdraws from TPP ( 2

guruevi writes: On his first day in office, Trump signed an executive order to withdraw from TPP.

The Trans-Pacific trade deal that has long been mired in secrecy reportedly was written with the help of various companies including the RIAA and MPAA while labor unions, environmental groups, consumer groups, health groups, and food-safety groups, as well as LGBT, democracy, faith, and other “stakeholders” have been denied a seat at the TPP negotiating table.

It would allow corporations to sue for copyright and patent violations in one country and collect damages in another with no recourse to the defendant than to mount an expensive overseas legal battle.

An ambitious 12-nation trade accord was being rushed by President Obama would allow foreign corporations to sue the United States government for actions that undermine their investment “expectations” and hurt their business, according to a classified document.

Comment Re:A problem without a good solution. (Score 1) 281

Or give away the software for free and sell support regionally if you want fairness that's the best way, your cost won't affect local economies as heavily and users will be able to afford training on your product for free so the software will be self-marketing.

Obviously you need to then compete on the quality of your software instead of lock-in and inertia.

Comment Re: Use Linux (Score 1) 281

No, but at least your local economies impact the price. You pay $50k for a Windows Server license anywhere in the world. You pay $120k for a SysAdmin in the US, 20k for one in rural India.

The impact of the license cost results in Windows Server having a TCO twice the amount (compared to local economies) in India than the US (to small businesses at least). With Linux you still need the SysAdmin, but your TCO compared to local economies is equalized.

Comment Re:Subject (Score 1) 281

DVDs are cheap enough and have plenty of free or low cost alternatives (whether pirate copies, BitTorrent or Netflix) that it's not worth importing.

Look at medicine (into the US), agricultural machinery, old encryption laws (56 vs 128 bits) etc as well as barriers in countries like Iran, Cuba and N Korea for a better comparison on how regional cost differences impact imports and why it doesn't make a difference to large corporations.

Whether you're in the US or Uganda, as a corporation or government you can afford Microsoft or Cisco and the individual that can barely afford it won't pay for it regardless of the cost.

Comment Re: Security expert? (Score 1) 355

No, rape is still illegal as is being drunk in public (although if both of you are drunk, your "rape" could've just as well been a crime). The point is that you have a duty to yourself and others not to get blacked out drunk, not to get in a car or bed with someone when you're drunk, not to leave your car unlocked with valuables in a shady neighborhood because even though you could always become a victim of a crime the repercussions to the criminal and the legal and civil recourses available will differ - walking into an unlocked house is trespassing, not breaking and entering; using consent as a defense becomes easier to prove; insurances won't cover your losses and civil suits will have lower or no awards and serious doubt can be cast on the accuracy of your statements.

Comment Re:Sad end to a great operating system (Score 1) 122

(Open)Solaris latest incarnations are/were mainly x86 since the architecture was so expensive, development lagged severely to Intel and many SPARC programs could be transitioned to much cheaper x86. SPARC was already on life support for years by the time Sun died, Oracle made it even more expensive even though eventually delivering the T7, deployments of it are rare (who plunks down 300k for a single 1U server anymore) and it ain't the same comparison as the UltraSPARC competing with the Pentium.

Comment Re:Sad end to a great operating system (Score 1) 122

All the developers and funding for OpenSolaris went to OpenIndiana, if you're looking for the Solaris feature set and stability, use OpenIndiana. Hopefully one day Linux or BSD will catch up to the code stability (an OS that upgrades less than Debian Stable and kernel upgrades without rebooting), Fault Management Architecture, level of tracing, clustering and containers that Solaris has.

Comment Re:What happens to ZFS? (Score 4, Informative) 122

ZFS for Linux and pretty much every other OS (OpenIndiana, Nexenta, ...) except Oracle Solaris is now being developed by OpenZFS, a fork of the Solaris ZFS code and the two are no longer compatible (version numbers and feature sets have diverged quite a bit).

Not sure what they will do with existing customers, probably bill them a heap load of money for future support, if you're lucky, your pool is old enough or you haven't activated Oracle's proprietary features so that it is still compatible.

Comment Re:Yawn, I should be a security researcher (Score 1) 60

This quote from the article:
There have been a number of stories over the past few years about Chinese and Russian hackers targeting and stealing US and European scientific research. Although there is no evidence at this point linking this malware to a specific group, the fact that it's been seen specifically at biomedical research institutions certainly seems like it could be the result of exactly that kind of espionage.

seems pretty alarmist to me.

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