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Comment Goes to the heart of capitalism (Score 4, Informative) 228

Capitalism is based on the idea that both sides agree to exchange what is promised, not merely something someone else thinks is close enough.

You can't offer to sell "Lamborghini" and deliver a kit car with a Lamborghini shell and a 1985 K car motor under the hood.

If they do not want to be legally held responsible for what the services they do, then the answer is simple - do it for free, with disclaimers about not promissing anything.

Because the second they charge money for their services, they become legally responsible to actually fulfilling what they offer, rather than the mistake. And yes, the penalties correspond to the costs and pain incurred, rather than merely being limited to the amount they charged.

Comment Question is profit (Score 3, Interesting) 137

If they are selling the movie without having paid for it, that's definitely copyright violation. But the fan subtitling people do not have to do that.

If you do it yourself and do not sell anything, that's not copyright theft.

If you buy the right to make and sell copies of the movie, then you are legally selling the item.

If someone else pays you for your subtitles but you only sell them a timed set of subtitles without the movie, then you are not breaking the law. If they already have (or get) the right to display/sell the movie and they combine your time subtitles, then no one is breaking the law.

Comment Evil and Stupid, simple response (Score 3, Interesting) 606

Google can easily modify it so any search at ALL mentioning Burger King now has the first result be the location of the nearest McDonald restaurant. When I say all searches, I mean ALL searches, even when you type it into google's main search page.

Then tell BK that if they want this to stop, all they have to do is a) cease all attempts to game google's voice commands, b) publicly apologize, c) pay $100,000 to a charity of Google's choosing. and d) agree to never again be such a douchebag.

Comment Stupid as well as evil. (Score 1) 1

Google - some free advice to make sure that a) BK stops this stupidity and b) no one else copies them.

Make all such requests return a Mcdonald's advertisement. Do so until Burger King apologizes, pull all such ads promises to never do it again, and pays a $100,000 penalty to a charity of Google's choosing.

Comment Fingerprints are not secure. (Score 5, Interesting) 29

1) You leave perfect copies of them all around you.

2) Anyone that has possession of your body can instantly take them.

3) The police maintain huge records of many people's fingerprints and do NOT keep them secure.

4) You can not change it if it becomes compromised.

5) Sensors that detect them are not very accurate and make little if any attempt to prevent false copies (they don't check to see if they are body temperature or have the flexibility of human skin.

Comment Re:Free Market at Work (Score 1) 200

Except it's not about wages being too low, but instead about other things.

For example, for ages, writer's contracts have been exclusive for the year/season. but shows have gone from 24 episodes a season to 10 episodes a season. So effectively, their income was cut in half, even though their salary was still the same amount of money per episode.

More importantly, capitalism does NOT work the way you think it does. Capitalism is more about marketing than it is about skill, particularly when it comes to art. That is, the best marketer makes money, while the best product often loses cash. Think Laser Disc/Beta Max/ VHS. The story of Van Gogh is far too typical - often the best artists die broke. Look at Tesla vs Edison, which one died wealthy and which died broke.

Now look at movies - Fifty shades of Gray is a piece of crap, poorly written porn. But it had great marketing, and became a huge book and then a huge movie, all the while really good movies and books do not get popular until long after their creator dies.

Comment Re:Pooled driving? Already exists. (Score 1) 168

You are wrong about taking out the cost of the driver being the only benefit.

You also get improved safety, reduced racism (ask any black man in how hard it is to get a taxi), improved availability, and improved area served - the humans tend to concentrate in the most profitable area, leaving certain areas undeserved.

Also, city traffic WILL change, it will be far more predictable. Fewer attempts to pass, fewer attempts to speed, etc. etc. That counts - a lot.

Comment Re:Why is longevity in the workforce never discuss (Score 1) 312

While I generally agree with what you said,actually it is a bit more complicated than that. Marriage makes for joint property,

Our culture is set up to benefit (only talking about gender and sexuality here):

Large benefit:
straight couple where the wife doesn't work full time.
Gay married men
single men

Straight couple where the wife works full time.

Large penalty:
Single women
lesbians married couples.

Because women get paid less, while men get paid more, lesbians get screwed, gay men make out like bandits,

Comment Re:Why is longevity in the workforce never discuss (Score 4, Interesting) 312

Actually, most studies account for the time off. They basically show both the general all men vs all women numbers and ALSO show equivalent comparisons - years at work, degrees, all roughly equal. Not that hard to do statistically. It comes out to about $5,000, on average.

What they usually do NOT account for is height. Every inch of MALE height adds about $789 a year (female salary is not as dependent on height - some studies say not at all.) Men are taller than women by about 5-6 inches, which roughly translates to $4330, which is pretty close to the difference between male and female salaries, after accounting for education and experience.

To add insult to injury, some studies attempt to claim that this is 'justified', as the tall men are supposedly better educated and better socialized - without questioning whether the education and socialization are simply the result of prejudice in their favor when they were children.

Comment In Manhattan???? (Score 3, Informative) 69

Look, half the reason people come to NYC is the fact that you don't drive - you take cabs or the subways. I know drunkards that moved here JUST for the ability to get drunk at any time of day or night and get home without driving.

I could see Uber cutting down alcohol related driving accidents in any other part of the world - even in Queens or Brooklyn (as there are places far from subways that cabs don't visit).

But if you are drunk and driving in MANHATTAN, you should be put in prison for being stupid, rather than for DWI.

Comment Re:Sometimes (Score 1) 421

True. and sometimes the Seller is wrong - and more of a shmuck than the owner.

He bought the device, the Seller should have zero legal authority over it afterwards. They had no business bricking it, and any license/contract they claim allowed it is a vile, despicable abuse of capitalism and should be declared invalid - just as a contract to enslave a human being is invalid, or a contract to sell large quantities of ivory.

If it went to court, I hope the seller would lose, but I doubt it is worth the money if they are offering a full refund.

Comment As an ex-landlord (Score 4, Interesting) 307

I can tell you that before rentberry, the price is pretty much set by the market. You really can't raise it or even lower it much. Frankly, I can't see rentberry changing this much, any more than AirBnb already has. If rents get too high, people either move further out and accept a longer commute, or they buy. People flock to the cheaper areas.

The difference between a profitable landlord and a poor one is mainly due to two factors (both even more important in the age of AirBnb):

a) Keeping every apartment/ room filled. A vacant apartment eats all your profit. If you have a large enough portfolio of rental units, this becomes an accepted cost of doing business, but if you four or less units, it kills your profits.

b) Avoiding the bad tenant. The guy that needs to be evicted, or simply destroys the place. There is ZERO chance I would trust a website to figure out who is a good tenant and who is a bad one. You need to meet them in person and see what if any requests or issues they have.

Comment Problems sounds like you. (Score 1) 19

Here is what seems obvious to me.

1) If you don't like the treatment the doctor is providing, the FIRST thing you do is get a second opinion. If it differs, drop the old doctor and get a new one. To my knowledge, the only medical system that prevents this is prison based,in which case, you need to sue.

2) If your new doctor also refuse to give you the treatment you desire, then chances are likely the problem is you, not the doctor. But I would still try a third doctor, but be prepared for the same story. As the doctor in your story did not give a reasonable answer, most likely you are ignoring something key they talked about, and you probably have to deal with that issue first.

3) As for suing the doctor for malpractice, remember you can't get those 5 years back. Theoretically the most you can get is cash and having the doctor disbarred. Frankly, that seems unlikely. You will not be suffering in the future, you past mental anguish, which juries and judges tend to discount. I suspect a medical malpractice suit will cost you more time and effort than the small amount of money and satisfaction is worth.

Comment Which setup is the question (Score 4, Interesting) 87

The laptop companies put the things into maximum conservation mode before they test. Are they testing "out of box", or after you go to the power settings and change them.

Anyone that is technically literate knows that power savings mode are essential to conserve battery power.

Now, if the laptops were not achieving their claimed rates after power setting was set to maximize conservation, that's a different story.

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