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Comment Re: Finally! (Score 1) 167

Not true.

Miniature horses are routinely used as service animals, particularly in rural areas (harder to use in a city and they need more outside space).

They are just as smart, live a lot longer (25-35 years vs.13 on average), and are physically stronger so they can do more work. They do cost more to keep (food, upkeep), and need more space.

Submission + - Suggested poll to rouse the rabble?

shanen writes: What if WikiLeaks released the plausible, highly embarrassing, but possibly fake tax returns of Donald J Trump?

(1) Trump would still refuse to release his tax returns?

(2) Trump would release his tax returns and he would be helped by the resulting cloud of confusion.

(3) Trump would be hurt by the spotlight.

(4) Cowboy Neal already has the results of the audit!

Just a thought experiment, but remembering how they handled Dan Rather and how WikiLeaks works, I suspect Assange is already sitting on the Donald's tax returns...

Submission + - MS Signature PC Requirements Now Blocks Linux Installation

sombragris writes: According to a well-documented /r/linux thread on Reddit, the Signature PC program by Microsoft now requires to lock down PCs. This user found out that his Lenovo Yoga 900 ISK2 UltraBook has the SSD in a proprietary RAID mode which Linux does not understand and the BIOS is also locked down so it could not be turned off. When he complained that he was unable to install Linux, the answer he got was: "This system has a Signature Edition of Windows 10 Home installed. It is locked per our agreement with Microsoft."

Even worse, as the original poster said, "[t]he Yoga 900 ISK2 at Best Buy is not labeled as a Signature Edition PC, but apparently it is one, and Lenovo's agreement with Microsoft includes making sure Linux can't be installed."

As some commenter said: "If you buy a computer with this level of lockdown you should be told."

There is also a report on ZDNet which looks very understanding towards Lenovo, but the fact remains: the SSD is locked down in a proprietary RAID mode that cannot be turned off.

Comment Re:Bring it down carefully (Score 1) 272

You have mistaken low probability/high danger with 0 risk.

You are like the casino that says "Give them a million to one shot to win the casino for just $100 ticket" and then is SHOCKED when someone wins and demands the casino.

Long shots come in over the long term, with enough time and attempts.

Government do fall, people do get held responsible, and even killed. Just because it's rare doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

Comment Re:Bring it down carefully (Score 1) 272

The money is why they WANT to do this.

1) It's new, IMPORTANT engineering science. I am pretty sure t would become the test of the single largest landing craft in atmospheric conditions ever. We want large shuttle crafts, not capsules, and this would tell us how to build one.

2) It's a huge public relations positive. It comes with bragging rights (US nor Russia ever did this), as well as "Look, we are responsible, unlike you dangerous space litterers."

3) Once they do it successfully, they could lobby for international laws requiring deorbiting and start selling their services to others.

Comment Bring it down carefully (Score 1) 272

If they are smart, they will launch a set of final missions that involve attaching parachutes to the main large pieces.

Break off the smaller, delicate things, intentionally, then program the parachutes to deploy when it hits 8 miles above the land.

If we can parachute material onto mars, we should be able to do the same onto earth.

I bet they could

Comment Four reasons (Score 5, Interesting) 342

1) He clearly and obviously was motivated by desire to enforce what he considered to be the Constition of the US. He may (or may not) have been wrong, but there was no attempt to gain money or intentionally undermining of our country (he could have simply sent the files to Russia or China without publicizing them)

2) He had previously attempted to go through channels and this failed to do anything. But once it went public, real changes were made as a direct result of his actions.

3) There are multiple bad consequences for him remaining outside the US - it's a stain on our reputation and question him and find out any thing more about what happened and what he did.

4) The current situation ENCOURAGES more people to follow in his footsteps, particularly those that desire money or fame. He escaped to Russia, became a celebrity and they made a movie out of his life. That's the ultimate "win" for anyone considering copying him. By pardoning him (and yes, the President is legally allowed to pardon someone before they have been convicted of a crime - we did it before, after the Civil War), we are actually discouraging copy-cats by taking him out of the public eye, reducing his fame.

Comment Can't save morons anything (Score 1) 233

Those of us with a brain will quickly realize that for any auto-pilot approved for the general market, we are far more likely to cause an accident than we would be to save ourselves from one. We might double check it for one or two trips, but we would quickly realize it worked.

The smart people will get more time to read, talk, book their vacations, etc. We will gain time. (well, not me, I take the subway to work, I already read during my commute.)

The people not smart enough to make that decision? I got news for you, they were never productive in the first place, they were COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE. They are the people that insist on driving around for 30 minutes to save $2 dollars on gas (it costs about 5-10 cents a minute to drive around - do the math.)

Comment Huge is the issue (Score 2) 181

I can see butt giving NSFW images.

But the word "huge" has no business defaulting to porn.

I ran it on google and duckduckgo and did not have that problem, but run it on bing and you pics of very well endowed women.

This is an issue with Microsoft failing to do their job, not an issue with search engines in general.

Comment Re:Clarification (Score 1) 395

If your phone's GPS is on, then it tracks where you are, even if you told the app not to track your location.

Need a law preventing non-essential privacy invasions from being standard, let alone not cancelable.

Every single should have to request permission from the phone's OS to get any information, and if the phone says no, the app can't get that information AND must still be able to do everything it can do without that information.

Comment Guys don't know what dolphins talk about... (Score 1) 305

I mean really? You think they talk about fish food?

No. I've talked with trainers. They know what's on the dolphin's minds. The conversation Dolphins have are far more likely to sound like this:

Dolphin 1) You seen the flippers on that babe? Man, I'd like to swim with her, if you know what I mean.

Dolphin 2) That's a Killer Whale, not a dolphin.

Dolphin 1) That don't matter. We're both cetaceans - besides once you go whale, you don't bale.

Dolphin 2) I don't know, that human keeps giving me food. I think she's into me.

Dolphin 1) Definitely. You should get all into that!

Comment Obviously biased polls. (Score 1) 629

The words "well documented health problems" create a huge bias.

Also the fact that they didn't ask about Donald's health problems indicates a real problem as well.

Look, Hillary is a far from ideal candidate. But as South Park says, "It's always a choice between a douche and a turd sandwich". You absolutely can not ask people if they have problems with the douche and not ask if they have problems with the turd sandwich.

Or is it the other way around?

People, quick poll - is Donald the Douche, or the Turd Sandwhich?

Comment Need to do two things (Score 4, Interesting) 149

1) Declare that no set top box can be rented more than 2 years - automatically converting them "rent to own".

2) Require all cable companies to have an App Market - charging no more than 30% / $1 (which ever is higher) to the app maker selling apps. These apps would be allowed to duplicate/replace any current function of the set top box, including programming DVR's, showing a channel guide, renting/selling movies, or accessing the internet or other provider services.

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