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Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 164

It goes to show how stupid you are as well, as all of your insults apply to Trump as much, if not more so, than Hillary.

Mainly because while Hillary is far from perfect, you are quite willing to blame her for every thing subordinates, people not under her command but working for the same organization did. Not to mention ascribing evil intention and criminal motive for things without any shred of evidence beyond the fact that you don't like the outcome post fact.

Lets start with the obvious one - murder. Did Hillary ever personally take a life? No. But people working for the US government did, so let's blame her for that. And some of America's enemies killed Americans, so let's blame her for that as well. Same thing happened under Trump's companies. But you don't care about that, because you don't care about the truth.

Comment Re:Watch the video - he does NOT like Russia! (Score 1) 809

First, you can tell jokes, but you can not make that the entirety or even the majority of your statements.

Second, certain jokes are off limits. Basically any joke that is based on prejudice is out the window. Similarly, you should also never do the "ha ha not serious" bit. You know what I mean - when you tell your girlfriend "I would love to sleep with your younger sister, ha ha not serious". Trump seems to do this ALL THE TIME. Ha ha , not serious about that wall, that Muslim ban, etc. etc.

Comment Re:Watch the video - he does NOT like Russia! (Score 5, Interesting) 809

Trump uses a very simple strategy - make no comments that CAN NOT be claimed to be an obvious joke. Then get all upset when people take you seriously. Whether he is talking about immigrants, women, Muslims, disabled, or pretty much anything.

The fact that you think this is a valid political strategy reflects poorly on YOU as much as it reflects poorly on

Anyone running for president has NO BUSINESS making jokes about other countries engaging in acts of War against this country. That's the equivalent of making a joke about having a bomb while in line at the TSA. When they take you seriously, you deserve NO sympathy.

But I do agree that Gawker is crap, and poor crap at that. At the very least we need should insist on a higher quality crap being spoon fed to the masses.

Comment Re:Can't decide what's stupider... (Score 1) 809

Your own failure to track an issue reflects poorly on you, not on the candidate. No matter how much you think it makes for a snide insult to them.

In real life, intelligent people start out wanting something when they hear about it, but after investigating it (say after the treaty is finalized) they may decided that they didn't get what they wanted.

In that case only an arrogant person would refuse to admit they were wrong.

Oh, wait a second - the GOP has in fact chosen an arrogant person that refuses to admit he was wrong. So the fact that you think it is someone how an insult to change your mind about a treaty after it was finalized kind of makes sense.

Go ahead and vote for Trump. You clearly are not capable of seeing his many flaws - and so bamboozled by political rhetoric that you think Hillary's good judgment is some kind of flaw.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 809

First of all, the situation in Russia has changed over the past 4 years. Russia has gotten worse.

But that's irrelevant. There is a huge difference between not worrying about Russia and inviting them to attack us. If you can't tell the difference, then you are a fool.

I don't have to worry about my neighbor, but I am not going to dare them to break into my house and check my daughter's diary.

Comment Now is the time to sue them (Score 4, Interesting) 400

If he really believes that is the intent, now is the time to sue them, claiming they are abusing their monopoly position. That is the heart of his claim.

Yes, most likely he will lose the lawsuit - now.

But in doing so, he will force Microsoft to make an argument about how what they are doing 'now' is not abusive. This will limit their possible actions in the future, as they won't be able to stop doing that without incriminating themselves.

Comment Re:America needs to wise up. (Score 1) 68

What country do you live in? Because there has NEVER been a law 'forbidding opinion as news" in America.

There was a tradition that journalists followed avoiding opinion, but that's it. Fox came along and discovered that if they broke that tradition, people would flock to hear their biased news.

The US does have laws (first amendment to the constitution) that prevent censorship, particularly censuring political opinions. Your proposed law (that never previously existed) would most like fall on the wrong side of the first amendment.

Comment Re:TFA is not terribly clear... (Score 2) 229

Works better if you put a false flag photo in there. Something that you can legitimately claim is the reason why you had the security in the first place.

A picture of a naked woman that is not your wife works well. Just bad enough to hide, not bad enough to get you in real legal trouble.

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