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Comment Re:Assessment of 100% renewables studies (Score 2) 88

except, these people are trying to help. They are saying that current plans suck--you need new ones. That's a good thing.

Honestly, I'd throw fission power under the green tent because that would help a lot with base load and distribution. It won't last forever, but it will buy us some time.

Comment Re:H-1B Workers (Score 1) 267

To give an example, Thomas Jefferson agreed that slavery was wrong and should be abolished. It was just that they couldn't maintain their life style without it, so it had to go on. Jefferson was also worried that he had a wolf by the ear, as in, if he let go he would likely die. He basically explained the whole thing as self interest / self preservation.

Comment Re:H-1B Workers (Score 1) 267

Self-interest is a more plausible explanation.

when you are talking about racism, self interest is usually pretty strong in the mix. It's basically people in power holding down people out of power. This is often done, in part, to keep the power. In this case, that power is high salary.

Comment Re:"clear technical" (Score 1) 245

Uh, no, the government provided statistics are made incredibly carefully and with an incredible amount of thought. The article is correct where it points out that e.g. some of GDP growth is due to population growth, it's pretty breathless text and makes many horse shit points like that the chain weighted inflation isn't right. Even chain weighted is too fast and doesn't account for e.g. the fact that cell phones didn't even exist.

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