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Comment Re:Oracle drove away a lot of Sun's customers (Score 1) 112

SIP (ensuring you can't write to any of the system directories, even as root- this includes /usr and a whole bunch of other locations)

you can if you're an admin worth a damn. This is a very good idea in terms of malware protection and I wish Windows would do it.

it's becoming more and more difficult to use the "Unix" side of OS X.

It's actually exactly the same: open terminal.

Soon enough, they'll remove that utility, along with the one you need to disable SIP, and we'll start seeing people having to "jailbreak" their Mac to bring back any semblance of the freedom they once had under the earlier versions of Mac OS X.

yeah, the anti-mac argument has always been that it's just about to become a problem. It's like how we're always 50 years from fusion. Mac becoming a walled garden is always right around a corner that we never get to.

Comment Re:Oracle drove away a lot of Sun's customers (Score 1) 112

The people that count say it is. All that other stuff is just junk thrown on top.

You'd be better off criticizing how crappy their implementation of some of the commands is in terms of performance, because it is. I just opened up top totally vanilla and it was consuming 3.8% of a core. On Solaris it would be something like 1%, even with much slower cores. (Apple used to use 10% on top and this was a better example.)

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