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Comment Re: I know it's trendy (Score 1) 647

I have no idea what you are saying or why people uprooted you. Nobody, "bought in" at 0% interest. The Fed offers that interest rate to banks. So a bank can go to the Fed and say, "I want money" and the Fed gave them a loan for a very low (just above 0%) interest rate.

Currently a 30 year bond has an interest rate of about 3%. This is an incredibly good deal for the US. Inflation over that time is likely to be a few percent, so this is like a 1% real interest rate. But, lots of the debt is not in 30 year bonds. Lots of it is in short term bonds and will have to be renewed. because of that, the interest rate on the debt will go up. It could go way up. e.g. it could double. This would make current expenditures (made at a 3% interest rate) look stupid when we are paying 6% of the money in a few years.

If this makes you think the Fed should lengthen our bond obligations, I agree. It's like free money now. But it won't last.

Comment Re: I know it's trendy (Score 1) 647

A 30 year treasury currently plays 3%, a bit above the likely 30 year inflation rate. But if the Fed keeps raising interest rates the 30 year interest rate could easily double. That would make interest on the debt go from $200 billion / year to $400 billion per year. And, $200 billion per year is a huge amount of money. It is a large chunk of the economy.

Comment Re:some things should be trivial for any expert (Score 4, Insightful) 1001

It's more like asking an expert pianist to tune a piano. Yes, some can, and that's great. But others can't, and it's usually not relevant--because you usually hire a piano tuner to tune the piano. Just like how you really should use an existing function for sorting.

Comment Re: "Of course it can," says government (Score 1) 264

thermals are actually quite easy to shield from, anything high in boron will do it. It's the high energy ones that you can't (economically) shield from.The issue with high energy neutrons is that what people use as gamma shields tend to make more neutrons. Basically, you need a swimming pool over your computer to shield from them.

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