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Comment Re:No one will be ruled by Trump even if he wins (Score 2) 769

To your founding fathers thought of this argument I would add that they weren't sure that they had gotten it right and I'm not sure that they did either. I think they did a pretty good job, but I'd rather not find out.

One of the checks is the parties themselves and he has completely overwhelmed one of those (and the more organized one nonetheless). The power of the president is a mix of hard and soft power. So if local police do what he says (or mayors tell them to) then he can control local police. The Republicans have shown that legislators (at least about half of Republicans) are principally concerned about getting elected and so he need only win an election to show that he can flex some might vs them.

The courts are both the hardest and easiest nut to crack. They have been treated as the final word for a long time now. But they weren't always. Also, they tend to take 5-10 years to resolve where to have lunch and even once they've done that a president can always say, "yeah, too bad, I'm not doing it." No president has done that in a long time, but the court relies (almost) entirely on the executive to carry out its orders.

I'm not saying it is likely, but I wouldn't completely rule it out.

Comment Re:Limiting providers fine - kickbacks no (Score 4, Insightful) 173

I disagree. The land lord provides access to your front door, water, sewer, electric. While providing all of these things might be inconvenient for them and there may be good reason for the land lord to not provide them... they still have to just provide them. Similarly, providing IT infrastructure is a must. These other services were added to old buildings, some ethernet cable can be too. For new buildings, you're insane if you don't keep some extra conduits for the next thing you're going to want to run and failure to plan isn't really an excuse--it's just a stupid tax that you now have to pay.

Comment Re:It Doesn't Matter; It Won't Ever Happen (Score 1) 451

I agree. I see too high of chances of something like the car deciding a grocery bag on the freeway is a toddler and sending a family into the ditch with 90% chance of surviving. Or maybe just the car totaling itself and then the family has to decide between food and a new car next month.

I think this is basically a fun idea for those in the ivory tower to mull over. The only scenario that I see this happening in is sudden break failure with a convenient place to ditch that isn't safe (e.g. an anchored lamp post). But breaks don't fail that way and there is emergency breaks even when the primary system fails.

Comment Re:Even simpler (Score 1) 451

IIRC my drivers ed days, the someone changing lanes scenario is your fault. Basically, if someone is a lane over from you and they can get into your lane before you rear end them, then you need to slow down to the point where you can stop before you rear end them. The other scenario I would describe as someone blowing a stop sign / yield sign. But, I'm still not sure it isn't legally your fault if they manage to get into the lane fully.

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