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Comment Skewed data (Score 1) 857

Anyone who knows anything about computers turns off the reporting to Microsoft feature. I launch almost all of the .msc's by going to Start> and typing it in the search bar, I do the same thing for command prompt and powershell. Also why the hell is the Metro UI in Server 2012? Who the hell is going to managing a server from a tablet?

Comment Re:CS...good riddance (Score 1) 628

Most engineering programs require students to take many useless classes in terms of that they will be doing in the real world. I was an Computer Engineering major and then switched into Information Science and Tech. Math and Physics I an say were beneficial in my thought process for programming classes. However, taking Chem my freshman year was a complete was of time that I could have filled with a more useful class. There were a couple other engineering classes I took in my first two years in which case I consider a waste of time not to mention a couple thousand dollars.

Comment Pay better attention to security (Score 1) 290

PSN going down for an entire month probably hurt a little. They refused to secure their network prior and then when it did go down they drug their feet through the crap they were shoveling to get it back up. Their customer support will continue to go down the crapper as they care more about the RIAA and MPAA than the customers.

Comment No overwhelmingly surprising (Score 4, Informative) 409

Apple has had the benefit of so many years of being such a small market share that it did not make sense for people to create Trojans that targeted them. However, Microsoft has had to respond to threats over the years and had the time to develop processes to assess threats and work with security researchers. Apple has ended up behind the curve in this spectrum because of how long they had a small market share. If Apple is able to suck up their pride and work with the researchers they could end up being able to deal with such threats appropriately, but right now their pride is getting the best of them.

Comment Another TSA Fail (Score 3, Insightful) 537

The device obviously got through security in Dallas thus it must not have been a threat. It isn't like that was something that was easily concealed or concealed in a bag if the crew found it. The TSA have stopped exactly zero terrorists while harassing and groping millions innocent people and have multiple lawsuits filed against them costing taxpayers more money then their already ridiculous budget. TSA is a waste of taxpayers money, plain and simple.

Submission + - Dell agrees to Buy Wyse (

gubers33 writes: Dell has signed an agreement to acquire thin-client hardware and software company Wyse Technology, to expand its desktop virtualization offerings, Dell said Monday. Instead of running the desktop OS and applications on a PC, the virtual desktop exists only in a virtual machine on a server. In some environments, this allows enterprises to more efficiently and securely manage their users and devices, according to Dell.
By acquiring Wyse, Dell gets both hardware and software it can integrate with its own products to offer more complete packages.

Comment Re:It's their network (Score 1) 349

If you actually read the article and not just the summary which seems to have added stuff, the student said it was his own laptop in the Huffington Post article. It also says no where that he was on the schools VPN, but they use a surveillance software on the students to recognize all tweets when they log in.

Comment Many of my Co-workers don't have CS degrees (Score 1) 504

I work at a company that makes electronic medial record software, where many of my coworkers don't have degrees in computer science. My team supports the integration of our software with Windows and Citrix. I would say about half of my team holds degrees in CS or something related. Someone has a degree in music, another in education, physics, and economics. I know that the the Implementation team has even fewer people who hold degrees in CS or something related. I also worked at a company where the security engineer on the network team held a degree in psychology as well.

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