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Submission + - Dutch company aims to put four people on Mars by 2023 - permanently (

Simon321 writes: An independent space launch company aims to put four people on Mars by April 2023 — and the team will not be coming back.
Mars One claims that a new crew of four will join every two years as the explorers build their settlement, and that by 2033 there will be 20 people living on Mars.
The company has been in talks with independent space suppliers such as Space X, which recently launched the first privately owned rocket to the Space Station.

Submission + - Sexual Harassment In Online Gaming, On the Rise (

An anonymous reader writes: Despite that it’s a macho environment, the number of woman in online gaming is growing fast. In the United States alone, 42 percent of women represent the boom, however, sexual harassment has...

Submission + - Competitive Patent Intelligence hints at Gphone (

Balwant Rawat writes: "Ever wondered what Google has been up to lately? How about Yahoo!, Microsoft, IBM or other high tech companies? Many professionals, companies and organizations frequently have the same questions about their key competitors. However, since this information is proprietary and highly confidential, there is almost no likelihood of getting these answers directly from the companies.

Since these leading edge companies are constantly innovating and creating barriers for their competitors, they are also continuously filing patent applications and getting many — if not most — of these granted. Hence, searching through databases, such as those provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which contain recently published patent applications and granted patents, is one way of gaining an insight into the strategic direction of these companies.
Companies try to keep their strategies secret for as long as possible. Especially in the technology sector, where changes and innovations take place very fast, preventing competitors from knowing about their future products and services can be critical.

Evalueserve, a global research and analytics firm, recently used a combination of IP search techniques and found, for example, that as much as 88 percent of Google's US patent portfolio may not be uncovered by simply searching traditional databases. In addition, Evalueserve has discovered several interesting patent applications, which provide hints that Google may be in the process of developing its own Google Phone. Finally, the patent applications Evalueserve has tracked also suggest that Google might be targeting the TV and video games markets and may be developing a device that can facilitate supermarket shopping with mobile phones.

Evalueserve research shows that traditional search techniques that only use databases such as the USPTO database, which comprises granted patents and published applications, for analysing a company's patent portfolio may not be sufficient.

Evalueserve suggests the following complementary techniques:
  One technique is searching through patent-assignment databases, some of which
are freely available while others are provided by Intellectual Property (IP) database vendors as licenses. For example, a complementary search within the USPTO
patent-assignment database can yield some of the missing ownership information,
especially if the granted patents and published applications were filed by one entity and later acquired by another.

  Another technique is checking accuracy by using complementary databases, e.g.,
by correlating Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filing information with USPTO filing

  Yet another technique is performing inventor-based searches along with assignee based searches which often yield more meaningful results. This technique really
works well because there are many published applications for which ownership
information may not have been recorded earlier.

By using a combination of the techniques mentioned above, firms such as Evalueserve can provide clients with a more holistic view of a company's IP activities and innovation efforts. This information is more valuable than ever in today's fast-paced world of innovation.

About Evalueserve: Evalueserve provides custom research and analytics services to over 1000 corporations and other organizations in the following five areas: Intellectual Property, Market Research, Business Research, Financial/Investment Research, Data Analytics and Modelling. Executives from IBM and McKinsey founded Evalueserve in December 2000, and it has completed over 13,000 projects till date for its globally dispersed client base. Approximately one thousand of these research engagements have focused on emerging markets including India, China, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Evalueserve currently has over 2,100 professionals in the following four research and analytics' centres: Delhi-Gurgaon, India; Shanghai, China; Santiago-Valparaiso, Chile; and New York, USA.

Additionally, a team of 50 client engagement managers is located in all major technology,business, and financial centres globally — from Silicon Valley to Sydney. For more details, please visit"

The Courts

Submission + - RIAA Complaint Dismissed as "Boilerplate"

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The decision many lawyers had been expecting — that the RIAA's "boilerplate" complaint fails to state a claim for relief under the Copyright Act — has indeed come down, but from an unlikely source. While the legal community has been looking towards a Manhattan case, Elektra v. Barker, for guidance, a case in which amicus briefs had been submitted by various industry groups and the US Department of Justice (see case file, and from Warner v. Cassin, a similar motion in the same Court's Westchester division, the decision instead came from Senior District Court Judge Rudi M. Brewster of the US District Court for the Southern District of California, in a decision denying a default judgment (i.e. the defendant had not even appeared in the action). Judge Brewster not only denied the default judgment motion but dismissed the complaint for failure to state a claim. Echoing the words of Judge Karas at the oral argument in Barker , Judge Brewster held (pdf) that "Plaintiff here must present at least some facts to show the plausibility of their allegations of copyright infringement against the Defendant. However, other than the bare conclusory statement that on "information and belief" Defendant has downloaded, distributed and/or made available for distribution to the public copyrighted works, Plaintiffs have presented no facts that would indicate that this allegation is anything more than speculation. The complaint is simply a boilerplate listing of the elements of copyright infringement without any facts pertaining specifically to the instant Defendant. The Court therefore finds that the complaint fails to sufficiently state a claim upon which relief can be granted and entry of default judgment is not warranted.""

Submission + - Bush and National Security (

Efialtis writes: "With all the controversy caused by earlier national security attempts by the Bush Administration, these next ones make me wonder just what will happen next? Loose more freedoms? Become something of a WWII era Germany?
Bush Tells Congress To Approve New Spy Law
"President Wants A Bill That Modernizes Ability To Eavesdrop On Foreigners", but if we are eavesdropping on foreigners, and those foreigners are communicating with citizens, then aren't we eavesdropping on citizens? Isn't this just a way around the problems with his previous plan; redirection away from the real issue?
Bush Signs Homeland Security Bill
To put it simply...this bill:
  • "Authorizes more than $4 billion for four years for rail, transit and bus security.
  • Requires the screening of all container ships in foreign ports within five years, but give the Homeland Security secretary authority to delay implementation.
  • Establishes a new electronic travel authorization system to improve security for visitors from countries participating in the visa waiver program.
  • Strengthens a board that oversees privacy and civil liberties issues.
  • Establishes a voluntary certification program to assess whether private entities comply with voluntary preparedness standards.
  • Requires the president and Congress to disclose total spending requested and approved for the intelligence community.
  • Provides civil immunity to those who, in good faith, report suspicious activities that threaten the safety and security of passengers on a transportation system or that could be an act of terrorism.
  • Requires the president to confirm that Pakistan is making progress combatting al Qaeda and Taliban elements within its boarders before the United States provides aid to the country."


Submission + - Recording a judge for YouTube is a felony?

Let's Kiosk writes: A Florida woman faces three felony charges after covertly videotaping a judge she once dated and then posting a clip on YouTube. In the video, the judge is on an island popular with swimmer and boaters and comments on the "nice breasticals" of woman nearby, according to the article in The Palm Beach Post. The woman is charged with one count of intercepting oral communications and two counts of publishing those communications. The circuit's chief judge comments: "Judges like everyone else are entitled to a reasonable expectation of privacy, especially when they are out of the courthouse not performing judicial duties." But how much privacy can anyone expect at the beach?
United States

Submission + - Judge rules against NSA wiretapping (

bl8n8r writes: "The Bush administration's attempts to change US wiretapping laws has apparently been biotchslapped in the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) secret court. FTFA: "Mike McConnell this spring began urging Congress to pass an emergency "fix" that would clarify and specifically grant the NSA authority to tap switches based in the United States without review by the FISA court". There has been, for some reason, a push within the Republican circle to persuade congress to rush through an expanded evesdropping measure before August recess (end of the week). So, how does this affect the elephant-in-the-living-room at the San Francisco switching center. in downtown USA?"

Submission + - Q&A: Can a Pedophile Be Law-Abiding? (

An anonymous reader writes: Jack McClellan blogs openly about where best to meet girls under the age of 12. The local authorities are watching him, warily. Should just talking about such matters be enough to get him locked up?

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