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Comment Re:40% profit, not 400% (Score -1) 296

I see, so you know enough about Apple's books to tell them what is sufficient profit for them? Could you please share those numbers with us? Don't forget to include set asides for lawsuits, new R&D, exchange rates and their expected variation, etc. Also, please explain what went into the estimated cost since I presume you didn't get that figure from Apple. So you'll be wanting to include any assumptions that have been made, changes to raw materials, expenses to acquiring multiple sources so any one doesn't take Apple's product down, etc.

And while you are at it, could you also include advertising expenses, store expenses, taxes (foreign and domestic), tariffs between countries, shipping costs, overhead at U.S. and foreign facilities owned by Apple, You should also include personnel costs, I hear people are expensive.

  We'd like the complete picture. Shouldn't take you but an afternoon to collect that. Get right back to us so we do not lose the thread.

Comment Re:Greedy Fuck. (Score 1) 176

No, no, FU is the "type" of money a billionaire has. Incidentally, most of money billionaires have is not money in the sense you are thinking of it. It is tied up in investments and such. Think Bam-Bam Trump when asked about his net worth...enormous...he cannot tell you how enormous it is, it is that big...unless he was forced into translating it into actual cash, then it would be quite small, unlike for real billionaires.

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