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Comment Re:Aren't they too power-hungry? (Score 1) 68

I give up, just what exactly are those "edge" devices? Refrigerators? Air conditioning units? Even if it is these sorts of things, connecting them to the internet is asking for trouble seeing as security is not nailed down just yet. And what refrigerator company wants to ramp up their software effort to take advantage of the extra power. What will it buy them, what do consumers get out of it? They will probably buy from some middleman who wants to sell millions of processing units....which means cost per unit is going to favor ARM because it isn't that your device is powerful, it is that your device needs a power supplying infrastructure.

Comment Re:Prevent the participants (Score 1) 347

"there are times when the only way to sort out a problem is government intervention". such as space exploration, medical and basic science research, the efforts of the CDC to contain epidemics, pollution control, traffic safety, airline safety, Wall Street and Banking rules, Social Security and Medicare, etc.

Libertarianism is a euphemism for a Dog-Eat-Dog world where everything has an individual price and woe betide the poor sucker who cannot afford the price.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 2) 90

The U.S. government budget for 2016 was $3.999 Trillion. The U.S. Defense Dept. budget for 2016 was $597 Billion. So, that's, 14% of the budget. Of that, approx. 1/2 is due to personnel costs. Another $100 Billion goes into physical plant, leaving about $200 Billion for everything else. A chunk of that goes into R&D and not fielded weapons.

Now, about the War Industrial Complex. Most companies do not rely on U.S. Defense dollars because the money isn't big enough. The U.S. has approx. at $19 Trillion economy. To think you are going to swing that in any direction with $200 is silly. You might argue that the entire approx. $600 Billion should be included. However, if you remove that from salaries, health benefits, etc., you lose that chunk of the economic savings you think you are going to get.

Comment Re:Meanwhile in Poland (Score 2) 155

The Poland of WWII doesn't exist, and they fought valiantly against a superior foe only to be fucked by the Russians.

Poland today is a top-notch NATO ally, one of the few who will accept American missiles because they know the Russians won't be truly happy until they get a crack at fucking up Eastern Europe for another 50 years.

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