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Comment Re:General Wesley Clark: ISIS created by U.S. Alli (Score 1) 124

Sheesh, after all this time you still don't get that everyone in the MidEast is chewing gum and walking at the same time. They all have multiple agendas. Calling something over there this or that in its entirety is simply Western hubris, i.e., if we think this way, everyone thinks this way.

Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 0) 134

A sense of proportion matters. The most expensive version of the F35 costs about $115 million. The last year I could find figures for on Afghanistan was 2011 and it cost $123.9 million...per year. So, now that you have pulled stupid figures out of your ass. The space program has turned out many benefits, enough to cover its costs. I won't bore you with the details since it is clear google searches to prevent you from talking out of your ass do as well.

Comment Re:Lack of government is the problem (Score 1) 325

Sounds okay. Now let's figure out what we'd like to cut from Government. Defense? That's part of the constitutionally limited responsibilities (CLR). That's roughly half of discretionary spending (about $600 billion). The other $500 billion is things like EPA, NiH, FDA, NSTA, etc. Those are the agencies we use to protect us from those Americans which would not feel bad about making a buck off soiling America, sickening America, killing Americans, etc. The roads and bridges are in disrepair, we'll want those, we find them useful by and large. Science budgets are useful too, they help create the industries so your sproggs can have a shot at being employable in the future.

That leaves 2/3 of the budget for entitlements. Grandma doesn't really need her SS, she can come and live with you. By the way, her meds are expensive, you'll be wanting to pay for those as well. That's part of Medicare. In fact, the Blue Haired are now the Me Generation and they will demand you pay your fair share to support their Depends and other needs. Not a chance of cutting that back. Oh, we could privatize it. Sheesh, we can trust Wall Street to administer those funds without making off with the loot like they did in the last bubble.

There's Medicaid. That's for poor people so they don't die on your front lawn. They clearly can die anywhere without medical attention so we'll chop them off. Unemployment is popular, it turns out what Corporate America hates most of all So let's whack unemployment payments because it is your own damn fault if Corporate America disowns you. There's wellfare. Your sister who had 5 kids from 5 different fathers can simply raise them herself and keep them educated and out of gang-related activity, drug dealing, etc.

Okay. Now tell us again about all the untold savings we'll be realizing by restricting Government to CLR activities.

Comment Re:Where is the funding for the trip? (Score 1) 289

Generally speaking, the government should turn a (small) profit. The alternative is the mountain of debt the U.S. has built up over the years. A well-functioning government of a well-functioning society should be slightly in the black. However, the American people somehow think that someone else should pay and fail to pay their income taxes to the tune of about the yearly deficit. Added to legislators treating the government laws, rules, and regs like a candy story for companies and their own re-election, the U.S. is in its current predicament.

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