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Comment Re:Silicosis? (Score 1) 293

You should not use a steel on your knife before or after every use. Every three uses is fine, you don't cause unnecessary blade wear, and you run less of a risk of putting a huge groove near the back of the blade that is caused by such excessive use of the steel.

If you're serious, you should use a ceramic flatstone before any usage of the knife, to not only de-bur but reroll and create a much finer-grained edge than a typical diamond-dusted steel will.

Man, those 3 years of working in an Oriental joint paid off today on Slashdot!

Comment Re:Spell Checking (Score 1) 1343

When I was in school, they spent huge amounts of time on spelling, and basically none on grammar. I didn't really learn grammar, apart from during Latin, until senior year of college when I took a community journalism class. I'm not sure what it's like now or in other parts of the world, but it's not really fair to expect students to know something that the teachers didn't have time to teach.

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