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Comment Re:I remember ..... (Score 1) 284

I've tried KDE5 for a few weeks and excluding some minor annoyances, it's quite OK. But it's not stable enough for me. The second time when just to get back my panel, icons and launcher that disappeared completely, I had to overwrite .kde, .config, etc. directories in my home folder with a clean backup (and restore manually all my customizations), I went back to KDE4. Perhaps I'll switch to Plasma5 when it's in one of Long Term Support distros.

Comment Re:I remember ..... (Score 1) 284

Win95 UI design was basically very effective and people still like it

This. I've switched from Windows to Linux more than 10 years ago, because Linux is better suited for software development. I've been a Gnome user since the beginning, because it was simple and basically implemented the Win95 way of doing things. When the Gnome3/Unity craze came, had to switch to KDE just because it still uses the GUI metaphor found in Windows 95.

Comment Android (Score 1) 134

Yeah, really - Android. And an old phone. It has WiFi (can even act as a hotspot), a decent enough camera and there's an app for that - - which serves the video stream and a nice web frontend to it. You can even tell it to take a full resolution snapshot. I've been using it as a digital babysitter and were quite happy with it.

Comment Re:Simple answer ... (Score 1) 315

A single school lesson lasts 45 minutes. There's rarely more than 1 lesson on specific subject per day. Do children not learn then? And much of those 45 minutes is lost on checking homework, making kids quiet, etc. I'd say 30 minutes of undivided attention is much more than a lesson at school. Also, in six years this 0,5h cumulates to 1000 hours. It's not about teaching kids to be great programmers, as some say it takes 10000 hours to become great at anything. But spending 0,5h per day on different things gives children a choice in what they want to pursue later in life. And it gives them basic knowledge on numerous topics so they for instance are not cheated by a web developer the way I usually am by a car mechanic.

Comment Re:Simple answer ... (Score 1) 315

Why the hate? I see nothing wrong in letting a kid spend half an hour a day learning things that will probably be needed one way or another in her or his adult life. Especially if the kid's interested (and they usually are when the see parents work on a computer). There's plenty of time (s)he can spend playing outside anyway.

Comment Lightbot (Score 1) 315

Take a look at Lightbot. It's an educational game where you program a robot to turn on lights on the board. It's very nice. My 4 year old daughter loves it and is able to solve simpler levels by herself. I introduce more complex ideas (procedures, loops) when we have some time to play together. It reminds me a bit of LOGO and turtle graphics - that's how I got started and I thinkg turtle graphics in one of modern editions is also one of good first steps.

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