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Submission + - Foldit: Innovative Biology for Gamers (

grrlscientist writes: Guessing how a protein will fold up based on its DNA sequence is often too complex for even the most powerful computer programs. Now biochemists and computer scientists at my alma mater, the University of Washington, have collaborated to create Foldit, a free online computer game where online gamers and citizen scientists do the work.

Submission + - The Truth Behind the 'Cala Boca Galvao' Campaign [ (

grrlscientist writes: Anatomy of an elaborate hoax: If you know anything about birds, then you know immediately that none of the parrots portrayed in these 'Cala Boca Galvão' Campaign videos are known as the "Galvão", nor are (most of them) endangered, nor are their feathers used in any sort of Brazilian celebration. In short, this amusing campaign is possibly the first example of a "flash mob hoax" that took on a life of its own on twitter.

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