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Comment Facebook never bet on HTML5 (Score 3, Informative) 290

Does anyone remember the convoluted rambling of Dave Fetterman at f8 developer conference last year? No? Here it is again:

"So, how does this work? Project FaceWeb is an extension of this progressive enhancement idea. So, instead of the phone saying I am rendering for a WebKit browser, we send an agent that says you are going to be rendering for a WebKit UI WebKit view inside the iPhone app. So, what you have to do is detect that, style a Web code to make that work, build a bridge between the things that you want to write to interact natively with the Objective-C, say in Javascript, then build HTML pages for Facebook in the iPhone. So, you build much smaller native goop instead of having to build over and over again. ... HTML5 is probably the way that we should have done it."

If you think that's an HTML5 approach, I have some lean agile behavior-driven coaching hours for which I'd like to bill you.

Comment Re:Fork it, then (Score 3, Informative) 403

Mozilla *is* hiring aggressively - - *and* actively recruiting more community contributors - There's no such thing as "____ is not part of Mozilla's ____" because we can all be part of Mozilla. See washort's link to

Submission + - Ron Paul Nation Banned from Digg (

An anonymous reader writes: Without notice, political campaign site Ron Paul Nation has had its Digg account cancelled. From the Ron Paul Nation website's complaint:

This development should, but sadly doesn't, come as a surprise. Upon reading more into the Digg culture there are a definite large surge of positive Ron Paul diggers, but more recently there has been a large surge of activity from members of the "Bury Brigade," as they are known ... for their efforts to bury all Ron Paul related stories bearing a positive spin.

Operating Systems

Submission + - New Open Source Operating System (not linux) ( 1

losethos writes: "LoseThos version 3.08 has been released. It's an open source, 64-bit, free, PC operating system written from scratch with no GPL or GNU code. It's target demographic is amateur programmers wishing to write games. This version solves the 2 Gig memory limit. x86 chips have a 32-bit limitation on branches and calls in code, even in 64-bit mode. LoseThos separates code from data with this version by allocating from separate heaps. The code heap is limited to 2 Gig, but this should not be a problem, if you think about it, because a million lines of code might have 20 bytes a line and that would only be 20 Meg. Data, such as graphics, are what consume memory. Techically, you need to recompile the kernel to enable this feature. See the help discussion under "memory"."

Halo 3 Review 373

From a certain point of view, Halo 3 is without a doubt the biggest game of the year. The combination of fan anticipation, marketing, and the skill of Bungie's design combine to create a game that's larger than life; if gaming has a blockbuster franchise to match the movie industry's punch, it's the tale of Master Chief. The importance of the Halo franchise to gaming is a very big issue, though, and one worth it's own article. Having played through the game, there's really only one question I'm here to answer today. Does it meet expectations? In a word: yes. It's not the best game ever made, and it may not even be the best game this year. Will it make the fans happy, and deservedly sell thousands of Xbox 360s? Very much yes. Read on for my impressions of Bungie's years-in-the-making epic, Halo 3.

Submission + - WiiTracker hits 1000

twistedsymphony writes: "Nintendo-Scene's WiiTracker now has a pool over 1,000 unique serial numbers that is uses to track Wii hardware data. Not only is there a massive pool of data to pull from but that data has helped over 80,000 people who have used the search page to determine what is inside their Wii console.

For those of you who don't know what the WiiTracker is: the WiiTracker is a database that contains Wii serial numbers and information about the specific hardware that specific Wii contains. Through the tracker you can enter a serial number of any Wii console and the system will give you an estimate of what hardware is inside based on similar serial numbers and manufacturing trends. This allows you to know what is inside your Wii without even opening it. In addition to the estimate, the data provides an excellent base for the creation of charts and graphs to map out hardware trends in Wii production."

Submission + - How to Ruin Your Business (

ocwo92 writes: "When a company fails, often it happens because the founder and CEO was blinded to common sense by the belief that the company's success was singularly attributable to his power of decision-making and management. Here are eight tried-and-tested tips to ruining a company by believing you know best."

Submission + - Unit testing: It's a beautiful thing (

cramco writes: "Alberto Savoia, author of The Way of Testivus, posits unit testing as the ultimate antidote for crappy software: "There's an obvious and beautiful symmetry between code and unit tests: Every piece of code that does something non-trivial should have a set of unit tests to make sure that it does the right thing — and continues to do the right thing as the code evolves. Unit tests benefit everybody: developers working on the code today, the developers who inherit the code, QA, and — of course — end users.""

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