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Comment Re:80286 (Score 1) 855

My first home computer was a 286 XT. I have fond memories of playing Alley Cat, Railroad Tycoon, Leisure Suit Larry, Jack Nicholson's Golf, Grand Prix, and Digger (to name a few). We were one of the late comers in my group of friends to get a computer, but that meant that we had VGA, a hard drive, and a 300dpi printer before most other people.

Comment No *all* allergies (Score 5, Informative) 39

This won't prevent all allergic responses. We've carried out research that indicates there are at least two types of allergic responses, one TSLP-dependent and another Interferon alpha-dependent:

The TSLP response seems to be most associated with chemical-related irritants (e.g. cinnamon oil, SLS), while the IFN-a response seems to be most associated with small organism irritants (e.g. house dust mites, parasites).

Comment Already here (Score 2) 383

3D CAD software that runs on Windows 14, Playstation 7, an Android Smartphone, Nintendo's latest handheld gaming device and an Ubuntu PC in exactly the same way with no compatibility problems whatsoever occurring. What would and would not change in such a computing world?

Confusing operating systems and devices is a problem here. The devices (desktop computer, Playstation 7, an Android Smartphone, Nintendo's latest handheld gaming device) should all be capable of running the GNU operating system, which you may know by another name (Linux, OSX, Ubuntu, but *not* Android, and probably not iOS).

We already have a standardised set of software that runs on pretty much every platform, and it gives us the wonderful plasticity and variety in our technological world today. The problem is not that it doesn't exist; it's that people (and corporations) are apt to make their own solutions and encourage the use of software that doesn't work everywhere.

Comment Re:Nature finds a way. (Score 1) 301

They probably haven't even seen this:

Lab experiments showed that the mutation increased in frequency as expected over several generations, but resistance to the gene drive also emerged, preventing some mosquitoes from inheriting the modified genome. ...

Resistance to gene drives is unavoidable, so researchers are hoping that they can blunt the effects long enough to spread a desired mutation throughout a population. Some have floated the idea of creating gene drives that target multiple genes, or several sites within the same gene, diminishing the speed with which resistance would develop. By surveying a species’ natural genetic diversity, researchers could target genes common to all individuals.

Comment Security theatre (Score 1) 147

If someone (generally meaning someone I don't or shouldn't trust) has my phone, I consider it compromised. Finger smudges are the easiest way to get into a pattern-locked device; this demonstrates that there are others. As JWZ says,

And if the screen locker is not secure, then it's better to not lock the screen at all: giving the impression of security when there is no actual security is far worse than having no security at all. It's a matter of expectations: if people don't expect to be able to lock their screens, they'll log out. But if they expect to be able to lock their screens and it doesn't actually work, then they're screwed.


I use pattern lock to stop my phone auto-dialling Aunt Sarah when its in my pocket, not to keep other people out. If I had a flip phone, I wouldn't have a lock screen at all.

Comment Re:some level of minimum wage is still needed or l (Score 1) 426

The point of the UBI is that no one should need to work if they don't want to. It is equivalent to giving all people a minimum wage job that involves doing nothing useful.

If companies want to hire volunteers to work for free, that's fine. If they want to pay a small amount per hour, that's fine too, because the people are already being paid sufficiently for that work through the UBI.

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