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Drive-By Contributors to the Linux Kernel 61

eldavojohn writes "There's an interesting post over at the Kernel Trap that focuses on a man's attempt to find out how many one-time contributors Linux averages per release. Although imperfect due to some obvious unavoidable flaws, he got a few dirty numbers of 'never seen from agains' in the commits from patches 2.6.11 through 2.6.25 and the numbers are: {63, 148, 128, 92, 96, 122, 137, 140, 135, 95, 136, 153, 179, 179, 304}. This makes sense as another reader, Greg KH, pointed out that the distribution curve is tilted towards one-hit contributions, 'the distribution of all of our users are: 50% only contributed 1 patch; 25% contributed 2; 12% contributed 3; 6% contributed 4 and so on ...'"
Data Storage

FreeBSD Begins Switch to Subversion 120

An anonymous reader writes "The FreeBSD Project has begun the switch of its source code management system from CVS to Subversion. At this point in time, FreeBSD's developers are making changes to the base system in the Subversion repository. We have a replication system in place that exports our work to the legacy CVS tree on a continuous basis. People who are using our extensive CVS based distribution network (including anoncvs, CVSup, cvsweb, ftp) will not be interrupted by our work-in-progress. We are committed to maintaining the existing CVS based distribution system for at least the support lifetime of all existing 'stable' branches. Security and errata patches will continue to be made available in their usual CVS locations."

Microsoft Offered $40 a Share For Yahoo 306

fistfullast33l writes "Bloomberg is reporting that a recently unsealed court case by shareholders against Yahoo reveals that Microsoft offered $40 a share for the Internet search company in January 2007 and Yahoo turned it down. We've extensively discussed Microsoft's bid for Yahoo earlier this year for $33 a share, which was rebuffed. Investor Carl Icahn has launched a proxy fight against Yahoo over the spurning of the Microsoft deal." CWmike notes Computerworld's coverage of the revelations: "The complaint places much of the blame on [Yahoo CEO Jerry] Yang, describing him as someone with a 'well-known' antipathy toward Microsoft who acted out of a personal interest to keep Yahoo independent. Something wrong with that? Oh, yeah... public company."

Sony Announces "Qore" Playstation Bundle 82

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced a new subscription-based, multimedia, Playstation bundle that promises to feature developer interviews, game previews, demos, betas, and add-ons all delivered in high definition. Supposedly hitting the streets on June 5th, "Qore," seems an awful lot like paying to get more advertising. Hopefully the playable gems make this (admittedly cheap) service worth it.

Submission + - Things that video games could do without

Mike99TA writes: "The Penny-Arcade Forums have a current discussion going on about What Video Games Could Do Without. Most of the issues brought up are tactics that have been used by video game companies over and over for years, usually to pad a game with extra playtime, make it look like the game has extra (useless) features, force something to be challenging by making it more frustrating, or a cop-out to make a "convenient" scenario for the protagonist (indestructable boxes in every hallway to provide cover?). From the Thread:

"The bulk of spells in RPG's need to go away as well. Final Fantasy games suffer from this the most. There's a ton of spells to learn, but very few have practical application. The frequent and crucial spells are revive, heal, elemental damage, and that's it. Everything else is not necessary to the game, nor does is give you a 'different' way to overcome challenges in the game.""

Submission + - RIAA Suing User for Copying CDs to Hard Drive 2

tigerhawkvok writes: "Everyone has some gripe about the the RIAA. Well, here's one that we can all partake in, more than usual: The RIAA has officially started suing people for copying CDs to their hard drive. Yes. You read that right. They want you to fill up your PMPs with just content downloaded from their label websites, Microsoft's marketplace, iTunes, or what have you. No CDs allowed.
No, this is not just the famous side-comment of "when an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song." Copying a song you bought is "a nice way of saying 'steals just one copy' " as said by the Sony/BMG chick. This is an actual lawsuit.

This disgusting trend brought to your attention courtesy Engadget."
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Recent Hacking on the Final Fantasy XI Community

An anonymous reader writes: As of late, hundreds of Final Fantasy XI accounts have been compromised by a trojan that was leaked into a Final Fantasy XI information page. As more and more accounts seize to exist by legit players, Square Enix continues to do nothing but brush the rightful owners off. With this happening, thousands of players refuse to even log onto their characters, and some just choose to stay up all night watching over them, due to the paranaoia of which account will be taken next. Everyone seems to agree that their Service and Support/GM team should be rendered useless at this point, for refusing to even listen to their customers about the on-going situation. What will it take to get them to notice? It looks like we'll be seeing a lot of WoW boxes under everyone's christmas tree this year. Good job, SE, you done good.

Submission + - FFXI players targetted by malware

Thatdamnelf writes: "Several prominent informational websites relating to Final Fantasy XI online have recently been suspected of having malware embedded into one or more of the advertisements by an unscrupulous advertiser. One site was confirmed to have a hidden iframe that would use javascript to load rsbo.exe which targets users of multiple different MMO games.

The worst part about this is Square-Enix's total lack of recovery measures.

The company's customer service can't verify ownership of an account based on anything but what is currently input as billing info. This is a major problem since both the password and billing information are changed by the thief. They should be able to see that the info was changed recently and since accounts aren't supposed to be transfered err on the side of someone who presents info the matches someone who's been paying for all these months/years..It seems this information is not readily available for SE's employees and it takes a credit card company fraud inquiry to get it dug up.

I used the ffxi.somepage website to look up crafting recipes (the in game NPC's give horribly useless recipes). If I weren't using the seamonkey/firefox noscript plugin, I may have lost my account to an RMT.

relevant links:"

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