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Comment I already run a 3rd party "Stalker" app. (Score 1) 89

GPS Family Locator (GPS Tracker)

My new girlfriend(!) and I have hooked ourselves up to this. It's moderately useful in that I get a ding when she leaves work or arrives here, or if I check I can see how far away she is -- 5 minutes or 35. It'll also ding on entering/exiting selected places as well.

Purchasing it *WILL* track history, so I can see exactly where her phone has been for the last month. And vice versa. (And so can the company. And Google. And the cell company. And the shadow PI following me. And my CC breadcrumbs. Whatever, I'm not that interesting. But not 4square or facebook though.)

I don't care if she knows where I go / went. I've shown her how to remove her entry or even the entire app so she can disappear if she wants, I'll leave myself plugged in. After all, if I wanted to be nefarious and disappear I'll just run on a alternate (or burner) phone, leaving the GPS tracker at home. Or "shudder" be like 1980 and go naked withOUT one.

Just a happy user, that's all.

Comment OT: PropOrNot Chrome Plug-in says RUSKIS ev'where! (Score 1) 251

"2 links on this site have been identified by the PropOrNot propaganda identification service as repeating, echoing, or referring their audience to Russian propaganda. They are highlighted in YYYs. See propornot.com for more information."

PropOrNot says Zerohedge is a Russian shill. Therefore everything ZH says is wrong, therefore this must be a good thing.

It's amazing how technology can be used to help me decide what to read, think, and what's true. I can now safely ignore my Critical Thinking classes from High School and College -- that's a relief, as I only remember 2 phrases from my 2 years of Spanish.

Well, that and !Ay, caramba! from Bart Simpson.

Comment Re:Not the real thing? (Score 2) 365

I don't understand people's obsession with this crystallized carbon, but pretending that mined ones are somehow superior or worth more seems just completely irrational.

It's easy, let me help.

In my right hand I have a real diamond, found and taken from a mine by a hard worker providing for his family. God created the diamond, mine, and you and me. Fred over there made the diamond in my left hand. This was when he was at work only slightly drunk after beating his wife at the time -- but never mind that. He can make more imitations that are just as good as the original.

Now your money (at least in the US -- at least it USED to) has "In God We Trust." If hung-over Fred over there tried that same thing he'd be put in jail for counterfeiting.

Now, which one are you going to buy? God's real diamond or Fred's clone of one?

Comment Re:Sorry NO (Score 1) 179

You must be one those people who thinks gun manufacturers are liable when someone shoots someone else with a gun they made.

You should only sue a gun manufacturers when the gun DOESN'T work and it's actually not your fault.

"Gun control means hitting your target." -- I told that as an offhand comment once to a self-proclaimed hippy, and she thought that was like the funniest thing she had ever heard; she laughed about it for over 10 minutes and chuckled for even longer.

OTOH, I was serious, and wasn't laughing for any of it.

Comment Re:Lost business? (Score 2) 77

Is that really lost business or ... If shop's not available one day I'll wait ...

You're ignoring the "instant gratification" bit. Wait a day -- a DAY? You must be joking, I don't want to wait 2 seconds while the page loads. The only reason i can even stand to wait for it to be delivered is because I can track it in motion.

Comment Re:Supply and Demand - where is the demand? (Score 1) 425

You have NO IDEA how effective the finger scanner will be.

Well let's see: if the battery is dead, that effectiveness will be a big fat ZERO.

I'm going to have to charge my gun? What, with a USB cable, or the new QI stuff? How about a Lightning or USB 3.1 port? How about a 120V (or 220V in Europe) plug? Or is it solar?

Are the indicator lights showing the charge, or beeping if it's low (like a smoke detector), or what?

Forget about the very important fact of sensor fingerprint detection ratio (which damn well better be 100.0000% even if it's completely covered in mud or blood), what about the battery and connecting wires? They'd also better able to completely handle water, physical shocks, and mud. IP68 or don't even bother.

Do I need cables to jump start it? Are they Duracell or a no-name brand? Physical package? AAs? 18650? CR123As? WHAT ABOUT BATTERY LEAKAGE from cold or heat? What about adding RAM (EPROM swap actually)? What about the add / delete / change user device reset dance? Or increase sales with single-user device obsolesce: "Sorry, this gun can only be programmed a single time. You can sell it but it won't fire without your finger going with it."

This is NOT a problem looking for a solution. This is stupidly. A gun is a tool -- it fires only when you pull the trigger; it doesn't when you don't. Anything else is a manufacturer defect. That the RIGHT person is pulling the trigger is stupid. If you've had to actually pull a gun you've already lost the battle, best you win the war by shooting. NOW. You only aim at what you want to kill -- otherwise why the hell are you even aiming at it? The ONLY delay should be if you are not aiming at the "right" spot and need to adjust. If you have a backup person, they'd better be able to use it as well. And if you let the wrong person get hold of it ... well you just screwed up badly, didn't you? "Oh, well at least the bad guy can't use it to shoot you." YES he can, he reaches over, grabs your hand and places it on the gun. It unlocks and now everyone's happy again! Well, almost.

Gun Control is being able to Hit your Target.

Submission + - OMG! Half-Life is going to be finished! (express.co.uk)

grep -v '.*' * writes: ...although it'l probably still end in a cliff-hanger. Image that!

JJ ABRAMS just confirmed that the film versions of Valve's popular Portal and Half-Life video games are in development.

Comment Re:It's God. (Score 2) 133

"It's just God."

And because he knows when you're using an ad blocker, He won't let you read the article.

No, God knows everything but then doesn't do anything about it. Only Santa Claus takes action if "he knows if you've been bad or good" -- like using an ad blocker.

I'm unclear in this case which state Santa would deem that you're in, though. Maybe we need Schrodinger Claus to determine that: instead of presents or coal, he comes with a bag of dead cats or live kittens and lets you decide which one to take. (Kind of like a lottery draw with fur. And yet more claws.)

Comment Well, hell. (Score 1) 46

Nadine can hold a conversation, remember a face, and even remember what she has spoken to a person about.

Well then heck, she's mostly already GOT my job if she can do that. I only bother to remember a face until about the 6th time I see it (meet them) -- for people I meet only once or twice, or once every N > 4 months, it's not worth my time or effort to include them in my social circle since they AREN'T in my social circle.

Needless to say, I'm a great hit at parties. (Or to put it another way, I must have a DRAM brain with a week or two refresh time. It takes over a month before you're moved into core memory.)

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