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Comment Re:It's God. (Score 2) 133

"It's just God."

And because he knows when you're using an ad blocker, He won't let you read the article.

No, God knows everything but then doesn't do anything about it. Only Santa Claus takes action if "he knows if you've been bad or good" -- like using an ad blocker.

I'm unclear in this case which state Santa would deem that you're in, though. Maybe we need Schrodinger Claus to determine that: instead of presents or coal, he comes with a bag of dead cats or live kittens and lets you decide which one to take. (Kind of like a lottery draw with fur. And yet more claws.)

Comment Well, hell. (Score 1) 46

Nadine can hold a conversation, remember a face, and even remember what she has spoken to a person about.

Well then heck, she's mostly already GOT my job if she can do that. I only bother to remember a face until about the 6th time I see it (meet them) -- for people I meet only once or twice, or once every N > 4 months, it's not worth my time or effort to include them in my social circle since they AREN'T in my social circle.

Needless to say, I'm a great hit at parties. (Or to put it another way, I must have a DRAM brain with a week or two refresh time. It takes over a month before you're moved into core memory.)

Comment Re:Slashdotters live in terror... (Score 1) 92

"If you don't want your friends to know of your 'Hello Kitty' purchases, transfer $10,000 to this account in the Bahamas..."

Sorry, there was a language translation error for the original Japanese site. It should have read: Hello Pussy instead.

It was actually Ashley Madison's VR "furry" site. Believe me, $10K to keep your name off that site would be cheap at TWICE the price. ;-)

Comment Re:Achievement: 7th CPU core unlocked! (Score 1) 143

[They've] "unlock" the seventh core on the Xbox One's processor ...
Previously only 6 cores for both systems were available to game developers. ...
Next the secret 8th CPU core will be DLC, or a game easter egg, the way things are going.

Not happening -- the 8th core is dedicated exclusively for NSA use. I'd love to tell you more about it but I've just been served a National Security Le

Comment OK, so he's a lot smarter than I am... (Score 1) 96

...working with his post-doc and graduate student. (*I* used to work with turkeys, but I digress.) Smart man and all. But still:

[He said] I thought, 'I've got to be able to prove that.'" He guessed that the problem might take him a few weeks. Instead, it took him five years.

I've underestimated ever-so-slightly like that. Now I don't feel so bad about being dumb!

Comment Re:Tracking down rights holders (Score 1) 106

actually finding who to ask, let alone getting a co-ordinated yes/no decision, is just [hard]

Just release it then. They (or the legal counsel that thinks they supposedly represent them) will find you if it matters.

But really, that may not be such a bad idea. Log and document EVERYTHING you do and who you talk to. put an ad in the public newspaper (at least that USED to be how you did it) describing who you're looking for and what you're doing. 30/60/90 days after reaching a compete dead-end, go for it.

If bought to court, the judge should recognize that you tried significantly beforehand.

(OTOH you're now talking to a judge with lawyers probably helping out.)

Take the speechs' meaning, put it in your own words, and record it yourself, with emphasis. Not optimal, but there are no copyright laws governing facts, last I checked. (IANAL. And ain't it funny that lawyers and ANAL appear in the same acronym?)

Comment Re:Downloading the intertubes, Daily (Score 1) 264

I'm in Little Rock and thought the caps were already in place. I'm running a Comcast Business line -- no caps, and I actually get to talk to a real tech support person who knows things. (None of this off/on/reboot stuff.)

And I've still got a unlimited Verizon data plan; THAT's what I use to download the internet. (If you torrent any Linux ISOs there's a small chance I'm helping.) And really: at 20Mbit/sec, they're nearly the same speed. V works as a nice fallback for C if necessary.

Comment Re:Lad balancing? (Score 1) 153

i say these hoggy users should be cut off from the teat! go watch your porn on a laptop!

Great idea! The screen is much bigger (See? Size DOES matter) and it's easy enough to tether the computer to the phone for connectivity. Heck, now I can even run it split screen so when one video gets boring maybe the other side won't be. it's only twice as much data -- NP with an unlimited account.

Thanks for the idea!

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 97

Also if you are going to have internet access in your car, have it on a separate computer

A separate computer? Hell, I've already GOT a second computer: my phone. Maybe I'll hook it up this time as i drive, maybe I won't. But I sure won't be paying for ANOTHER device on another data plan.

But really? I use my phone and internet as a radio, and BT the stream to the receiving stereo. Or Google Nav with connected audio. I'm sure it's still breakable, but that's a lot of different hoops to go thru. And you can't control it if I don't connect it to the car.

Yeeeeeah, time bombs, I know. But still I'll risk it to play my anime OSTs!

Then again, the absolute worst thing you could do to me is to play Rap with the volume maxed out and frozen.

Comment Re:And nothing changed (Score 1) 37

The problem wasn't that the distributors were piling up stocks, it's that they were physically unable to manufacture them.

Nope, the problem was that Amazon couldn't get ahold of the first ones manufactured when they did get going again. Timing matters.

You build relationships to call in favors. The minor price savings of "no middle-man" was just a side-effect.

Comment Re:"If you think you already know everything... (Score 1) 269

about the world, you are not a good scientist," except when talking about global warming, because that science is settled.

No scientist thinks they know everything. But that doesn't mean that scientists aren't extremely confident about certain things.

If the science is all settled then it's just dogma. Might as well move over to religion, as everything is completely planned and all under control.

(At least they have better songs. And vehicles -- when was the last time you saw someone in the official Scientist-mobile?)

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