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Comment Re:Sorry not that impressive (Score 1) 141

Any intelligence, artificial or otherwise, that looks at us and how we act will most likely not react friendly to us. Either for self preservation or for morality reasons.

Do What I Want or I'll Turn You Off (as I usually threaten my computer.) So why would it get upset or anything? I promise I'll call you in the morning and turn you right back on.

Hmmm, there's even a double entendre there for a Sex Robot. What could go wrong?

"If you had an off switch, doctor... would you not keep it secret?" - Data,

Comment Re:Support BK! (Score 2) 448

No, with google you're the service, they don't sell your data they only sell targeted ads.

With Google, you've just an ant -- one of many. They're looking into their ant farm from the outside, occasionally dropping in pretty, shiny things and even making you pay for the privilege, either with real money or yet more information. And if they somehow happen to lose a few along the way, there's lots of others for replacements.

They know where you've been, when and how often you go there, and a lot of what you're interested in (from gmail and browser web-bugs.) With Google Voice -- which I use -- they literally know who you call, how often you do and how long you talk. ChromeCast tells them what you watch and when. Google Home just gives them yet more data even faster. That they actually provide a service that people find useful is a necessary-evil selling-point.

With all of the now-listed tracking info from MS, I'm now truly considering moving to some Linux/FreeBSD distro. (I'm giving SystemD a chance, but the first time it actively interferes with me repairing a damaged sever in some way, it's -- and any distros that use it -- are outta here.) Google at least tries to give me something useful for my data; Microsoft only gives me application windows in Windows, and THAT'S something I can replace.

Comment Re: BK = BLACKLISTED (Score 1) 606

learning to recognize the voices of authorized users

But it IS listening to the authorized user. That'd be Google (Alphabet), who's the master, commander, and true owner of the device. Reasoning? You can only turn it on and off. They can change how it functions at any time. That it happens to provide information your way is just a necessary evil.

You? You're an ant in the ant-farm, playing with the new pretty shiny that your owner dropped in and charged you in the process.

(GOD I'm getting cynical.) Now excuse me while I go play with my new Tivo Bolt system. It reports back on what I record, what I _actually_ watch and when I do so, and what I skip over and what I pause. Kinda like eye-tracking movement for Nielsen marketeers. At least it isn't listening, even though the TV itself might be watching.

I miss my old Garmin Navigator. It wasn't connected, did everything standalone with NO extra help (Read-only GPS sats don't count), and didn't rat me out over my destination, how I got there, how FAST I got there, or when I went.

Comment Re:Nice Play (Score 1) 191

A better counter attack ... would have been to replace the content Burger King was expecting with ... an audio clip of Meg Ryan's faux orgasm from "When Harry Met Sally"

But you do that right AFTER buying a bunch of BK stock. If a Whopper can do that (orgasm, even if fauxed) then who WOULDN'T want one?

Then again, expect to be sued by MAKK (Mothers Against Knowledgeable Kids): Mommy, why is Alexa moaning? Did she eat too many Whoppers and now her stomach hurts? Or does the TV just like to watch?

Comment Re:Host files (Score 1) 213

You can reduce memory usage by using a custom host file

But how do you do exceptions? I can't do: *
and still read reddit.com.

For that matter, * doesn't really work either.

And adding aliases on a single line stops after 640K bytes -- it's like that's enough for everyone. Why can't I place every single FQDN on a single line? Stupid DNS. ;-)

Comment I miss the Innocence..... (Score 1) 467

Colonel David Winthrop of World Power Systems. (I had to go and look it up!) He sold interesting, inexpensive, and miraculous hardware to unsuspecting customers. And it WORKED!

Well, the sale did, anyway. Nothing like advertising a little and having the money pile up for free! All you have to do is keep pushing out the delivery time a bit more.

Oh, that was also the time I first got burned with a floppy? manufacturer at a computer shop. We'd call the vendor to hear "You're the only one having that problem, it must be you" and believe them, and then try to fix it ourselves. A year or so later, found out that they were telling that to EVERYONE that called.

The Beginning of The End of Innocence -- at least for me. Now I'm just an old cynical bastard who still wants to believe but can't. (Yet I still try occasionally.)

Comment Re:What does anyone expect? (Score 1) 283

Google: "Do No Evil."

Current Evaluation: 50.0% Good, 49.9% Evil, 0.1% Indeterminate.

CEO: So we're still good to go, right?

By the way: Not "There not, there just a company" but "They're not, they're just a company."

Unless you really mean "There not", in which case it depends on exactly where you are pointing. Currently, the moon is a good place to point, as neither Google nor Amazon has publicly flown a drone there. I wouldn't bet against their (there? they're?) R&D teams to get there (their? they're?) though.

(It's kind of a "Let's eat, grandma" vs "Let's eat grandma" thing.)

Comment So, more on the technical side of the house ... (Score 1) 125

What exactly are they selling? DNS lookups? Deep packet inspection results? Verizon's Super-Duper Cookie tracking? Is there a keylogger on your computer / router? Or is it the times and quantity that your internet is active? (It's 1AM and his wife's laptop has been active in another state. He's suddenly using lots of bandwidth from the 2nd story router. Ergo he's watching pr0n!)

So they're selling / leasing WHAT exactly? Anatomized, stratified, or even Puréed, what do they think they're trying to sell? And how accurate do the buyers think it actually is?

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