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Comment Re:I think Gattaca deserves a mention (Score 1) 1220

The biggest problem I had with Gattaca is the *main* part, not being able to get into the space program because your genes are bad, is not Sci Fi. It's been part of NASA since it started. The fact that the main character would risk a multi-billion dollar program was just selfish and irresponsible.

As another example the Air Force also screens. They might not use direct genetic testing but many of the tests to be a fighter pilot amount the same thing. Example: Eye sight not 100% perfect, no piloting for you.

Comment Re:And also... (Score 1) 373

It's not about the interface (although gIMPs interface leaves lots to be desired). It's about the feature set. Photoshop is orders of magnitude more powerful than gIMP and has been forever. It's non-destructive ability to layer various kinds of effects and then edit where and how they are applied (because it's non-distructive) are just one of the major features that separate the two. It's on their list to add and has been for years (no sign of it yet) but it's been in Photoshop for ~15 years?

There are open source projects that are closer to parity with features. Blender comes to mind that seems to come close to some of its closed source competition. Maybe Libre Office is another. gIMP is not in that category of being near par with it's closed source competitors.

Comment It will fail (Score 3, Informative) 151

AR will take off someday as it's useful in pretty much all situations. VR is much less useful, isolating. Requires an unreasonable amount of dedicated space. It seems like it will remain a niche except outside a few vertical markets like 3d design and architecture. I'm sure there will be a market but it seems unlikely to be a mainstream tech.

I' happy to be wrong

Comment Re:Some very significant applications (Score 2) 39

I agree with you that's mostly what I wish they'd do but if you google it the airlines don't want to lose money and they'd have to offer refunds or something for people calling in with the flu on missed flights. Otherwise I wish they'd do it for all the reasons you point out though I'd hate if if I missed a flight :P

Comment Get off my lawn! It's totally fun today (Score 1) 449

I started on Apple II, TRS-80, Atari 800, C64 and I certainly remember those days fondly. But today's kids have Scratch, Python, PICO-8, Unity, Unreal, HTML5, Processing, digital cameras, digital video, the internet, github and all kind of other stuff to go crazy on. You can **start** learning how to make a website on HTML or a **start** learning to make a game in Unity in 30-60 minutes and have thousands of tutorials and videos all over the web to help you progress. That's sooooooooooo much better than it was back in the 8bit days when the best you could hope for was some BASIC games books, Softdisk / Compute Magazine and or whatever you could find at the local bookstore.

Comment Soundcloud only music site that supports CORS (Score 2) 20

AFAICT Soundcloud is the only music site that supports CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing).

They let artists mark each track individually whether or not that feature is allowed for their track. I've used it as source music for things on It will kind of suck of because of the acquisition they remove CORS support.

Comment AirBnB needs to die (Score 3, Insightful) 211

The idea of AirBnB is a good one but AirBnB in particular is an unethical company that specifically allows hosts to falsely advertise and get away with it with impunity.

I've stay at 20+ places and one in 5 has lied about their listings. From claiming it's 1 bedroom but actually being a studio. Claiming WiFi but actually stealing it from a neighbor. Claiming to provide parking but not. The latest is claiming to be 1 place but actually be several blocks away. In every case AirBnB did nothing. In the last case AirBnB even claimed it was policy that locations are false. So you try to rent something in a nice/safe/quiet area and it's actually an bad/dangerous/loud area and this is actually official AirBnB policy

AirBnB really need to be taken down until they stop being blatantly unethical.

Comment Re:Why conceal it? (Score 1) 740

By your argument we should include the race of the people that grew, processed, packaged, and shipped all products as well because

> Only an informed consumer who knows every aspect of the product could possibly choose the "best" product

That way people can choose not to buy from certain races.

There are valid arguments for not including certain labeling. People that think they need to know if something is GMO should be grouped in with people that think vaccines cause autism. It has no place in labeling

Comment Re:I'd like to hear Mozilla's response (Score 2) 288

Mozilla's response is to build a browser that has the same protections as other browsers.

They're doing that because they know their current tech isn't up to it. It's funny how their fans keep defending their current tech when Firefox themselves are abandoning it as soon as possible.

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