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Comment Re:Apple made the same mistake (Score 1, Interesting) 390

Apple only became the profitable monster it is today after coming back from the brink of extinction and dominating mobile / music. That's the source of it's "making lots of money."

However, once it loses mobile, as it is surely poised to do, it will no longer be making lots of money... at least, not by current standards. Unless they figure out how to resurrect Jobs so he can resurrect the company again.

Companies like Apple and Blackberry need to learn that no matter how dominantly they control a market, they are only a few quarterly cycles away from completely losing their market position.

Comment Re:But on Colbert (Score 1) 85

It automatically informs the other user if it detects a screenshot. I've tried multiple screenshot apps as well as the screenshot feature native to CM to test this. Of course, it's still completely pointless since someone properly motivated can simply take a photograph of the phone while the photo is being displayed. People need to realize that nothing that you send to another person can ever be guaranteed to "self-destruct".

Comment Umm (Score 1) 318

Well, unlike many of you, I don't work in the tech industry. But it is pretty damn easy to find updates for very old hardware. My Galaxy S Captivate, ancient by phone standards, is still enjoying support from a very vibrant homebrew community. I have my pick of a multitude of ROMs that I can easily browse and install through an app called ROM manager. As for bloatware, I have used Root Explorer to completely remove bloatware for many of my friends on their android phones. Rooting is trivial and unrooting for warranty purposes is equally trivial. By trivial, I mean typing the term into Google or XDA and clicking Download. This is not beyond the comprehension of an ordinary person. To be sure, you can be lazy or for other reasons, decide not to fully utilize your device. But the resources and the community and the constant stream of steady updates are always available. Android brought some choice and freedom to the phone market... but it is still up to the end user to exercise that choice and freedom. Or, just buy a new phone... much like it used to be anyway.

Comment Re:android lol (Score 4, Funny) 318

Very true. My old communications device was the most secure and I've yet to find something that rivals it. It was impossible to spoof, clone, or manipulate and all my data was secure. Sure it was hard to make long-distance calls, because finding large spools of string is difficult, but the fidelity of those tin cans was soooo pure. Plus, they never got any malware, not even once.

Comment If you want privacy... (Score 1) 128

If you want privacy, don't willing share information on a public forum, like Facebook. Users are on the one hand using the site and all of its features, which presumably they find useful, and on the other bemoaning that the actions in which they publicly engage can be either aggregated or used by the company to - gasp - make money. Facebook has consistently responded to user privacy demands, or paid severely when they haven't (Instagram lost half its traffic in one month). As far as I'm concerned, they are an example of a how to balance user demands for privacy with monetizing a free service.

Comment Re:Oh who gives a fuck? (Score 5, Funny) 130

Much of science is based on pseudo-intellectual waffle-gab. The experimental method, for example, empiricism, skepticism, many basic classificatory schemes, and actually even the groundwork for modern discoveries such as the atom. But what am I doing tell you all of this stuff, obviously you know the value of pseudo-intellectual waffle-gab, because your signature quotes Voltaire and not Newton.

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