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Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 391

By the same logic that mime artist who performs on the high street has a right to be paid by everyone who sees his act .... ...You have two options
      hire a venue, charge people to watch your act, and hope they come...
      perform in public, and hope they pay...

Published works should be the same : give me something physical and hope I am willing to pay for it, or give it away and ask for payment if they like it...

The current copyright system works on the principle of selling something that people are forced to pay for when they don't need to ...

Comment Infection (Score 1) 1051

I've refused to block ads for well over a decade. I want to support the sites I visit. I grumble, but endure the slow downs caused by hitting up ad servers. The ads on my girlfriend's site give us some extra money each month. However, twice in the past 6 months I've been infected with horrible viruses through someone's compromised ad network. Each time I was on a perfectly reputable site running third party ads from third party servers. So now I have ad block and no script and all of that. Sending slashdot a couple bucks isn't worth hours and hours of virus removal. (Yes I have a virus scanner. No it didn't stop it. Yes, I could run Linux, but my TV card isn't fully supported.)

Comment Re:I don't know (Score 1) 186

I'm guessing you were never in Model UN in high school - this looks to be exactly like that, but with a glossy, Second Life sheen.

It could be fun if it were done correctly or at least be educational, but this looks like it'll end poorly. I fail to see why getting kids into a room, assigning them characters and responsibilities and letting them argue with each other needs to have an OMG TEH INTERNETS MAEK AWESOME component to it.

Comment Re:How about medicine? (Score 1) 564

Also, Case Western is (according to Wikipedia) ranked in the 40s by US News and report. Now, I'm not saying if that means anything, if the education there is any less or more valuable in terms of quality, etc etc etc, but the competitiveness factor is not at all the same as a top 10/top 20, which would be a big factor in cost and scholarship.

Comment Re:Congratulations? (Score 1) 182

That's great, guys, but don't you think being proud that you were right about your code being exploited is... backwards?

I think it's even worse that they're proud that they're right about their code being exploited when they did worse than chance. They were more wrong than right, and they claim they did well.

FTFA (edited but staying true to the point):

Of the nine October vulnerabilities marked "Consistent exploit code likely," four did end up with exploit code available. None of the nine tagged "Inconsistent exploit code likely" had seen actual attack code. Microsoft correctly called the four bugs last month tagged with "Functioning exploit code unlikely."

So they got eight right, out of twenty-two: 8/22. If we give them one third credit for the maybe-exploits not having full-blown exploits, they're still only at 11 out of 22.

Here's my security advice: if you want to know whether a bug will be exploited, flip a coin.

I'm better than Microsoft, and I only charge the coins you use to flip for each bug :p

Comment Re:Just plain bullying (Score 1) 211

it'll be cheap and ineffective technological measure

Its cheap, and effective: effective in convincing the voters (and themselves) that the government is "doing something".

Also, the Irish government is probably happy to announce anything that will distract attention from the economic problems they will have if Obama cracks down on American companies using transfer pricing to move profits to low tax countries.

Comment Re:let it collapse (Score 1) 146

If times get tough enough, even you might be willing to put down your mouse and pick up a shovel.

I have built houses, drove piling for harbors, and built wall sections (wood based), landscaping, etc ... And it sucks to sit in a office when its 90 degress out, when i could be breaking a sweat on a roof top stapling shingles. Granted that Computers are my forte, and make the most money, if i didnt have this job, Id be dregging harbors 14 hours a day, and would be loving it

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