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Comment Re:Oracle already owns an open source database (Score 1) 67

MySQL has been forked several times since Sun bought them. There's now a confusing welter of forks of MySQL, and no one is sure which is the 'real' one anymore since the original owners of MySQL AB are responsible for one of the forks.

MySQL has an ace in the hole, however: a HUGE install base in ISPs. MySQL is THE default database you're going to be exposed to for web hosting, and a perception that it's being allowed to whither on the vine will kick up a backlash against Oracle (just as it did with Sun).

Comment Re:last sentence (Score 1) 597

Keep in mind that XP requires activation, so unless something changes, you'll only be able to install XP so long as Microsoft keeps the activation servers alive. To make matters worse, too many hardware changes may require a reactivation, which could make nursing along old hardware running XP that much more challenging. Of course, companies with a VLK may have an easier time with it, but otherwise you could be screwed in a few years if you want XP.

Comment Acorns (subtitle: Global warming bullshit) (Score 1) 474

I live on the Mississippi gulf coast and the acorns are a pain in the ass. There are so many falling on mydriveway and getting smushed by my suburban (oh horrors, he drives a suburban) that my wife has to sweep and hose it off every other day. And as far as I'm concerned, squirrels are tree rats.

Comment Re:Didn't work for me (Score 1) 396

damn i just spend 2 minutes googling.

To spare anyone the hassle:
roboticide is a mental block frying a robotÂs transistors.

IRL my roommates often attempt to crash each others arguments this way, for nerds sake. Never knew it had a name. Thanks, the Internets!

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